SDoc100 Reproofing Spray - 300ml

Waterproofs and re-waterproofs garments

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This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.

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Great item
01 September 2023 by Lee K
Does what it needs
Sdoc100 reproofing spray
28 July 2023 by Dave D
Great product, i have been using sdoc for quite a few years, the only product that i have found that actually works, and at this bargain price you cant go wrong.
Not tested in weather
19 May 2023 by JV
4* As only tested under a shower head, haven't seen it under actual rain conditions but with that test, does what it should
SDoc100 Reproofing Spray
15 May 2023 by Teodoro S
I'd tried several other brands previously and none really seemed to work so I thought I'd give SDoc100 a try and I'm glad I did.

I've re-proofed both my textiles and my GF's (bought two more cans)

We've been out 3 times so far in the rain and I'm pleased to report that it does what it says on the tin! So far no matter what the weather has thrown at us we've both stayed dry.

Not sure how long it'll last but I'm sure using it again will do the trick and will be loads cheaper than buying new textiles!
Breathed new life in my jacket
04 May 2023 by Andrew D
It was either this for a few quid or loads more quids for a new jacket. Delighted to say this won. Not sure how long it will last but plenty more in the can for several goes. Even when I do get a new jacket I will use this as a top up.
Sdoc100 reproofing spray
22 April 2023 by Dave D
Great product
Repels water
12 April 2023 by Bruno Z
My textiles have lost their ability to repel water, I've washed them with recommended "technical wash" but am using SDoc 100 spray as an additional repellent in areas like elbow, shoulders & knees. Am waiting for some bad weather to see how they fare!!!
Beading good
11 April 2023 by John S
Yes it does work.
I followed the application instructions and applied the treatment to my jacket. Rain now forms beads and runs off, like it did when new, instead of soaking in.
Very good
05 February 2023 by Mark S
Very good and it's transformed my jacket
Keeping the water out
05 February 2023 by David T
I've sprayed on my coat, boots and gloves, it seems to work just fine.
Keep the water out
21 January 2023 by Anonymous
This product is great for reproofing textile gear, gloves etc. Makes jeans at least showerproof.
So so product
10 January 2023 by David H
Used 2 tins on textile winter suit
Hasn't really made much difference apart from an awful smell.
I will need to invest in a better suit I think
Works well
30 September 2022 by Anonymous
Has totally reproofed my textile jacket & gloves, water now beads off quickly.
Dugs balluck's
30 October 2021 by John
Used this product on a old Gore-Tex jacket and went out a walk in the rain for about 4 hours got back home and i was as try as a bone don't know how long it will last but time will tell much cheaper than a new jacket
Not amazing (ok for light rain)
16 November 2020 by Rob
I tried using this on my jacket and it still seems to let water in, despite following the instructions and applying liberal use of a hairdryer to 'activate' it once on the jacket.
It seemed to help a bit with general spray and light rain but heavier rain it didn't do a lot and I still got wet clothing underneath.
Small bottle
16 October 2020 by Lewis E
For price would expect bigger bottle dont be fooled by image and size
Does what it says
09 September 2020 by James H
great product , have used a variety of s doc products and have found each one to be high quality . used this on my textile jacket and trousers and it worked perfectly even in really heavy downpours , I would highly recommend this product .
04 September 2020 by Paul B
Amazing stuff. So far I've coated 4 jackets and 1 pair of trousers, with a bit left in the can. I'm impressed with the waterproofing. I actually hope for a wet ride now to show it off! Also did my gloves and boots as well.

SDoc100 Reproofing Spray - 300ml

  • Waterproofs and re-proofs textile garments
  • Long lasting protection against elements
  • Protects against UV bleaching
  • Suitable for most materials including climate membranes

Treat your textiles and leather to the Doc100 Reproofing Spray for long-lasting protection against rain and bleaching. Re-proof garments that have lost their water resistance or even waterproof those that never had it. Suitable for most materials including climate membranes such as Gore-tex, Sympatex etc. SDoc100 Reproofing Spray also protects against UV bleaching. Simply spray on for long lasting protection against the elements.

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

  • What is the volume of this can please? Is it 1 Litre?

    August 16, 2018

    The bottle is 300ml.