Arai Quantic - Snake White

Aerodynamic, lightweight ECE 22.06 race helmet with VAS Pinlock Max Vision visor and ERS cheek pads

RRP £599.99
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Verified Customer Reviews for Arai Quantic

57 reviews
Good all-rounder
21 February 2024 by Felix T
Nice comfortable fit, feels snug on my head without applying too much pressure. I'd describe my head shape as round.
The venting is quite good, the visor resisted steaming up for a long time on a wet and humid ride.
controls are usable whilst wearing gloves, but the visor latch has a bit of a knack to it.
Lining is easy to take out, I was able to fit a cardo com pretty easily.
Great helmet
18 February 2024 by Lawrence C
Great helmet, fits me really well, quiet, very comfortable as all arai helmets are.
Great Purchase
12 January 2024 by Matt W
Purchased in December 23 whilst there was £100 off rrp, I commute daily all year round approx 15k a year so only ever buy Arai as the fit is perfect. Nice comfortable helmet, not overly noisy (I wear ear plugs also) good ventilation and the pinlock insert I think is best out there no misting at all.
Arai Quantic
20 December 2023 by Jules
My HJC-RPHA11 was in need of replacement.
After lots of internet research I decided on an Arai.
Sportsbikeshop try in store before you buy was great. Ordered a couple of different styles and colour ways.
With some sound in store advice I purchased an Arai Quantic.
Comfortable from the outset. Lots of air vents , easy to use and a lot quieter than the HJC. Excellent quality product, well worth splashing out on.
Excellent customer service as normal
13 December 2023 by Michael G
Great Arai as usual
It's great…
05 December 2023 by Gavin B
First time I've ever owned an Arai and yes it's all true what they say, feels like a very high quality helmet with plush interior and vents galore. I needed a really good winter helmet with pin lock and this performs perfect.
It looks the bizz also.
Delivery was prompt and the price was very competitive.
Bravo chaps!
The lids lifted!
16 October 2023 by S F
The best comfort, fit, quality and design features come at a price.
Quality helmet
09 October 2023 by John S
Perfect fit for me, really like the paintjob on the one I chose. I think the pinlock on the visor is silly - it's easily broken, and why does one need to lock a visor down anyway? My last Arai didn't have a locking system. The quality is great, as expected from Arai.
Worth the money!
30 September 2023 by Douglas S
Absolutely top quality helmet, so comfortable from the first use! Build quality is one of the best you can get in my opinion. Venting is amazing which is one of the reasons I choose Arai. Along with the proven safety and reputation. It also feels a little lighter than other Arai models which is a positive for a sports touring model. Also if you're worrying about purchasing precious items like helmets on line, then believe me Sportsbikeshop packaging is the best out there! No worries!
Thank you Arai
29 September 2023 by Anonymous
The Quantic has all the Arai trademarks:
Latest safety standards, well designed for wind penetration and above all extremely comfortable and well thought ventilation.
21 August 2023 by Nicholas
My RX7 was 12 years old, had served me well but was due for replacement. I was reluctant to splash out on a new RX7 so tried a Quantic as a cheaper alternative. It's the most comfortable helmet I've ever worn. Reasonable price and fast despatch as usual.
Style: Face Grey
Worth the money
13 August 2023 by Stewart C
I originally went to buy a Shoei, I'd wanted one for so long. Unfortunately my head shape didn't suit and after the salesman had explained how a helmet should fit he suggested the Arai. I wasn't sure at first but after a few minutes wearing it in the shop I decided to give it a go. I wasn't disappointed. I watched loads of you tube reviews and everyone was saying the same .. you can't get a safer helmet. Having had multiple Shark helmets in the past this was a big jump up in quality .. and price.. but I can tell you now it's worth every penny . The fit, the cooling and the weight are fantastic .. if you have the money and need a helmet look no further !!!!!!!
Arai Quantic
30 July 2023 by JW
My first Arai and the quality and comfort shine through. Ventilation is superb and good stability at speed. Ive always been a Large but the Arai was too tight across the forehead. Quickly swapped for a bigger size by Sportsbikeshop.
Great Lid
20 June 2023 by Anonymous
Great helmet. V comfortable.
Super service again.
Style: Snake Red
I tried every brand available!
14 June 2023 by Nick W
Being new to biking and having read as many reviews as possible on choosing the right helmet I took my time and tried every helmet on at SBS Harlow, with the help of Keith who was brilliant.
A clear winner for me was the Arai! Easily the most comfortable for my specific head shape. Used it now for 2 weeks and it's great!
Style: Face Red
Nice Upgrade
09 June 2023 by Robin P
My 2nd Arai helmet having previously owned a Chaser-X. A very comfy fit and the lining quality is certainly plusher than my old Chaser-X. The head opening is also larger so it's easier to get on. Wind noise is about the same but I wear ear plugs anyway so all good. Same VAS visor as the Chaser so I can use my old visors as well without having to buy others. Ventilation is improved and now also with a breath guard. Very happy.
Great quality, Looks stunning!
28 May 2023 by Lee H
The arai quantic has fantastic looks the paint finish is faultless. Fantastic fitment of the internal pads around the cheeks and jaw area. I find to be very light aswell. Overall by far the best helmet I've ever had. Great product would definitely recommend!
A very good helmet but not without a few flaws
23 May 2023 by Chris
I've only had the helmet a couple of weeks so it's hard to write a comprehensive review. This is what I think so far, though.

It looks good, much better than in the pictures. The diamond black finish has a subtle pearlesence to it which doesn't show in any of the photos and it's a very good looking helmet as a result.

The fit is perfect, it just seems to suit my shape of head to a tee and it's snug without feeling tight and there are no pressure points and while it sits firm around my face it doesn't make my jaw or cheeks ache like my previous helmet did.

Ventilation is very good and all the vents are easy to find and operate with a gloved hand.

Visibility is great and I have no issues with any part of the helmet encroaching on my field of vision or peripheral vision.

The visor mechanism is a bit fiddly to find and use, popping the visor open isn't the easiest thing in the world to do with a gloved hand and come winter when gloves get thicker and less dextrous I can see it being a bit of a pain to find the latch, pop the visor a crack and then open fully.

When closing the visor, even though it latches in place at the fully closed position, I find it needs an extra firm downward push to fully seat properly.

The chin curtain, in my opinion, is a bit too short and should extend further into the opening. I've noticed that small flies seem to get sucked into the helmet every now and then as the aperture behind the chin curtain creates a low pressure zone. Never experienced anything like this on my other helmets and a longer chin curtain would almost certainly prevent this from happening.

Overall I find it to be a quiet helmet, without earplugs I can still hear my engine at about 60 mph, which is more than can be said for my previous lid, which was more like putting your head in a jet engine on full thrust with afterburners engaged! However, if I turn my head even slightly to the right the helmet emits a high pitched whistle at anything above 35mph. This is quite annoying but most of the time I ride with earplugs which stops me from hearing it so it isn't a deal breaking issue.

On this occasion Sportsbikeshop let themselves down a bit. I have no issue with the helmet itself but when it arrived it was covered in mucky fingerprints and one of the emergency release stickers had all but peeled off and wouldn't stick back down. It had clearly been sent out to another customer and then returned, or perhaps was a display unit, but they could have checked and cleaned it to make it look presentable, surely?

Arai Quantic - Snake White

  • Peripherally belted e-complex laminate construction
  • VAS (Variable Axis System) Pinlock ready Max Vision visor
  • Comprehensive and controllable ventilation with 6 intake and 6 exhaust ports
  • 3D Arai logo duct with two central 10mm intake ports
  • 3-position (open, midway and closed) sliding air-scoop chin vent
  • Dual intake and brow vents for maximum airflow
  • One-piece rear exhaust with spoiler function, neck exhaust vent and side exhausts
  • Removable and washable brushed nylon liner material
  • Speaker pockets offering room for mounting speakers without affecting comfort
  • Facial contour system (FCS) offering a comfortable, snug fit
  • 5mm 'peel away' temple pad offers additional interior width if needed
  • Emergency release system (ERS) allows easier access to an injured rider
  • Breath guard works in conjunction with the dual-pivot chin vent to better direct fresh air
  • Exclusive 5mm shell flares, making it easier to get helmet on and off
  • Designed for easy external communication system fitment.
  • Neckroll wire pocket designed to work clearly without affecting comfort or protection
  • Double-D ring fits smooth against the chin

All helmets are supplied with a clear visor as standard
As with every Arai, the Quantic is formed around protection, first and foremost. Manufactured by hand, the outer shell maintains core strength but with a substantial weight reduction. The smooth, round shape is a key Arai signature and primarily designed to 'glance-off' and spread impact forces. Using the aerodynamic and protective abilities of Arai's full-race helmets and all the experience and know-how earned over millions of road kilometres, the new Quantic slips through the air neatly and efficiently, wrapping its wearer in a cocoon of luxury. It offers a fresh choice for riders that want the very best performance from a helmet - in terms of protection, comfort and ease of wear, day-in-day out - with zero compromise. For easy access on and off the Quantic features a 5mm flare around the base, while the VAS MAX vision visor comes with a Pinlock insert ready to use. The premium brushed nylon interior is removable and features Facial Contour System (FCS) and neck roll wire pocket. It also features Emergency Release System (ERS).

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