Milenco Snaefell Lock with 22mm Chain

Huge 35mm hardened steel lock and massive 22mm chain with diamond Sold Secure rating

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Customer Reviews for Milenco Snaefell Lock with 22mm Chain

March 4, 2021 - by Vijay S

Great lock great service

The lock is great and really heavy duty, because of that one of the keys bent in transit, the item was picked up by a courier and replaced very quickly and efficiently. Excellent service

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March 2, 2021 - by anonymous

Amazing product

This chain does exactly what it says on the tin. I can now sleep easy at night knowing my bike in anchored down by a proper chain. Definitely recommend

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January 13, 2021 - by Mike

Faulty lock

Item is heavy and strong, it gives you confidence about locking your bike with it. Unfortunately, the locking mechanism broke after 5ish unlocks, it all came out with the key leaving me unable to use my bike. The locksmith spent 4ish mins to cut through the chain with an angle grinder which i think is good time. Obviously SBS refunded in no time, but i'd prefer not spending 70quid to get the lock removed.

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September 18, 2020 - by Sandra M

Milenco 22mm chain

Best chain ever, thick and very heavy, happy to know my bike is safe with it on

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September 17, 2020 - by Cory H

King of Chains

Purchased this chain & lock after my bike was stolen from work, I recovered the bike due to having a tracker Fitted, but was still nervous about leaving it outside work, that is until I bought this chain. The sight of the chain should be enough to put any bike thief off even attempting to steal it. Highly recommended for anyone who owns a bike & wants to keep it safe

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October 26, 2019 - by Krasimir G

Quality build, massive giving you peace of mind.

Well, it really looks massive and very serious security chain. I don't understand much from metals but this one, I think, will not give you second thoughts. If you have super sports bike and you stop a lot in open parking you better buy the 2 meter one so you could lock it to something because if someone can't cut this chain on the spot and really wants to go home with your bike remember it always can be lifted and put in a van.

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Press Reviews for Milenco Snaefell Lock with 22mm Chain


Milenco Snaefell Lock with 22mm Chain

  • Huge 35mm hardened steel pick resistant lock with a lifetime guarantee
  • Highly resistant to sawing, freezing and drilling
  • ​Also resists torque, wedge, cutting and cropping attacks
  • Passes additional Sold Secure diamond certification angle grinder attack
  • ​Massive 22mm diameter chain with full length protective sleeve
  • ​Supplied with 3 stainless steel keys
  • 1m weighs 12kg, 2m weighs 22kg

The Snaefell Lock and chain is for riders who demand security without compromise! The massive 22mm diameter chain is constructed from the highest quality CR/MO steel and is highly resistant to all but the most extreme and prolonged attacks. The huge lock has a 35mm hardened steel centre shaft, with immense strength and hardened steel armouring. This chain and lock combination is one of only a small handful that pass the Sold Secure Diamond standard, which means that it easily passes the 90 second angle grinder assault.



Founded in 1993, Milenco is an engineering company that designs high quality, world class, market leading products for the recreational vehicle industry. With an an excellent reputation for high quality and specialisation in safety, security, access and comfort products. Taking pride through product innovation and continuous improvement, all Milenco products are thoroughly tested under the most rigorous conditions and must pass extensive trials before they are offered for sale worldwide.

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