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Scottoiler FS 365 - 5 Litre

Protect your bike from road salt with FS 365 spray. Did you know that road salt residue is left on the roads all year round, and is EVEN MORE corrosive in warmer temperatures! FS 365 protects your bike ALL YEAR ROUND!

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Reviews for the Scottoiler FS 365 5 Litre

5 Star
- May 23, 2016

Best post wash corrosion inhibit

Emulsifys well with water on a wet bike post wash. Creeps into all the places salt and the like loves to go, and neutralises corrosion. This is my 2nd 5l jar and after seeing how effective it is, I cannot recommend it enough. It's the best I've come across for Winter months! 5l should do you for a couple of years, but that depends how much you use for each wash and how often. Trust me it's worth every penny.

- Larne
5 Star
- May 18, 2016

5 litres of antigloom please

I have used FS365 for years because it works. I remember how cheesed off I was watching my bike slowly deteriorate all year round. Then I discovered FS365. Easy magic. Wash the bike, and whilst still wet fill the sprayer from the 5 litre container, spritz the bike, then go take a coffee break. Come back to a shiny salt killed and protected bike. And the next time you clean the bike, it will be easy to wash off, and does not damage the rubber parts. So then, no more futile depressing attempts to stop the rot, and a happy biker. Worth every penny.

- Norwich
5 Star
- May 9, 2016

Stop winter grime

After 13 years of all year round use, wouldn't use anything else. Keeps all parts of bike looking good and keeps fasteners free from pitting and corrosion. Makes bike cleaning a doddle, don't need to worry about drying the bike before use, just spray it on and leave it to protect your pride and joy.

- Milton Keynes

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Scottoiler FS 365 - 5 Litre
Scottoiler FS 365 - 5 Litre

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