Schuberth E1 - Tuareg Yellow

Flip front dual sports touring/adventure helmet with adjustable peak

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.

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Great price, great service
20 March 2023 by Philip S
I purchased a Schuberth E1 from Sportsbike shop,,I am so pleased with the product and the price is not too bad either.. I went to the Boston Store for a fitting ,the fit was perfect (and still is) Because I was on the bike Sportsbikeshop said they would send by post and it arrived next day... It amazes me just how good Sportsbikeshop is compared to the other online retailers. If you have an issue they go out of their way to get it sorted, they are just a pleasure to do business with...
So good I bought it twice
23 December 2022 by Mark C
This is my second E1, had my first one for 6 years and it served me so well when the time came for a new helmet I got another one. It's fantastic quality, comfortable and quiet. Due to the E2 coming out it was difficult to find the one I wanted I'm my size but here it was a SBS and at a fantastic price. Shame it will probably not be available when I'm due another in 5 years time or so
Style: Matt Black
Not what I hoped for
07 November 2022 by Victoria A
After reading and researching fabulous reviews I was expecting a great helmet. It's not. The flip up mechanism is easy but I expected it to click into place whilst up, I only hope it doesn't fall down. I've worn it once and for those who say it's a very quiet helmet is a mystery to me as it isn't! I've got an Arai Tour X and that peak does give some buffering but the peak on this vibrates. The vision is good though, good all round and the pin lock is effective albeit it does must up around the edges where the pin lock isn't there in place. I've bought this for touring so I'll get a chance to review it fully but first impressions are underwhelming.
Style: Endurance Blue
Not impressed
17 October 2022 by Robert G
I was looking for a flip front lid with sun visor and a peak this seemed to be it as I've had a Schuberth before, well I was having problems with closing it and it not locking closed , and trying to find the clip to open it with gloves on is a complete disaster not impressed at all so I've returned it
Bob g
Style: Endurance Blue
Great helmet
22 July 2022 by Julian H
This is my second E1. Quite literally a life saver. This is a replacement after I got knocked off my bike.
Really great quality. Comfortable and does is job amazingly well. I cannot recommend this highly enough
Style: Endurance Blue
Nice lid, but....
15 April 2022 by Keith S
I thought this is a really nice well put together helmet, but..

I tried both L & XL, both gave me a sore head, it may have got better over time but I didn't think I'd get on with it, I also thought the field of view upwards was not ideal for me.

Gutted, as I really did like this helmet.

SBS were amazing as always.
Style: Matt Black
Excellent quality
16 March 2022 by Anthony R
Very comfortable very quiet and excellent quality. Despatched and delivered very quickly very pleased with service many thanks.
Style: Endurance Blue
Good comfortable helmet. Shame about the peak
28 January 2022 by Anonymous
Being right inbetween the medium and the large size I opted for the medium so that the helmet wouldn't be moving around on my head, I think i made the right choice. The fit is good for my rounder shaped head and the helmet is very comfortable. At speeds of over about 50 mph however the peak vibrates so much so that the helmet becomes a pain to wear, almost blurring my vision at times, not good given the cost. Taking the visor off removed this issue completely, so I will just have to use the helmet without the peak, which is a shame as it looks great with it and it works well to help cut out glare from the sun. It is a shame that Schuberth used such a cheap plastic for the peak and decided to attach it to the helmet using only two points of contact, this has spoilt an otherwise good helmet.
Style: Matt Black
Comfort from the start!
07 January 2022 by Ross L
Bought as a replacement for my five year old BMW System 6 (essentially a Schuberth). BMW have switched to their own manufacturer and the sizes have changed slightly. The Schuberth E1 has the same sizings as my old System 6. It's a great fit. Very comfortable, warm and quiet. Only been out a couple of times, but both long rides, one with light rain. The Pinlock is working well and, with the removable chin pad in, was nice and warm too.

Purchase and shipping was excellent and very quick.
Style: Matt Black
Smart helmet
01 November 2021 by Anonymous
Only been on one ride so far but feels a nice solid helmet with good solid feel to mechanisms on visor and chin bar.
Time will tell how it fares.
Style: Grey
Too expensive for what it is
18 October 2021 by Khashayar D
It is a beautiful helmet but its very noisy and peak is too cheap for a price probably you can find similar with cheaper price but I didn't look hard enough and now I have to stick with this for few years
Style: Matt Black
Great lid worth every penny.
05 September 2021 by David I
Looked at a couple of reviews on the shuberth e1 before buying and its exactly what i wanted . It's super comfy super quiet the one and only thing I can fault is the peak vibrates at speed but I can live with that .
Style: Tuareg Yellow
GS tastic....
18 June 2021 by David B
This is the prefect match with my R1250GS and is super comfy compared to my old Schuberth, they have made some real improvements! Super pleased with my purchase and very happy with the Sportsbikeshop in Reading for all the advice.
Style: Tuareg Red
Great fit
28 May 2021 by Andy
really well put together, nice quality,linning good field of vision,the halmet looks good with or with out the peak,very good ventilation and nice and quiet, easy to use sun visor spot on
Style: Grey
Schuberth e1
16 May 2021 by Chris G
The Schuberth e1 is a very comfortable and quiet helmet. Very strong but a little heavy compared with other helmets I've had. The peak is a little flimsy but does the job. Would recommend getting next size up. Overall a very solid helmet 8 out 10
Style: Matt Black
Schubert's E1 Grey
11 May 2021 by Simon
I have been using an Arai Tour X4 for the last 4 years and have been very please do with it. When looking to change I had some very specific requirements. It had to have an internal visor, be an adventure style and have the flip front. I had read many a review on several makes but decided to go for the E1 as out of all and IMHO, it had the better aesthetics. Comfort is fantastic and along with the lack of wind noise makes it an all day pleasure to wear. Mechanism for the internal visor is slick and the release for the flip front simple to use. I couldn't recommend this helmet highly enough, it is not the cheapest and there is a good reason for that but managed to get a great deal.
Style: Grey
Superb fit and style
28 April 2021 by Ian C
Excellent quality, super snug fit. Really quiet even at reasonable speeds. Sun shade seems difficult to adjust but once sorted it's fine. Easy flip up front. Easy to use flip tinted visor. Well worth the money.
Style: Matt Black
It's a C3 Pro with better ventilation
29 March 2021 by Will
The fit is the same as a C3 Pro. My head is size 59, bought the large size, and the E1 fit well. The ventilation is good, the top vent lets a decent amount of air in. The chin vent works well, maybe less so if you are sat behind a tall screen. The peak is excellent, good for keeping the low Sun out of your eyes. Compared to the C3 Pro the peak does slightly make the helmet louder due to the wind passing through, but this marginal, after a few minutes you don't notice it. Haven't noticed any wind buffeting at motorway speeds. The peak is super quick to remove, once off the helmet becomes a C3 Pro with improved ventilation. Doing shoulder checks at speed I haven't had the wind catch the peak (yet). Fitted a Cardo Packtalk Bold, was straight forward to do. Wasn't sure about the helmet graphics, thought they looked a bit naff in the photos, but in the flesh the helmet looks good. Overall I'm very happy with the E1.
Style: Tuareg Red

Schuberth E1 helmet review

Schuberth’s E1 has the same fit and finish as the firm’s C3 Pro but with a peak grafted onto it. So, having already c...

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Schuberth E1 - Tuareg Yellow

  • Constructed from glass fibre with a special resin added
  • Manufactured using Schuberth's typical high compression moulding process
  • S.T.R.O.N.G. fibre construction
  • Two helmet shell sizes
  • Wind tunnel tested for directional stability, no oscillation or buffeting
  • Perfected aerodynamics for higher speeds
  • Spoiler integrated into helmet shell
  • Interior liner designed with fewer seams and a more universal interior fit
  • Improved modular EPS with integrated antennas for optional SRC-System
  • Micro-lock ratchet chin strap
  • Large reflective panels on neckroll
  • Improved Visor ratchet mechanism
  • Integrated sun visor
  • Variable venting for effective ventilation adjustable for summer/winter
  • Allergen-free and antibacterial
  • Liner comprising Coolmax and Thermocool materials
  • Coolmax pad system, completely removable and washable
  • Fresh air supply increased by up to 60%
  • Multipath channels in the EPS plus head/chin/mouth ventilation
  • Fresh air is distributed effectively over the entire head area
  • The Anti-Roll-Off System (A.R.O.S.) to keep helmet in place
  • EasyChange visor mechanism for extremely quick and simple visor changes
  • 2 year warranty extendable to 5 when registered online via Schuberth

The E1 offers touring and adventure riders a premium modular helmet designed to excel for when they leave the tarmac behind and head out on the dirt track. The Schuberth team created the E1 using Schuberth's very own aeroacoustics lab, which helped to create a helmet optimised for both aerodynamic and aeroacoustic performance. Using Schuberth's Anti-Roll-Off System to keep the helmet in place, removable and washable inner linings, Schuberth have created a helmet perfect for all adventures. The biggest feature is the fully articulating peak visor, which can be adjusted to three different positions independently from the visor and chin bar. The E1 can be worn with both the visor and peak in place, or riders can choose to simply remove either piece to suit the needs of the ride. The E1 also features a closable air vent in the chin bar to make sure that the rider gets the air they need as the ride progresses and enhances, while a removable and washable filter helps to clean the air in dirty and dusty conditions. The E1 includes a built-in antenna for Schuberth's SRC-System PRO (sold separately). Taking advantage of the latest in Cardo communication technology, the Bluetooth SRC-System serves as an intercom with other riders and can connect to a GPS unit, MP3 player or mobile phone for navigation, music playback or phone calls.

All helmets are supplied with a clear visor as standard

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