AGV AX9 Pacific Road - Matt Black / White / Red

Full face adventure helmet with customisable peak and antibacterial removable lining

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Verified Customer Reviews for AGV AX9 Pacific Road

13 reviews
17 January 2023 by Andrew W
Had to swap the MS for ML 58-59 as the 57-58 was very tight to get over my head, glad I did because the ML on my normally 57 head fits perfect. Thanks to Sportsbikeshop for their support in doing this.

Fitted my Cardo but had to put a small hole in the chin padding to feed the cables through. Other than that nice helmet.

Not used it on the bike yet.
The perfect helmet?
25 January 2022 by Jezza
I have researched every adventure helmet that I can find and watched many YouTube reviews .. well all I can say is that this is a superb helmet, fits true to size and is very comfortable, great quality and extremely good value for money at Sportsbikeshop's discount price. The orange colour scheme is also fab and perfect for KTM fans.
Style: Trail Gunmetal / Orange
Great quality and comfortable lid
04 April 2021 by Alex
Having wasted money on poor fitting helmets in the past i wasn't prepared to compromise and settle on anything less than perfect.Thanks to the superb return policy from SBS I was able to try a few on properly at home. I wanted something lightweight and good for touring. I ruled out a flip front because of the excessive weight and quick release fastening which I can't get along with. I was initially put off an adventure helmet due to reports of buffeting and taking off with the wind under it! This has not been the case. I've worn it in recent windy conditions on dual carriageway on my naked bike.
Sizing, I personally feel is marginally large. I wear an xs shoei and bought this in xs but there was the slightest movement. I've bought an xxs liner and the fit is now perfect.
All round visibility is much better than a full face and the extra room inside the lid around the jaw is great.
Noise: It's noisier than some full face helmets but it's a lot quieter than I expected.
Colour The orange is high viz and the grey appears slightly darker than it looks on the photos.
Can't fault it so far and would recommend. Also big shout out to SBS customer service and our local DPD delivery drivers especially during the pandemic x
Style: Trail Gunmetal / Orange
Great helmet
27 January 2021 by Paolo
Love the look and style. One drawback to note is that depending on the wind conditions you can get a bit of 'turbulence' maybe due to the peak. Possibly not an issue but riding in the winter you can feel it just above 55mph. This is not always an issue though. The helmet is light, good looking, has a great feel. It is silent for the most part. The pinlock fits nicely in the visor slot so no chance of misting between the visor and pinlock as i experienced on other helmets. I am getting moisture on the inside on the pinlock visor however i am hoping a few good cleans may resolve the issue. 4 rating due to turbulence and interior moisture.
Great all round ADV helmet
15 December 2020 by Jay
I own 2 Arai X4 Tour's & love them but they have a major flaw, at night in the rain the 'halo' effect of having the Pinlock in is so distracting it becomes dangerous. I ride every day rain or shine so need a helmet that allows me to do this, the AGV is that helmet. It works perfectly at night, rain, pinlock installed plus is way better than the X4 in the wind, I was worried about the large peak but AGV have done a lot of research in regards to wind turbulence & it has paid off. Easy visor removal compared to X4 too. Overall its a great lid, quality not as good as Shoie or Arai but for almost half the price & with better looks imho. Only real negative I would give is the internal air flow guard is very near my mouth, so much so I can touch it, fortunately it can be removed but something to bare in mind if you have a pronounced chiselled jaw!
Style: White
AGV AX9 review, or should I say good view?
27 July 2020 by Paul C
Although not unhappy with my previous Shark skwal helmet I did like the look of this one as soon as I saw it Although couldn't justify buying another lid just for the looks. However after having to start wearing glasses while riding it was the perfect excuse to get it as the glasses would not fit the old lid. When it arrived I wasn't as blown away as I was hoping, although it did look nice, and after trying on it felt instantly more plush then my current lid which was a nice bonus. However the main difference was in the riding, the view that you get with this is outstanding, so good infact it was like not wearing one, very impressed from the off, and peak catching the wind was an initial worry but so far so good and no problems to report but only used once so far so time will tell. Overall very very happy and the glasses fit with no pressure on the side of my head.
22 June 2020 by Anonymous
Matched the fit of the K5S for me, much improved vision, quieter than the K5S, full vision with pinlock. Excellent helmet.
Style: Black
Quality, Lightweight, comfortable.
26 May 2020 by Alex
So far I've only ridden in this for 3 hours but it's super lightweight from my previous flip front schuberth.
It's also quiet, I have tried it with and without ear plugs, my preference is always to ride with ear plugs but it's as quiet as the schuberth without them.
The peak is huge, that's for sure, but you don't really notice it until above 75, but tilting my head and peak downwards a small amount helps a lot. Shoulder checks at that speed you'll feel it but it's not problem. I'm sure the peak would be an issue on a supermoto/naked bike at motorway speeds, but you wouldn't really be doing that on that style of bike.
Love the options with ventilation, being able to adjust to the temperature so quickly is great.
Visor mechanism is smooth yet solid and when fully closed the seal is so solid you audibly notice the change.
Included pinlock is as large as the visor which is great.
The visor fully lifted isn't as high due to the peak and the aperture of the visor.
Removing the visor or peak is more complicated than most but still simple.
I had to use a screw driver the first time as they've used blue loc tite, but after that I carry a coin to undo it if need be.
I don't have MX goggles but my snowboard ones fit perfectly well.
No regrets, I look forward to many happy miles with this lid.
Style: Trail Gunmetal / Orange
Agv ax9
12 May 2020 by David P
Very good helmet nice and light looks fantastic all the padding inside very nice very happy customer
Style: Trail Gunmetal / Orange
Light, great vision, top quality
18 April 2020 by Peter C
I had been researching helmets for months as I wanted one that gave better vision than my K5. In the end I chose the AX9 because I love my K5 so much and wanted to stick with AGV. Plus the price was just right, not too expensive and not too cheap.
I have yet to wear on the bike thanks to lock down but initial view is very positive. I have an L K5 so stayed with L and it is slightly larger which makes it more comfortable. There are recesses for coms kit and the piece of foam covering the speakers is thinner than on my K5 so I can hear better now.
I've only temporarily fitted the comma kit as I may need to take advantage of Sportsbikeshops brilliant returns policy once I've been out for a ride but at this moment in time that looks unlikely.
Overall, light, great design, huge visor giving great vision and good value for money.
Light, comfy and looks the nuts.
26 December 2019 by Mitchell F
Another brilliant helmet from AGV, my first adventure style helmet and I think it is brilliant, the padding on the cheek pads and crown are a good thickness with the added space for air to breeze through which makes this an all day helmet. Vis is great through the huge visor and the removable front air vent works a treat to ram air into your face. Only slightly annoying things I have found is you can't adjust the Peak on the move, upside of that is it doesn't slowly work its way back up after riding at speed for a while.the other thing is the visor knocks against the peak when you raise it, not a real issue just a little thing. Next purchase will be the Ark intercom to fit on it which I'm hoping will be a great addition to a quality helmet.
Lightweight premium helmet with a huge aperture
13 December 2019 by Philip C
This is a really lovely helmet - I'm genuinely pleased as punch with it.

After owning Held & Schuberth helmets, the viewport aperture on this helmet is a revelation. Hairpins in the Pyrenees had highlighted an issue for me, that I could not see far enough "up" the road whilst in tight nearside corners whilst climbing. This helmet completely rectifies that issue for me, as the view with the visor closed is spectacular - panoramic!

The helmet shell itself is light, stiff and feels premium. The lining is high quality and very comfortable - it was very snug to start off with - particularly the cheek pads - but after two or three weeks it's now "bedded in" to my face!

Installing the supplied Pinlock was more difficult than many helmets, because the visor design is pretty stiff. But once it is in, it performs as required.

I'm still getting used to the ventilation - being winter, I don't need too much, but the impression I have is that there is plenty of airflow for the spring/summer months when they come.

I have not yet done any motorway riding with this helmet, so I'll have to pass judgement on noise and buffeting at a later date.

All-in-all, I'm delighted at this helmet.
Style: Matt Grey / Fluo Yellow
Excellent upgrade from AX8
31 January 2019 by Luke P
Had an AX8 dual Evo for many years and fancied the upgrade. New AX9 is very comfortable, has inserts for Comms kit, smoother design, peak is great even in lowest position, even on a supernaked with no fairings, no real buffeting at all,, and max vision pinlock is amazing, still lacks internal sun visor but other than that a nicer design.

AGV AX9 Pacific Road - Matt Black / White / Red

  • Carbon aramidic fibreglass outer shell construction
  • Four density internal EPS lining
  • Panoramic viewport offers 190° horizontal and 110° vertical vision
  • Anti-scratch visor with 100% Max Vision Pinlock anti-fog insert included
  • Ritmo fabric antibacterial cheek pads with moisture wicking and premium comfort treatment
  • Antibacterial Shalimar crown pad with moisture wicking and comfort treatment
  • Shalimar and Nabuk fabric neck roll with water-resistant treatment
  • Removable and washable interiors
  • Adjustable chin guard vent that can direct internal air flow
  • Top air intakes with rear exhausts
  • Grooves for wearing glasses comfortably
  • Ready for a generic communication system with spots for speaker installation
  • Double D ring chin strap fastening
  • Weight approx 1.54kg

All helmets are supplied with a clear visor as standard
Lightness, comfort and adaptability reach the highest technological level with the AGV AX9. Its superior modularity allows 4 different configurations by simply removing the peak, ultra-panoramic visor or both, allowing the use of goggles.

Product Specification Visors and Pinlock Insert Intercom Manufacturer

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