Oxford Houdini Bike Cover

High-tech digital fabric cover that makes your bike blend into the background

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Oxford Houdini Bike Cover

  • High-tech anti-theft bike cover
  • Make your bike blend seamlessly into any background
  • Connects to Oxford Houdini smartphone app (coming soon on Apple Store and Google Play)
  • Utilises new AI cloaking software
  • Auto-dimming maintains functionality through day and night
  • Built-in rechargeable 6V battery
  • Eight-hour battery life
  • Charge directly from your bike, or any Oxford Oximiser charger
  • Fully waterproof design
  • Eight sizes to suit everything from scooter to touring bikes

How can someone nick your bike if they can't even see it?

The revolutionary new Oxford Houdini bike cover gives your pride and joy the ultimate urban camouflage and defeats the scourge of thieves.

Using exclusive new digital fabrics the Oxford Houdini projects an image of the background wherever your bike is parked, literally making it blend into its surroundings.

Simply select your parking position then take a series of photographs using the dedicated Oxford Houdini smartphone app.

Park your bike in position, stretch the close-fitting Oxford Houdini over it and the smartphone app will do the rest.

Using the latest AI cloaking technology it will project images across the digital fabric surface, fooling onlookers into believing there's nothing there.

Advice from the Metropolitan Police suggests using a bike cover thwarts thieves from targeting specific motorcycles in steal-to-order raids. The Houdini cover takes that to the ultimate level, stopping them from even seeing the bike, let alone identifying the model.

Cover sizeLengthFront widthFront heightRear widthRear height
Scooter with top box203cm83cm135cm36cm112cm
Medium with top box229cm99cm125cm47cm127cm
Large with top box246cm104cm127cm47cm127cm
Extra large277cm103cm141cm35cm102cm
Extra large with top box277cm103cm141cm55cm130cm


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