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Auritech Biker Ear Plugs

Best Seller
in Helmet Accessories

Noise cancelling ear plugs with patented ceramic filters

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Customer Reviews for Auritech Biker Ear Plugs

Auritech Biker Ear Plugs
July 9, 2019

Very good product

Used every day for a weeks riding,they surpressed any damaging noise but allowed me to converse without any restriction.Very good product.

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Auritech Biker Ear Plugs
June 22, 2019

Good product

The best silicone filter plugs at filtering nasty noise and harmonic vibes. The only down side i can think of that most people will find is due to the whole body being quite soft, it can be difficult to insert and get out due to the body and especially the stem flexing a lot.. Fitment if you have small to medium sized canal, Some times they can stick out a bit so they get caught and fall to the floor when you take your helmet off so they won't fit everyone. The metal case is nice and a very good idea for storage while on your keys and keeping clean (I wouldn't put them in your pocket incase of a fall) but does require some PTFE tape to seal and stop unscrewing itself while riding. The other alternative is the Alpine motorsafe tour and race versions. These have a firm end cap on the stem so it's easier to insert and remove thought slightly smaller for fit so those with large canals might stuff them in too far. It's not quite as good at filtering out higher pitch frequency (tour in particular) but you are not as removed from outside noise sources if you prefer that. The soft case is better for placing in pockets than leaving on keys if you want that way of storage as well. Tour version filters out the least of the two (less high frequencies) while the race does the same lower and mid but also the higher ones aswell. So out of the two versions id just go for the RACE (red cap).

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Auritech Biker Ear Plugs
June 13, 2019

Hmm unsure

Used these for a 2000 mile round trip Seemed to block engine, exhaust noise. Could still hear wind noise but on sports touring bike with short screen and they worked spot on with comms better than the foam ones which seemed to block more but which are alot less comfortable. These auritech are a nice compromise decent price and get a carry case. Can't complain

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Auritech Biker Ear Plugs
June 10, 2019

Good Result

Definitely does everything promised, however could do with a bit more to suppress wind noise especially on a naked bike.

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Auritech Biker Ear Plugs
May 21, 2019

Absolutely rubbish

Bought to cut down wind noise made very little difference

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Auritech Biker Ear Plugs
May 16, 2019

Great result

V effective and easy to use. A happy customer .

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Auritech Biker Ear Plugs
May 15, 2019

Perhaps the audiophile choice

These ear plugs fit well with a triple flange fit, which is surprising as I for one seem to have the worst luck with in-ear headphones coming loose all the time, so take that for what it's worth. I do however expect that the occasional dislodging to be likely, but the highly visible orange colour should help with locating one that falls out after a ride. They should also be easy to clean, which is good as they allow air to pass through (good for avoiding popping eardrums), but that also means both ways, and they might clog with earwax after a while. Otherwise they should last indefinitely. They don't reduce as much noise as other foam, wax, or molded ear plugs, but the sales gimmick is true about partly filtering out high frequency wind and mechanical sounds, whilst still allowing low frequency voices to pass through. The ceramic component is where most of the cost for this otherwise tiny plug comes in. These are the option to pick from if engine noise feedback is important to you. Probably best not to place too much hopes on them for track days, where something with more noise reduction would be advised, but they seem ideal for commuting or moderate use.

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Auritech Biker Ear Plugs
May 14, 2019

Ear plugs

Jury is out on these at the moment as they keep popping out! Instructions say lift ear and twist ( not the ear) which I am finding difficulties with (could be me) Speedy delivery by SBS thank you

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Auritech Biker Ear Plugs
May 13, 2019


Impressed with quality of product. They are very comfortable to wear all day. I bought because of recommendation from "Bike" magazine. Don't cut wind noise as effectively as the disposable ear protection I have been using for years. Disappointing.

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Auritech Biker Ear Plugs
May 8, 2019

OK but not sure

Difficult to know how to score these. I had to check there was a ceramic shell by gently pressing the core and feeling resistance. It took a while to work out how to put them in. I now breathe on them for moisture before putting them in. Pushing up into the ear canal (not straight in) and twisting the ear plug seems to work for me. If I get them in well, road noise seems to be reduced so the right application is vital. You are supposed to be able to wear them with in-helmet comms but talking to the petrol pump attendant with them in can be a good excuse to practise lip reading. I chose these over others because they come with a handy metal carry tube which fits onto the key ring, helping to remember to put them on! Many, many people recommend them.

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Press Reviews for Auritech Biker Ear Plugs


Auritech Biker Ear Plugs

  • Reduces wind and road noise
  • Intercom friendly
  • Enhances awareness
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Washable and re-usable
  • Patented ceramic filters
  • Sirens and horn still clearly audible
  • Suitable for all ages

The wind noise produced on a motorcycle can reach 105db; for spectators, levels up to 130db have been recorded! Research has proven that your hearing can be damaged with any noise level exceeding 85db, so it is essential to use hearing protection whenever possible. Developed over 20 years by leading experts, Auritech Biker Hearing Protectors are superior to traditional foam, was and silicone earplugs. Auritech hearing protectors are precision tuned with patented ceramic filters to ensure maximum protection from dangerous levels of engine, wind and road noise. The unique filtration in these hearing protectors allows conversation, sirens and horns to remain clearly audible with no muffled effect. They are extremely comfortable to wear and suitable for all ages.

Auritech Biker Hearing Protectors are precisely tuned for optimum attenuation at the frequencies required by motorsport enthusiasts, particularly motorcyclists. The independently measured mean sound attenuation (EN352-2:2002) is 29.6db at the higher (most damaging) frequencies.



Auritech Hearing Protectors have been developed by leading European audiologists and hearing technicians for over 20 years. Their experience and unique technology mean that you are in safe hands when it comes to protecting your valuable hearing.

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Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

  • After reading that some people have trouble fitting them, are they a one size fits all product or can they be purchased to be L,M,S.

    April 15, 2019

    They are one size fits all. The Pinlock earplugs are supplied with two sizes in the pack.

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