Shoei NXR - Equate TC-10

Full face sports helmet with EQRS security system

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.

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Love Shoei
15 May 2022 by Mr G
Best helmet I've owned so far stylish and a great fit. I've quite a small and narrow head shape, so it's been difficult to find a good fit.
Size small send to fit me quite well, much better than my last helmet.

Style: Equate TC-10
My First Shoei
01 May 2022 by John A
After years of owning HJC's I finally made the jump and got my first Shoei. I must say that its definately a step up from my Rpha 11 and my old FG-ST. The lining, materials, mechanisms are all a level above. Noise level is minimal, but dont think it will be nonexistent, especially on motorway. My only niggle though is that the clip for where the d ring snaps on to is higher than what I'd like so as a result it takes a bit of fiddling for something that should just be simple.
Style: Ruts TC6
My favourite brand
18 March 2022 by Christopher B
Yes I know there is a mk2 version out now but why not save some cash - it comes with a 7 year warranty from date of manufacture or 5 years from purchase.
The quietest most comfortable helmet I have ever used.
Style: Equate TC-10
Quality lid
17 March 2022 by Ste
After nearly an hour of trying various styles and brands, respect to the manager of the Bristol store for his patience and help, finally decided on this. As the internals can be changed for smaller/larger pads, eventually got the right fit. Although it's still in the bedding stage, so far it has remained comfortable, light on the nod and still packs style. Also purchased dark tint visor which makes up for no sun visor. No glare, perfect vision. Couldn't be more happier spending that much on the lid and visor
Style: Equate TC-10
Good value.
03 February 2022 by Simon H
A good priced full face helmet with lots of vents and a pin lock as standard.
Doesn't mist up which is great if you wear glasses.
A bit tight to start with but I expect it to give a bit bit with wear.
Gives my neotec 2 a run for its money shame no drop down visor but it's more of a sunny day helmet so I'll change the visor.
Style: Matt Black
Another excellent product from Shoei.
18 January 2022 by Anonymous
This, my seventh Shoei, maintains the same impeccable build quality of its predecessors. All-day comfortable, as expected. Wind noise is not an issue for me. Superb service from Sportsbikeshop and with a sizeable discount - my go-to shop for motorbike stuff.
Style: Gloss White
Fantastic Fit and Light
13 January 2022 by Derek S
This is the second NXR that I have had and the fit and finish are fantastic. Great Shoei build and quality.
Style: Equate TC-10
High quality
21 December 2021 by DP
Wow! The first opportunity I have had over many years to purchase a high quality lid (great price though SBS - thank you!). The difference in fit was the main surprise - it really shows up the cheaper ones I have had through the past. NO negative points: It looks great in this colour scheme, feels superbly comfortable and stable on and is certainly quiet in use too. Highly recommended if you can afford a bit more to protect your head.. Well worth the price.
Style: Equate TC-10
Shoei quality and an affordable price.
09 December 2021 by Graham I
Absolutely quality helmet from shoei again. Great colour scheme. Comfortable and not a great deal of wind noise. Great service as usual by sportsbikeshop.
Style: Variable TC-4
A lid that screams coool.
25 October 2021 by Anonymous
Excellent lid. Looks stunning and although it is light you know that with it being a Shoei, it will give great protection. I love it and would definately recommend it
Style: Equate TC-10
Brilliant helmet
21 September 2021 by Steve P
My previous helmet created buffeting and was noisy. This is the opposite, zero buffeting and quiet. Its pretty tight to get on and off, but once on is very comfortable. I also purchased the photochromic visor and now have the perfect set up.
Style: Equate TC-10
Awesome helmets
21 September 2021 by Ray B
This is the second NXR that I have purchased and I'm more than happy with it. It feels lightweight and less bulky than other helmets that I have had previously. I considered going for the more expensive Arai this time but didn't find it as comfy and it was more than twice the price of the NXR
Style: Variable TC-4
Great lid but a but noisy
18 September 2021 by Anonymous
Bought to replace my AGV K3. It looks a lot better, the AGV has a huge profile and whilst this isnt that much smaller the shape means I dont feel like a lollipop in it. I cant say I noticed much difference in the weight but it may be a bit lighter. The finish is hugely superior though, both are matte black and this looks real nice in comparison. Overall I'm really happy with the feel of the lid when it's on, the safety and build quality but I'd read in various reviews how quiet it is and I'm going to have to disagree. As soon as I hit 60 plus the wind noise if pretty high and if the vents are open theres a lot of whistling as well. Easily solved with earplugs
Style: Matt Black
Excellent Helmet
12 September 2021 by Darren P
Just replaced my entry level HJC, the SHOEI is such a huge improvement! and a wonderful service from the Steph & SBS Team Leeds thank you
Style: Equate TC-10
Excellent Product
10 September 2021 by Steven W
This is by far the best fitting helmet I've owned, quiet. lightweight with great vision the price was great to £80 cheaper than a local large motorcycle retailer, the service from sportsbikeshop was excellent as usual, have used them a few times now and will again, thank team.
Style: Matt Black
Quality Lid
07 September 2021 by Craig W
I love the fit of this Shoei helmet, I'm now on my third NXR.

I've tried other brands in the past and found after a couple of hours on the road they have started to dig into my forehead. Fit is a personal thing I know, but if you've had this issue yourself maybe take a look at the Shoei lids.

Just done a 1000 mile ride and it truly is "all day long comfortable".

Comfortable, quiet, lot's of cool designs. What's not to like?

As ever, superb service from Sportsbikeshop.
Style: Shorebreak TC-2
04 September 2021 by Jason W
Bought for my wife. She absolutely loves this kid. Lightweight, comfortable, good vision. Love the pinlock. Low on wind noise and can be used without ear plugs.
Style: Harmonic TC-10
Quality helmet
20 August 2021 by David
Everything about the NXR says quality. Very good in cross winds / turbulence, more stable than previous brand. But slightly surprised to have had quite a few flies get through the chin vent, but maybe just small fly season... Also a bit noisier than previous lid,

Excellent service as always from SBS, went through a few lids at MK, they were amazingly patient & helpful.
Style: Stable TC-2

Shoei NXR helmet review

One of the best helmets I have owned in recent years was a Shoei XR-1100. This NXR, its successor as Shoei’s sports h...

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Shoei NXR - Equate TC-10

  • AIM shell
  • Multiple density EPS liner
  • EQRS security system
  • Double D ring retention system
  • 4 shell sizes
  • 3D interior pads for comfort
  • Optional ear pads to decrease ambient noise
  • 4 inlet vents and 6 outlets for air circulation
  • Integrated spoiler for improved aerodynamics
  • Breath guard and chin curtain included
  • CWR-1 Pinlock insert inside the box
  • Adjustable base plates
  • Improved helmet base line
  • ECE 2205 and ACU Gold approved

All helmets are supplied with a clear visor as standard
The Shoei NXR has everything you need from a sports helmet; safety, aerodynamics, clear vision, ventilation and performance. The NXR's compact design boasts a newly designed shell which is physically smaller and has an all new baseline. 4 intakes in the forehead along with 6 outlets produce an effective ventilation system, whilst wind noise has been reduced by utilising larger cheek and ear pads. An all new visor and base plate system allows hassle free fitting and the base plates can be adjusted front and rear via a rotating dial.

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