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Hyperpro Lowering Kits - Suzuki

Motorcycle height adjustment kits

Motorbikes are manufactured with the average user in mind. This is fine as long as you are this average user, but it could become awkward if you are taller, or indeed smaller than the average user.

It is all about confidence. Riders who are not so tall, probably will recognize ... stopping at a slope... the trail in front of the traffic lights .. will I be able to put my feet on the ground, will I be able to keep the bike up? A great feeling of no comfort and no trust in yourself and the bike. This can not be the goal of riding a motorbike. That is why Hyperpro produces height adjustment kits. With one of our height rising kits you can make your motorbike 20 to 30 millimetres higher, with a lowering kit you can lower your bike by 30 to 40 millimetres. In real terms this means an essential difference.
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