Simpson Venom - Solid Matt Black

Tricomposite full face helmet with Pinlock ready MaxVision visor and wide drop down sun visor

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This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.

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Looks the part and feels very solid
06 February 2024 by Wadey
I bought the Simpson Speed last year from SBS and absolutely loved it. Saw the drop in price on the Venom and snapped it up. Simpson have amazing visibility, the visor is so wide I actually prefer it over my HJC. There is plenty of padding inside and it hugs my head and face very comfortably. I am normally a XL in HJC helmets but found XXL in the Simpson was more comfortable. It is a great fitting helmet, comes with a pinlock which is always a bargain. It feels very solid and well constructed. I purchased the mirror visor as well and the helmet looks absolutely outstanding with it on. It takes seconds to change the visor on these helmets, not fiddly at all. Roll on the summer. Makes a 50yr old man feel like a 17yr old boy ;)
Style: Solid Gloss Black
Brilliant looks and price inc. 2 pinlocks
23 January 2024 by Steve H
I bought this mainly for the look which is partly down to changing my type of bike from a sport tourer to a cruiser and I think it goes better with this bike( is this a bit daft?) My old HJC is a bit old and knackered after 5 years though. The Simpson I ordered originally was size small which I've always had but after struggling to get it on and wearing it indoors for 15 mins I found it uncomfortably tight. this maybe because I have a funny shaped head though(octagonal). I returned it, ordered a medium and it fits great. It's nice , light and comfy and gives semi feeling of open face lid owing to wide and high visor opening. This does however,I think, give the impression of it being overly large. I therefore put it alongside my HJC and found overall it was about the same. I think it is quite a safe lid as I think I've seen it has a grade 4 sharps test rating. for me it does have a few minus points. The strap is a bit fiddly to fasten and clip up the excess, as the D ring side appears to be a bit too short. The drop down sun visor is good but could do with being a tad darker and biggest niggle is the wind noise compared to my old HJC 17. This has been greatly alleviated by wearing high grade ear plugs. 4 stars for lid (unfortunately) but 5 stars for Sportsbikeshop service.
Style: Solid Matt Black
SIMPSON Still Up there in Quality & Value
13 January 2024 by Colin L
Bought my first Simpson in the 90's & still have it.
30 years on with change of bike bought another.
With additional visor it's a lovely looking and feels comfortable to wear. Roll on summer.
Style: Solid Gloss White
Nice fit and feel
14 November 2023 by Anonymous
Great fit and feel to this helmet. Looks the part in the matt black and comes with a pin lock.
Style: Solid Matt Black
Simpson helmet
26 August 2023 by Tom D
Excellent product, fits perfectly, extremely light and comfortable. Pin lock is an excellent addition
I would highly recommend to anyone.
And as always, great service and super fast delivery (even to the Channel Islands) from sportsbikeshop
Style: Solid Gloss Black
Don't buy this helmet
20 June 2023 by Anonymous
Great looking helmet, perfect fit but the wind noise is terrible, you will need ear plugs but that only reduces the noise by about 50%
Style: Solid Gloss White
Great stylish lid.
27 May 2023 by Glen W
This helmet looks great. Good price at Sportsbikeshop too. I was a bit concerned on 1st fitting out of the box as I wasn't sure I could get my head in. Normal size medium 58cm. Once on though I realised it was not too small and fits well. The padding has given after a fee wears and goes on & off easier.
Style: Solid Matt Black
Really good lid
19 March 2023 by Nigel D
I like it. Very light, the visors are good and the helmet looks badass. It's noisy compare to my AGV Legend and the cheek pads are a bit overstuffed. Perfect fit otherwise though with no other pressure points.
Style: Solid Gloss Black
14 March 2023 by Mark S
Lovely fit, comfortable and looks amazing.
Style: Solid Matt Black
Cracking lid and light
06 March 2023 by Tim S
Great lid. Super light, much better than the ones I had years ago, nowhere near as flimsy.
I tried on the speed which is the one down at the bike show, which fits nicely. The venom has much better padding but getting it off is a bit ruff but getting it on and wearing if its snug and comfy, not arai comfy, but a very good fit. Black visor is needed on the white one, which sportsbikeshop are the cheapest for.
Style: Solid Gloss White
15 February 2023 by David H
I had to go down a size on this helmet to a small when normally a medium, it's so comfortable from the first ride, visibility seems so much better the visor seem so much wider, air vents at the front open independently from each other which is cool, very good quality.
Awesome looking helmet in my opinion, just the look I wanted for my bike.
Only down side if you see it that way, is there is quite a bit of wind noise, but I put earplugs in so no longer an issue,
Plus the guys in the Reading store were absolutely brilliant with helping out with purchasing it, couldn't have been more helpful.
All round experience was brilliant, can't recommend enough.
Style: Solid Gloss Black
Simpson helmet
30 November 2022 by Sean G
Very comfortable helmet,
Style: Solid Gloss Black
Simpson venom
24 August 2022 by David R
Great helmet very comfortable and light super quick delivery and good communication this is the second helmet I have bought through you and will definitely use again
Style: Solid Gloss Black
Very nice looking helmet!!
23 August 2022 by R
After the longest time, I was in search for a proper replacement for my 6 year old HJC CLSP XXXL that started to disintegrate and yes we suppose to replace them every 4 years haha, yes also bought from SBS. There was just no helmet that would fit me and I was not happy. Specially nice looking helmets on sale that had good graphics like the rpha venom.. :(

After going through probably 5 helmets from SBS returning all of them cause some 3XL are still to tiny (I am sorry returns department) I manage to find the Venom from Simpson. And it had an XXXL size too!

Lo and Behold it fit my big noggin. It's tight but not headache tight. And after 3 days or so of riding it did bed in quite comfy actually. Perfect tight safety fit. Not loosy goose.

For the price worth it. The stickers can be removed too for a full stealth look.

Or if you wanna look like The Stig, get the gloss white with black visors haha.

It comes with a pin lock for free which will be handy for winter riding to work.

The double D lock does needs getting used too but it's just as safe if not safest.

The helmet seems to cut through air nicely too. Specially when you are going 50-60mph and you have to shoulder check. On my CLSP doing so will bend your neck as if will Smith slapped you on stage for a bad joke.

The small gripe, although vents are always welcome.

I did find that the rear air vent right side one was rather not ideal. With my loud exhaust on the right side. You can really really hear it specially when going full tilt on the M4.

I fixed that by putting a tape cover on the inside. Just a thin one to not compromise the inner head protection. You can put on the outside too but it will not look nice.

Overall good helmet!

Again, sorry for the returns team!!!
Style: Solid Matt Black
My favourite helmet so far!
10 June 2022 by NightShiftRider
I've been using this helmet almost every day since I got it in January of this year in all weather conditions.

Visually, I absolutely love the aesthetic of this helmet. It's got that pilot-style helmet vibe and also has fantastic visibility thanks to its huge visor. The locking mechanism for the visor is great and doesn't go slack so you don't have to worry about the visor closing if you want to ride with it open.
This helmet was never designed for wet weather but I've had no issues with water entering even in torrential downpours.

The cheek pads can accommodate speakers so my Cardo FREECOM4+ fits perfectly.

My only negatives of this helmet are #1: It's incredibly loud, even at moderate speeds.
This kind of helmet isn't designed for aerodynamics and as a result, you'll really hear the wind hitting against your lid.

My other complaint is about the cheek pads. Although they stay in place, part of them tends to slip out at the back of the helmet. Nothing a simple push can't fix but It's quite irritating.

Other than that, it's a fantastic helmet. Simpson aren't the most well known helmet when it comes to motorbike helmets. Most of their experience comes from NASCAR helmets over the decades, but they certainly know how to make a fantastic helmet for motorcyclists. I really hope they bring out more helmets in the future. They have a lot of potential.
Style: Solid Matt Black
Iconic 80s helmet
24 April 2022 by Peter R
If your biking career spans back to the 80s like mine does then you will remember Simpson helmets and there bad boy image. The original 80s versions (Bandit) as it was called then we're not road legal in the Uk and this contributed to their rebellious image.
The retro and slightly rebellious look make it a versatile helmet style for anyone that doesn't want to wear matching race leathers on their bike and prefers the jeans and jacket look. I took the plunge and it has pleasantly surprised me for both fit and finish. I have owned several shoei helmets over the years , and have found the shoei shape to be a good one for my head, I ordered a medium Simpson (57/58) and the fit is comparable to a medium shoei, tight going on but comfortable once you are in!,
It is snug on my cheeks but breaking in nicely. The helmet seems to be well made , and is nice and light, it's not the quietest helmet I have ever owned but I wear plugs anyway on my naked bike. Visibility is superb, with great peripheral vision and a free pinlock to help with misting.Aerodynamically the helmet doesn't seem to suffer from undue buffeting when riding at higher speeds, though all of these findings are of course subjective . The inner drop down sun visor doesn't quite work for me, it doesn't give full coverage of the viewport leaving a lighter area at the bottom of your field of vision which is a shame. I don't find it particularly distracting, however lower coverage would be of benefit when sunlight is reflecting off a wet road. I may remove the inner visor and go for a tinted outer visor to alleviate this.
Style: Solid Matt Black
Great All Rounder
01 October 2021 by Andrew
Great looking, super lightweight, practical & comfortable helmet.
The build quality is excellent with soft padding, pre-formed ear recess for an intercom/sound system.
Superb clear, wide vision with the pinlock ensuring all year round riding. Impressed with the drop down tinted visor which enables true 24hr usage.
It's excellent value for money and the fitting service I received at Milton Keynes was exemplary. Thank You.
Only downside would be it's none aerodynamic front chin which of course means extra noise & buffeting at high speed. If that's really a problem then you certainly won't even be considering a Bad Boy Simo!
Style: Solid Matt Black
Great helmet!
16 June 2021 by Matt P
When I first bought this helmet and I went to try it on I scratched my forehead pretty bad on the corner of the chin curtain that's plastic. I tried again and gouged my head again so I removed the curtain to get the helmet on. Once on it felt tight but comfortable. I removed the helmet and went to pop the curtain back in but the hole on one side is too large for the plastic rivet so it doesn't hold the curtain in on one side. I thought of returning the helmet but at this price I thought I would keep it. I am pleased I did, the other two anchor points are holding it in place and now I have worn it just 3 times the helmet has bed in nicely, the chin curtain doesn't scratch anymore and it's even more comfortable. Mine came with pinlock but on my last ride I did get some steaming but this was on the drop down smoked sun visor. Despite it's woes I do love the helmet. It's very comfortable and with ear plugs in I can't hear a thing. 8/10 and it's great value for money :)
Style: Solid Matt Black

Simpson Venom - Solid Matt Black

  • Maxx-3C Tricomposite construction (carbon, aramid fibre, fibreglass)
  • Ultra-wide viewport
  • Scratch-resistant Pinlock ready MaxVision visor
  • Double locking visor system
  • Drop-down internal sun visor
  • Chin vent with inner open-close slider
  • Hot air exhaust system with EPS channels
  • Removable and washable inner lining
  • Chin curtain and breath deflector
  • Ready for easy installation of Bluetooth headsets
  • Pinlock insert included

All helmets are supplied with a clear visor as standard
The Venom combines an aggressive street-fighter look with first-class comfort and technical specs, evolved fit the needs of the modern rider. Its shell is designed for both noise reduction and aerodynamics. The MaxVision visor is Pinlock ready and the drop-down sun visor covers the whole field of view for a comfortable ride.
Few helmets have made such a mark on the bike world as the Simpson Bandit. First launched in the late 1970s, the original Bandit was made in Texas by Bill Simpson and was actually a NASCAR helmet design that was technically illegal in Britain. It was a super-high quality lid, but since it was built for American car racing, it didn't comply with UK motorcycle helmet rules.Now riders can re-create their biking youth, with the Simpson Venom helmet, which is totally compliant with ECE 22-05 regulations, making them fully road legal to wear on a bike. That hasn't affected their overall design though - the Simpson style is still clear to see.
Simpson has also updated the materials and build quality. The standard Venom boasts the very latest composite Maxx-3C shell material, with fully removable, washable lining, an advanced venting and hot-air exhaust system, inner sun visor, and a quick-release Pinlock Max Vision equipped visor.

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Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

  • Hi, is the Simpson helmets sizing a little large? Thanks, Lisa.

    February 26, 2020

    Hi Lisa, Thank you for your question. As far as we are aware they do not come up larger than typical sizing, however please be aware all helmet brands internal shape differ so sizes may vary from another brand.