SIZZAPP 2-Wire GPS Max 4G Motorcycle Tracker

Compact GPS and 4G motorcycle tracker with real-time notification, ride tracking and no subscription

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.

Verified Customer Reviews for SIZZAPP 2-Wire GPS Max 4G Motorcycle Tracker

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Tracked down my stolen bike
16 December 2023 by Anonymous
I have never loved anything more than I love this little device. It accurately represented the location of my stolen motorcycle, and I was able to recover it. Even the call centre representative for my local police was surprised by the tracker and how detailed the information is.

It also told me when it was moved, and the route via a map of where it was taken. The first thing I did when I found my bike wasn't in it's original location was to check the app. Took 15 minutes from checking the location to bringing the bike back to my house.

With this in mind, along with the other amazing benefits the app has (route tracking with MPH/KMPH, battery levels, text and call notifications, no subscription), this product goes above and beyond the usual trackers on the market.
Sizzapp - a great product.
18 November 2023 by Danny C
This product is so easy to install. The services/tools it provides are very impressive. My only criticism is is not recognised by the insurance companies.
Sizzap tracker
07 August 2023 by Anonymous
I found this very good and easy enough to use. Not a lot of places to fit on my bike, so had to place it under the seat...some useful things on it too...All ok up to now after only 2 weeks. So see how it goes in the future.. would recommend it..
Does what is advertised
08 July 2023 by Anonymous
Works. You have some extra functionality. No monthly costs.
It does track of your journey, but if you do not finish on the same day that you have started you will not be capable of seeing all the journey, and does not keep a record of your previous journeys.
I recommend the product.
Great product but with limitations
29 June 2023 by Dave H
Firstly the tracker works perfectly as does the app. The support is very good via the app or email. There are two flaws that let the product down but if you're aware of them that might not be an issue.
1 Do not expect to get txt notifications automatically as Sizzapp has problems with mobile phone providers in the uk 02 and EE are not working on my iPhone 11. App notifications do work. Just don't take it for granted txt notifications will work.
2 II their server goes down your bike is unprotected as the only way to track your bike is through the app. You would not know if their server is down unless your in the app so the bike is potentially unprotected and you wouldn't know.
Saying that and with the above in mind the product works well.
I am more than happy to recommend the product as long as you're aware of the above.
It's not a biketac
13 June 2023 by Richard H
Hardly any instructions to set it up, wouldn't connect even after three rides, keeps giving false notifications of movement, help desk is slow to respond or doesn't respond at all. Pay the extra and get a biketac in my opinion
SIZZAPP 2-wire
08 June 2023 by Matthew D
Easy to fit, hides nicely on my bike, amazing on location pinpoints the exact position not just the area, alerts me right away when anyone (mainly me getting on it) moves it, and only one of payment no subscription would and have recommended
Great value tracker
02 June 2023 by Matthew H
Unsure at first however the app is great, installation couldn't have been simpler.

The added features like battery monitor is great.

Notifications can't be turned off on the app but don't pop up so ok.
Great tracker with lots of extras.
30 May 2023 by Daniel S
Quick, easy to fit GPS tracker. Easy to set up and has lots of extra features including movement and knock alerts, trip map, mileage ridden, speed and accident alerts. Well worth the money and no SIM card needed.

SIZZAPP 2-Wire GPS Max 4G Motorcycle Tracker

No Subscription
SIZZAPP is a compact, easy to install tracking device without a contract or subscription fee! Utilizing built in GPS and SIM card for 4G GSM mobile networks to relay real-time information to your smartphone when you're not around.

Easy Installation
Simply connect the device to your vehicle's battery then secure it safely. It's IP67 rated to help protect it against the elements. Then download the app, register your device and start tracking.

Powerful App
Available for both Android and iOS, the SIZZAPP application enables you to track your vehicle's location, notify you about movement to help protect from theft, monitor vehicle battery level and receive instant notifications. It also lets you know if the device is disconnected, all to offer you piece of mind for your pride and joy.

Journey Tracking
You can also actively monitor your ride, save and share details about your journey and even create groups to plan routes together with other SIZZAPP users. In addition, the group service offers real-time GPS tracking of other riders so you always know where your friends are.

PDF Manual

SIZZAPP Google Play

  • Compact and easy to install design
  • Simply connect the two power cables to your vehicle battery
  • Everything is configured and controlled via the SIZZAPP App
  • Available for both Android and iOS
  • Always know your motorcycle's location online anytime and anywhere
  • Receive notifications about your motorcycle's battery condition
  • In case of any unauthorised movement you will receive notification immediately
  • If the monitoring device is disconnected, you will receive instant notification
  • Active GPS route tracking while riding
  • Monitor your speed and distance travelled
  • Share your routes with friends in GPX or PNG format
  • Group rider tracking, help determine the location of all participants real-time
  • Create groups, add friends and plan trips together
  • Input voltage : 10-30 V DC
  • Internal battery works up to 3 hours without external power source
  • Waterproof IP67 rated
  • Operating temperature -40°C to 85°С
  • Dimensions approx: 7.5cm x 6.7cm x 2.5cm
  • Weight approx: 128g

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