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Scottoiler FS 365 - 5 Litre

Scottoiler FS 365 - 5 Litre

Protect your bike from road salt

5 Stars from 41 reviews

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Scottoiler FS 365 - 5 Litre

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Scottoiler FS 365 - 5 Litre

NOTE 5 Litre

Protect your bike from road salt with FS 365 spray. Did you know that road salt residue is left on the roads all year round, and is EVEN MORE corrosive in warmer temperatures! FS 365 protects your bike ALL YEAR ROUND!

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Customer Reviews

Reviews for the Scottoiler FS 365 5 Litre

5 Star
- April 9, 2014

Works well

Used it on my last 4 bikes. Just give the bike a good clean and spray on. I have used ACF 50 before. It also works well. I just did not like the idea of not washing the bike all Winter. As an alternative the FS 365 is highly recommended.

- Glasgow
5 Star
- February 3, 2014

Add value to your bike

This is the 2nd 5 ltr of FS365 I have purchased in two years. Spraying those exposed parts after washing all year round it has certainly maintained the bikes appearance minimising degradation and rust spots, certainly adding to your discussion when selling your bike. A worthwhile investment.

- Truro
4 Star
- January 21, 2014

I like it

I apply this during winter after hosing down the bike every day. Really easy to apply and it washes off easily, does not attract dirt and seems to be keeping things free of corrosion. Have only been using it for a couple of months but so far I prefer it over the more oil based products that are a pain to apply, wash off and attract dirt. If I did not wash the bike every day I would use ACF50 or similar as they are more durable. However if you are like me and would wash the bike anyway I think this is the way to go.

- Herts

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Scottoiler FS 365 - 5 Litre
Scottoiler FS 365 - 5 Litre