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Xena XX10 Alarmed Disc Lock - 10mm Pin

Xena XX10 Alarmed Disc Lock - 10mm Pin

Customer Product Reviews

4.5 Stars from 25 reviews

Our price $75.83 $86.67
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Xena XX10 Alarmed Disc Lock - 10mm Pin
January 21, 2020

Xena Bike Lock.

Lock itself is fantastic. Sturdy and loud, happy with product, was a little awkward to put battery in but once it's in not a problem. Ordering was quick and easy, arrived well before expected date. Very happy

Xena XX10 Alarmed Disc Lock - 10mm Pin
July 1, 2019

Excellent Alarm

Really easy to fit. Inserting battery can be a little fiddly but the instructions are clear. Alarm provides additional reassurance when parked up. When triggered the alarm is very loud.

Xena XX10 Alarmed Disc Lock - 10mm Pin
June 9, 2019


Battery is a faff to put in. It also goes off without a pre-warning like previous alarmed locks I've owned It is good though and does what I wanted it to.

Xena XX10 Alarmed Disc Lock - 10mm Pin
April 24, 2019

So far so good

to date !! The most difficult part is fitting the battery. Only had it for two weeks so I hope it matches the service I receiieved from SBS which is excellent,Purchased as a replacement for another brand after reading the rviviews and up to now its doing its job,i.e I,ve still got my bike

Xena XX10 Alarmed Disc Lock - 10mm Pin
November 1, 2018

Hmmm battery in or out!

Great lock, bought it as it had excellent reviews, however the alarm is a pain in the backside. When it goes off you know about it! In the end left the battery out (as has a mate of mine) - shame they couldn't sort that out. Would still recommend the lock though

Xena XX10 Alarmed Disc Lock - 10mm Pin
October 6, 2018

Good lock, bad alarm

Alarm keeps setting off in my tail bag when near my keys for example as it activates when it thinks it's around the disk, or senses metal... Moved to another pocket ..had my deodorant in it and that also set it off whilst I was driving. I don't want a dirty lock around my clothes so need to wrap it in a bag. Great lock, alarm could do with some tweaking to make sure it's actually on a disk lock.

Xena XX10 Alarmed Disc Lock - 10mm Pin
September 7, 2018


Very loud alarm and easy to use.

Xena XX10 Alarmed Disc Lock - 10mm Pin
August 9, 2018

Excellent lock

Bought this for my second bike, solid lock, well made and excellent deterrent.

Xena XX10 Alarmed Disc Lock - 10mm Pin
May 30, 2018

Excellent lock, poor alarm

I've had one of these for over two years now. The alarm worked perfectly to start with but after about 6 months it started going off for no reason occasionally. Around this time someone tried to steal my bike and lever off the disc lock. They couldn't get the lock off and didn't even scratch it, but broke the brake disc in the process, so props to the lock for withstanding it. Unfortunately the alarm had given up and didn't make any noise, it turns out water had gotten in. The documentation leads you to believe the alarm is waterproof, it isn't. I contacted Xena and they completely blanked me, so not impressed by their customer service at all. It's only getting 3 stars because the lock is still going strong despite a second attempted theft since. They may have sorted the alarm unit out since, but I shan't be buying a Xena product again.

Xena XX10 Alarmed Disc Lock - 10mm Pin
May 12, 2018

Great lock and alarm

Decent, chunky, heavy duty disc lock and alarm. I found the alarm to be a little too quiet, only really loud if your within 1m of it. Has just the right sensitivity and goes off if the bike is knocked or cover lifted up, only goes off by accident in high winds with a cover on. Easy to arm and disarm. Good piece of mind.

Xena XX10 Alarmed Disc Lock - 10mm Pin
April 19, 2018

Not that loud

As a noisy deterrent it does the job. 120db? I'm not convinced. Compared to my datatool alarm it is really quiet. Any thief with an angle grinder will not be bothered by the noise over that of the grinder. It will probably get used on my electric pushbike instead, now that I have an alarm and tracker on my motorbike. As far as I know, it hasn't gone off by accident because of a sensitivity issue, but it has gone off when I've lightly knocked the handlebars when working in the garage. Build quality is good and it looks the part. Shame about the 120db claim. Maybe my hearing for that particular frequency is duff?

Xena XX10 Alarmed Disc Lock - 10mm Pin
February 5, 2018

Decent lock, increased deterrence

Not a bad lock, bought it for the alarm system to increase deterrence on my bike. Feels solid enough. I registered with Xena for the warranty. Obviously need to combine different security and not just use a disc lock.

Xena XX10 Alarmed Disc Lock - 10mm Pin
January 4, 2018

Great SOLID Lock

Really steady product. Is as heavy as it looks! Haven't installed the Alarm yet, but the the lock itself suffices.

Xena XX10 Alarmed Disc Lock - 10mm Pin
August 15, 2017

Perfect for my MT10

Compact, heavy, and good quality lock. Nice and portable and good alarm system. I would recommend this product. As usual great service from Sportsbikeshop.

Xena XX10 Alarmed Disc Lock - 10mm Pin
September 21, 2016

Well made

Rustproof and chunky. Easy to set, works well and gives peace of mind.

Xena XX10 Alarmed Disc Lock - 10mm Pin
June 24, 2016

Well built and loud

I keep my bike at the front of the house so need quality security to ward off any unwanted attention. I cover the bike, fit the Xena on my front disc and have the bike chained to a ground anchor. The Xena is reassuringly heavy for it's size, the alarm will give your ear drums a beating if you are within 5 metres of it when it goes off; meaning you have to be quick fitting and removing it. I set the alarm off by accident once while removing the cover, so it IS sensitive, but if you think about which section of the disc you fasten it to, you won't get any false alarms. (dangling it at the bottom of the disc will allow it to swing, increasing the chances of the wind setting it off. I attach it near the caliper to allow it to 'sit' instead) It's important with things like this, that you keep an eye on the battery - once these batteries get low charged your Xena MAY begin to alarm when not armed, unlocked, not fitted etc. I reckon the battery will probably need a review after 6 months to keep the unit working as it should. Fits the front disc of my 2005 Honda CBR600 F4i with no issues. Overall, the Xena XX10 has worked flawlessly so far, looks great and makes me feel a lot better about leaving my bike in the open. It was my first purchase from Sportsbikeshop; service was fast and efficient.

Xena XX10 Alarmed Disc Lock - 10mm Pin
May 13, 2016

Chunky heavy lock

Can't give 5* yet as no-one has tried to take my bike but it is a chunky bit of metal that would hopefully make thieves think twice. The alarm has gone off in my garage once and it was ear-piercing. One negative, would love a little bag to carry it under the seat, just to stop it clattering about, I've had to wrap it in bubblewrap. Also would like it with a reminder cable or for it to be bright, likelihood of me forgetting about it after a night shift quite high.

Xena XX10 Alarmed Disc Lock - 10mm Pin
April 29, 2016

Sound security

The alarm arrived swiftly and although it was missing the battery a quick call to Sportsbikeshop and the helpful folk there sent me one that arrived the next day. Actually fitting the alarm to my Honda NT700 is a fiddle and it has taken a bit of practice to get it right. The alarm seems more sensitive in some positions on the wheel and that is good once you have worked it out as you can tailor the effectiveness to your own parking situation. Now I know how to fit it and where it works faultlessly.

Xena XX10 Alarmed Disc Lock - 10mm Pin
December 6, 2015

Sensitive and very loud

Looks and behaves as exactly as described on the web site.

Xena XX10 Alarmed Disc Lock - 10mm Pin
November 26, 2015

Does what it says on the tin

Looks to be the "dogs do-dah's" and does what it says on the tin. Do get yourself a reminder lanyard at the same time to avoid embarrassment and costly damage to your bike if you happen to ride off, with it still attached. The alarm, in a confined space produces a very uncomfortable sensation to the ears, so I can only imagine that two of them going off together, would be exceptionally uncomfortable to thieving scum. I can even hear it whilst in the house if it goes off. It is quite sensitive, which is a good thing... (unless it happens to be you fumbling about in the shed). You only have to gently bump or even touch any part of the bike ( the alarm gets installed on the front disc) and the device gives a couple warning beeps, closely followed by the alarm. It is almost as good as a proximity alarm. A good deterrent to "opportunists". Add to the combo a proper chain used correctly and a bike cover... you should be sorted. If you wanted to go the whole hog, fit a tracker, an alarm / immobiliser and DataTag ID.

PLEASE NOTE: The views and opinions expressed in the above reviews are solely those of the author and are not necessarily representative of the views of SPORTSBIKESHOP LTD.