SENA 10S Dual Bluetooth Headset & Intercom

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Bluetooth HD headsets with built in FM radio and earbud port

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Customer Reviews for SENA 10S Dual Bluetooth Headset & Intercom

January 28, 2022 - by anonymous

Sena headsets.

These are our 3rd set of Sena headsets. Absolutely fantastic. Good battery life, so easy to set up and use. Great quality. We will always use Sena. S10 are undoubtedly the best in the range.

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January 19, 2022 - by anonymous

Sena 10s duel

Great service and quick delivery as usual from Sportsbikeshop.*****.

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September 14, 2021 - by Ray C

Bluetooth intercom

Well pleased with these. Easy to set up and good performance( up to now) have had other brands over the years these are as good of not a touch better. Have dealt with Sportsbikeshop ever the years and never had a problem. Returns are easy and simple. Good communication with the company. Recomend highly

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June 12, 2021 - by Nigel S

Great Product

I've never had headset before so did a bit of research and sena seems to be the 1. Good build quality I found them easy to set up and easy to use. Good clear sound from intercom, sat nav, music and phone. Well recommend ????

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April 26, 2021 - by Pen

Just what we needed

Excellent intercoms - good quality even at national speed limit. Batteries last well and charge quickly. Pairs well with other Bluetooth items

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April 12, 2021 - by Charles B

Simple and effective

Range not as far as claimed but adequate for 2 bikes. Not paired out of the box as claimed. Otherwise excellent and easy to fit.

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January 4, 2021 - by anonymous

Most Impressive

Never had an intercom before so can't compare with another make. However, when I first used the unit I was very pleased with its performance. Volume seemed more than adequate even at motorway speeds. I also use ear plugs and have a fairly noisy helmet. Not used as an intercom yet

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November 6, 2020 - by Eryka H

Brilliant intercom

Bought to replace a eired system couldnt brlieve jo5w easy it was to fit anx srt ip. Great piece of kit.

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October 22, 2020 - by Chris G

Highly Recommended

Once a week I ride for about 100 miles with my neighbour on seperate bikes. We weren't sure that the benefit we would get would warrant the cost, but they have been worth every penny. No longer is the front man constantly looking in his mirrors, we can discuss route changes, stops and road conditions. They have really enhanced our riding. We actually went to the Boston shop and the assistant got his helmet to show us how they fitted. Top service and a good excuse for a blast through the Fens

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October 8, 2020 - by anonymous

Feels like quality

So far, I have fitted the pair of intercoms into my wife's helmet and mine and fitted another holder into my spare flip up helmet. This was easy. I didn't have to resort to the "glue it on" method. So I have fitted the wired mike twice and the boom mike once. Both have given good results. I have updated the firmware on both units. That was easy. I paired them, that was easy. The instructions said they were pre-paired. Didn't seem like it, or maybe the firmware update negated the pairing. Speech between us is easy. I paired the Tomtom 450. This required some head scratching. The 450 uses the Personal Hotspot on the Iphone to sync routes and get traffic. So I had to de-pair the phone with the 450 in order to pair it with the Sena to get music, Siri, etc. Unexpected feature that I really like is to tap the Sena once and have a chat with Siri. This is the easiest way to all someone. I have yet to sort out the data connection to the 450. It's a poor feature of the 450 that it needs a 4G data connection and the expensive data that entails. But that's irrelevant to this review. Not used on the road yet. But the omens are good. Poorest feature in the press clip to remove the unit from the helmet. I can imagine knocking that with cold hand in a big glove and losing the unit to the highway. I will investigate a tether of some kind. Seems improbable. Overall, pleased. One star deducted for the clip.

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SENA 10S Dual Bluetooth Headset & Intercom

  • Slim profile and 12 hour talk time; 10 day stand by
  • Connect up to four riders through One Touch Group Intercom
  • Universal Intercom to connect to third party units
  • Wide volume control
  • Voice prompts
  • Built in FM radio with ten preset stations and automatic scan
  • Range up to 1.6km (1 mile) in open terrain
  • Crystal clear HD audio and advanced noise control
  • Bluetooth 4.1 technology
  • Headset Profile (HSP)
  • Hands-Free Profile (HFP)
  • Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)
  • Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP)
  • Improved stereo Bluetooth speakers
  • System configured via convenient Sena Smartphone App
  • Pair with up to two mobile phones with hands free calling
  • Pair with other Sena products
  • Boom and full-face mics included
  • Simple jog dial operation
  • MP3 port and earbud port
  • Lithium polymer with 3 hour charging time

The Sena 10S Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System is an upgraded version of the original SMH10 system. Now in a slimmer profile, the 10S maximises the enjoyment factor of your ride by keeping you in touch with up to four riding companions via crystal-clear HD audio, up to 1.6 km (1 mile) away, through the One Touch Group Intercom. The 10S also uses the Universal Intercom protocol so it can communicate with all Sena and non-Sena Bluetooth headsets on the market. The 10S delivers HD-quality audio that's clear, precise, and comfortable in every condition. Sena's Advanced Noise Control ensures ambient noise doesn't interfere with incoming and outgoing audio. Meanwhile the Bluetooth 4.1 technology, improved stereo Bluetooth speakers, and advanced architecture creates a smooth, crisp, and responsive user experience you'll love. The Sena Smartphone App makes configuring your 10S a snap! Change settings, set groups of intercom friends, and access a Quick Guide. You can also set up your 10S to pair with up to two mobile phones for convenient hands-free calling. Pair the 10S with a Sena Bluetooth Audio Pack-equipped GoPro or the Sena Prism Bluetooth Action Camera, and you'll have a wireless multi-track recording setup for HD video that includes the mic from your headset, the intercom audio from your buddies, and even the sound of the road! The 10S simplifies the connections for your earbuds and microphone (wired or wired boom type) by condensing them down to a single clamp connector, which minimizes the number of wires and enhances reliability.



Sena believe that there is no such thing as a viable shortcut in the pursuit of a passion. They are all motorcycle riders and technology enthusiasts at Sena, including their CEO. So when they develop new products, they go to great lengths to ensure the final version is everything they dreamed it could be and everything their customers expect it to be. This is the Sena way, and has been since they first got started in 1998. Their passion for adventure and obsession with perfection fuels them. Sena. Advancing adventure.

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Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

  • Will this set allow you to listen to sat nav instructions from a mobile phone whilst talking over intercom ?

    March 5, 2019

    Unfortunately this intercom does not have Sena's Audio Multitasking or Audio Overlay features.

  • Can i use this product during heavy rain?

    February 27, 2019

    The Sena 10S is water resistant, but not waterproof. We would not recommend using it in heavy rain.

  • Hi, does this unit fit on to the SMH10 helmet fixing plate?

    October 24, 2018

    Unfortunately the clamp unit is different for the Sena SMH10.

  • Hi, is the price for one device or 2? Thanks

    May 22, 2018

    The price is for a dual system (two intercoms)

  • Hi it says you can connect with up to four riders does this mean you can all hear each others conversation and talk back to each other at the same time?

    May 17, 2018

    The Sena 10S does allow group calling so all connected intercoms can communicate simultaneously.

  • Are these devices waterproof? If not, do you have any that are?

    May 9, 2018

    The Sena's are water resistant however they are not waterproof, We would recommend the Interphone as they are IP67 rated

  • Can you pair these with your phone as well as an mp3 player at the same time?  Thanks

    April 25, 2018

    This is possible, but you will use two bluetooth channels. You can also connect an MP3 player via a 3.5mm stereo audio jack cable.

  • Hi , does the volume automatically increase with speed and wind noise. Many thanks.

    November 7, 2017

    Unfortunately the Sena 10s does not have the smart volume control, sorry. The 20s does include this feature.

  • Hi, are these units waterproof or just water resistant? Thanks, Angus

    September 4, 2017

    I can confirm that the Sena 10S is water resistant.

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