Shoei NXR - Gloss White

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Full face sports helmet with EQRS security system

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Customer Reviews for Shoei NXR - Gloss White

January 18, 2022 - by anonymous

Another excellent product from Shoei.

This, my seventh Shoei, maintains the same impeccable build quality of its predecessors. All-day comfortable, as expected. Wind noise is not an issue for me. Superb service from Sportsbikeshop and with a sizeable discount - my go-to shop for motorbike stuff.

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July 29, 2021 - by Nige

Shoei NXR

Was time to replace my Shoei XR1100 and I wanted another helmet with removable lining and simple visor mechanism. Seems I have a strange shape head and find many helmets press on my forehead, can't get on with Shark, AGV or Bell. Arai and Shoei seem to suit me but Arai are very expensive if you want a removable lining and I never liked their visor removal mechanism. Good ventilation very snug fit around the base of the helmet making it a bit tricky to get off but has loosened up a little as expected. Comfortable and a little quieter than the XR1100.

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June 20, 2021 - by P S

Awesome Gloss white bone dome.

Howdy all. I purchased a nxr gloss white medium. My head is 58cm. Having owned a shoei XR 1000 a long while back and in the interim an AGV grid, aka the kettle as I named it, sounded like a ladder on a work van roof. When I owned my old Shoei ZR, I'd ride 10'000 miles a year, quiet and comfortable. which made it my go to helmet brand. Fast forward to the new bone dome. It came with Pinlock (tick VG) and also fitted with the standard pads cheek pads 35mm and the skull cap 9mm. Tried it on, I looked like a squashed hamster. Well after wearing it for 30 mins, I was under alot of pressure. I haven't got long hair (grade 4 and fluffy on top) normal chiseled features. It's a tight fit. Tried it on a few times and yep tight all round. So wanting to keep the NXR, shoei make pads. So I got 31mm cheek pads and the thinner skull Cap 4mm. Yes more expense, so I'd recommend trying it on in store. But now it's comfortable, cosy fit without trying to crush my head. All the vents work with gloves on and changing the visor is easy. I also purchased a dark tint visor at the same time, no adjustment between visors another tick VG. Lighter quieter than the kettle. I'd recommend this all day long. Peace out all. Don't ride faster than your guardian angel.

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June 12, 2021 - by John F

Super NXR

A great snug fit, lightweight, quality visor. Fantastic ventilation. Couldn't be better.

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May 29, 2021 - by Nick A

Comfortable quiet helmet

I'm a fan of Shoei helmets and this up to their usual very high standard. Excellent quality, quiet, comfortable with really good visual field, and it's light too

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May 15, 2021 - by Tom B

Shoei NXR helmet

Very impressed with the quality of the NXR. My first Shoei and sorry I didn't get one years ago. Light, great ventilation and easy to remove padding. Great service from SportsBikeShop as always.

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February 14, 2021 - by Stephen H

Shoei nxr helmet

Really happy with the quality,price very nice helmet . A trusted brand and rapid delivery! Thank you sportsbikeshop

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December 5, 2020 - by Le C

Quality lid but tight

Usual high quality from Shoei- Im moving from Qwest to this but despite head measuring & using same size the helmet, This is much harder to get on/off . However comfortable when on and guess Im safer!. Great service as always from SportsBikeShop

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August 19, 2020 - by Jake B

Great Lid

Bought as a replacement for my previous NXR after taking a heavy impact to the head. I was amazed how much the helmet absorbed as I didn't feel a thing. Quality bit of kit and as always a great service from SBS

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July 24, 2020 - by Patrick

Shoei NXR

Excellent helmet as I have a Shoei shaped head it fits a treat. Had to go up a helmet size as my previous Shoei (XR1000) helmet had started to pinch on my forehead causing headaches. New helmet I would say is slightly noisier than the old one. That said it's not annoyingly louder.

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Press Reviews for Shoei NXR - Gloss White

Shoei NXR helmet review

One of the best helmets I have owned in recent years was a Shoei XR-1100. This NXR, its successor as Shoei’s sports h...

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Shoei NXR - Gloss White

  • AIM shell
  • Multiple density EPS liner
  • EQRS security system
  • Double D ring retention system
  • 4 shell sizes
  • 3D interior pads for comfort
  • Optional ear pads to decrease ambient noise
  • 4 inlet vents and 6 outlets for air circulation
  • Integrated spoiler for improved aerodynamics
  • Breath guard and chin curtain included
  • CWR-1 Pinlock insert inside the box
  • Adjustable base plates
  • Improved helmet base line
  • ECE 2205 and ACU Gold approved

The Shoei NXR has everything you need from a sports helmet; safety, aerodynamics, clear vision, ventilation and performance. The NXR's compact design boasts a newly designed shell which is physically smaller and has an all new baseline. 4 intakes in the forehead along with 6 outlets produce an effective ventilation system, whilst wind noise has been reduced by utilising larger cheek and ear pads. An all new visor and base plate system allows hassle free fitting and the base plates can be adjusted front and rear via a rotating dial.

All helmets are supplied with a clear visor as standard

Features Product Specification Variants Visor Pinlock Insert


Shoei manufacture all of their products using the keywords quality & value, and have used these criteria ever since they began manufacturing motorcycle helmets in January 1960. The Shoei helmet brand has always been at the forefront of motorcycle helmet technology since its creation, and continues to lead in terms of technical innovation, design, and safety. With over 50 years experience, they continue to manufacture the entire Shoei helmet range in Japan to this very day. Whilst the brand can undoubtedly be described as premium, Shoei helmets offer fantastic value for money when you consider the serious levels of comfort, build quality and technology that go into every helmet they produce. Shoei develop all of their bike helmets with a specific philosophy in mind which they call the Shoei Safety Concept. The thinking behind their philosophy is that crash helmets must be developed to ensure maximum head protection, whilst also providing unrivalled levels of comfort. Ultimately, Shoei believe that a relaxed ride provided through comfort makes a highly important contribution to the rider's safety. The safety elements of each bike helmet come under one of two headings, Passive or Active Safety. Passive safety includes focus on such elements as impact absorption and material rigidity whilst active safety refers to emphasis on ventilation, fit and noise reduction. Shoei are now, truly, one of the most popular and most highly rated helmet brands in the world.

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Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

  • How much does it weigh please?

    March 18, 2017

    The NXR weighs approximately 1350 grams.

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