Dainese Manis D1 G Back Protector Insert

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Level 2 CE approved back protector insert with crash absorb material

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Customer Reviews for Dainese Manis D1 G Back Protector Insert

July 23, 2021 - by Jason

Most important Safety product after a helmet

This is a multi-layered back protector, with a hard outer surface, suitable for Mens jackets with pockets for back protectors from size 50 up This has a foam inner core in perforated crash & shock absorbing material, with external perforated plates interlocking like an Armadillo, that are articulated, easily flexible to your back movement. It fits well into jackets and is not noticeable when worn The G2, which is the right size for me, fits perfectly in my Dainese Racing 3 D-Dry Jacket MANIS D1 G2 for Jacket sizes Mens EURO 50-64 for smaller sizes use the G1 MANIS D1 G1 for Jacket sizes Mens EURO 42-48 Women's EURO 38-54 In the event of an accident as Crash Helmet may protect from brain damage, in the same way a BACK PROTECTOR may help prevent Permanente disability or life in a wheel chair

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April 27, 2021 - by Kevin

Looks the business

When it arrived I thought, blimey that's substantial. Having a rigid outer shell I thought it might be a little uncomfortable, but once I was on the bike it was absolutely fine. As it's made in sections and held together with elastic straps, it is more flexible than the high impact foam ones in my other jackets. I have worn it for 4 or 5 hours with no issues, you don't really notice it. Hopefully it won't be put to the test for which it's intended, but looking at the way it's constructed, I think it will offer excellent protection. I have a few Dainese products and they have always been excellent quality. I would recommend it!

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April 19, 2021 - by P B

Back protector

First class service product, came before due time, very good service, informed all the way. Back protector fitted in to my jacket no problem, will use these guys again

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August 11, 2020 - by Rob W

Never skimp on protection

This was a no brainer purchase for me, having a Dainese D-dry jacket, this D1 G back protector is a made to measure upgrade. It's CE2 rated which was the main reason for buying it - to replace the CE1 'foam pad' protector. I've always said, never skimp on protection, always check the armour in your jacket/trousers and upgrade to the highest level where you can. I also bought the optional Dainese chest protection for this jacket from sportsbikeshop. If you're unsure about armour/ratings etc the guys at sportsbikeshop will help you understand what armour is already in the item of clothing and what upgrade options you've got. With their price match, no quibble returns and excellent service why go anywhere else? Never skimp on protection. One day it could save your life.

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August 9, 2020 - by Richard F

Great item

Great item as usual from dainese

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July 31, 2020 - by Richard D

Substantial back protector

A solidly made and yet flexible back protector which fits very well in my Dainese jacket (as you'd expect it too). Once the jackets on I've found that the protector is virtually undetectable and very comfortable.

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July 23, 2020 - by anonymous

Feels very stiff and sturdy

The armour looks like an armadillo. It inspires confidence in its ability to protect my back. It is slightly bendable so I don't feel completely stiff. I put this in my Racing 3 (ladies) jacket and it fits perfectly. However, it does make the jacket's shoulder armour squeeze in so my shoulders are in a bit of pain. I wear a Helite on top so that adds additional stress. I now wear Motogirl's back protector, which is CE Level 2 certified, but much softer. It also fits perfectly in my Racing 3 jacket. I kept the Dainese back protector for track days even though both Motogirl and Dainese offer CE Level 2 certified protection. I somehow have more confidence in Dainese's.

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July 13, 2020 - by Jordan C

Fantastic Bit of (hopefully) Useless Kit!

I made use of the great price Sportsbikeshop have on these back protectors and decided to get a proper protector for my Dainese two-peice. Fits perfectly in the jacket (make sure you get the correct one for you jacket, male/female) Like I say hopefully I never have to use it but I feel much more confident on the road with it now Excellent next day service as expected with SBS (even delivered on a Sunday...)

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July 6, 2020 - by Robert L

Great Back Protector

Robustly built but still retains the flexibility to allow full body movement. Easy to fit inside the jacket.

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July 5, 2020 - by Graeme W

Dainese D1 G Back Protector

Awesome bit of kit, really solid build and a professional feel and finish to the product. Love the feel of it in the jacket, very comfortable. All round great bit of kit. As always Sportsbikeshop's deliver was fast and smooth. Love dealing with these guys.

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Dainese Manis D1 G Back Protector Insert

  • CE approved to Cat. 2 EN 1621.2/2014
  • Allows 4 degrees of movement
  • Perforated plates for air flow
  • Reduced contact area
  • Crash absorb material
  • Special tensioner controls lateral bending
  • Longitudinal stretch and bending

OptionMaximum HeightMaximum Width
G1 Ladies405mm270mm
G2 Mens485mm265mm



In 1972 Mr Lino Dainese made some leather motocross trousers, starting a biking brand that has since brought style and innovation to motorcyclists the world over. Working with some of the most evocative names in motorcycle racing, Dainese led the way in the development of leather stretch panels, knee sliders and race suits- cut to suit the rider in a real world riding position. The 80's brought back protectors (with Barry Sheene), composite armour, and more aerodynamic suits; whilst the 90's brought gloves with knuckle armour and the first biking airbag system. Dainese remains at the forefront of motorcycle clothing technology and continues to be the brand of choice for the biggest names in bike racing, all the way up to the greatest rider of all time, Valentino Rossi. Today, Dainese is one of the most recognisable, coolest, and most aspirational motorcycle brands on the planet. With a well deserved reputation for safety that has crossed over into nearly every extreme sport there is, the name Dainese is synonymous with style, protection, comfort and durability.

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Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

  • Can you tell me will the Manis 1 or 2 fit the Carve Master 2, size 26 (Euro 52 short fit).

    December 6, 2019

    The Manis D1 G1 is suitable for Men's Jacket sizes Euro 42 - 48, whilst the D1 G2 is recommended for Men's Jacket sizes Euro 50 - 64.

  • Hi all, looking to pick one of these up towards the end of the month. jacket is a size 54 so 44 chest. I'm assuming thats a G2 just need it confirmed. where does the G1 end and the G2 begin size wise?

    February 15, 2017

    The Manis (or Wave) G1 is for ladies or mens jackets up to a UK size 38 (Euro 48) The G2 back protector is for mens jackets UK size 40(Euro size 50) and above.

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