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Knox Zero 2 Outdry Glove - Black

Knox Zero 2 Outdry Glove - Black

Customer Product Reviews

4 Stars from 11 reviews

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Knox Zero 2 Outdry Glove - Black
October 8, 2018

Good so far

Really comfy gloves. Have kept my hands warm recently when it's been 1°C on my 4am motorway commute. Couple of minus points, hence the 4 stars. First the thumbs have got slightly too much material on them. Not enough to hinder use of the controls, but enough to be slightly irritating. Second, I would have liked them to be a little bit more snug, they fit fine and the next size down is too small, just would have liked them to be ever so slightly tighter. Last point is the cuffs. The zip doesn't close them very tight around the wrist which makes it difficult to get them under the sleeves of your jacket. Luckily I wear my gloves over my jacket sleeves, but something to be aware of. Just got to see how waterproof they are now. Overall though, I'd recommend them based on my experience this far.

Knox Zero 2 Outdry Glove - Black
February 7, 2018

Good quality

Worn these gloves a couple of days ago for the first time, little stiff but sure they'll break in quick enough. Haven't tried them in the rain so can't comment on the waterproofing but the thermal line was soft and comfortable. Temperature during the ride was around 2-3 degrees, hands were cold after a little while but they did the job well. Ordered the wrong size and SBS were great in exchanging them for the correct size.

Knox Zero 2 Outdry Glove - Black
December 13, 2017

Great glove

Really good winter glove. The glove is warm enough that the tops of my hands stay warm, but thin enough that I get the benefit of my heated grips. The sizes do seem to come up slightly large though, compared to my Knox Handroids.

Knox Zero 2 Outdry Glove - Black
May 17, 2017

Oddly sized

Love the protection, but returned mine due to weird sizing. The fit was fine on fingers and palm, but the knuckle protector dug in a little and the thumb was a good 2cm too long (annoying for the indicator).

Knox Zero 2 Outdry Glove - Black
December 16, 2016

Impressive glove

A difficult glove to get on with at 1st as they take a while to wear in. When they're worn in they're very comfy. Loads of protection on them and warm down to about 5 degrees any colder and the heated gloves come out. I have dipped my hands in a bowl of water and they're waterproof! Amazing

Knox Zero 2 Outdry Glove - Black
December 9, 2016

Comfy so far, if a little oddly sized

Bought these looking for a decent waterproof, warm glove. Initially I nearly popped them straight back in the packaging to send them back. The fit was tight, they were nearly unworkable trying to use the controls on the bike. Perseverance and a few forced rides later, they have improved. They are fairly comfortable feeling inside, nice and warm. The fingers are a tiny bit too long (I wont fit into a smaller glove though), but the thumb is definitely the worst point. It is way too long and the end of my thumb is a good cm and a half away from the end, doesn't seem to bend much either due to the visor wipe. They are well put together however and hopefully I can get more used to them.

Knox Zero 2 Outdry Glove - Black
December 6, 2016

Geat gloves, need wearing in

I took advice from reviewers and ordered a size up - they were too big with long fingers and quite loose. They were exchanged quickly for the correct size with no quibbles and, although very (very!) tight at first they now fit well and are warm enough and, of course, waterproof which was my main reason for buying them (wet gloves and winter are a bad combination). Great gloves, well engineered and I can see they will last a good while. Very pleased with them. Only one gripe - the thumbs are slightly too long but everyone's hands are different and I'm used to that already.

Knox Zero 2 Outdry Glove - Black
August 16, 2016

They seems OK so far

It's not Winter, so I can't really test them. They look good, and are the only Winter gloves I found with a good protection. However, the fingers are way too long and there's quite some space between my fingers and the end of the glove. I'll try them this Winter, hopefully my hands will not be frozen in 10 minutes.

Knox Zero 2 Outdry Glove - Black
December 29, 2014

Decent, but not without faults

First of all I must warn you that you should order the next size up for what their charts recommend. I tried on a Knox Handroid size M perfectly, so I ordered the same size for this one, but after trying it on it was clear that I needed the next size up. Also, you know it's the incorrect size if the slider protector pads on your wrist rest on the bars and not 'just' off them where they should (causing pain if the are on the bars). After 3 months use here are my findings. Good; - well built. 100% score for quality build and protection - definitely waterproof in all conditions (used in rain for 5hrs straight) - thermal is comfortable and warm Bad; - they can be 'too' thick. took many months to wear them in so i can actually use my controls normally, and it was many weeks of pain from how thick they were to bend with my fingers - they are warm, but not 0'C warm. i still need to use my heated grips at high temps - the visor wipe should be on the thumb and not index finger - my thumb has about 2cm of space left in the tip, whereas all my fingers are near perfect. Knox really need to do some proper research into hand measurements of the average Joe, it's not easy using your thumb for anything! try beeping the horn in the heat of the moment when you can't even feel your way around the controls! if you were to buy this you will need to wear it in, and it will take time (hence one of the users'shocking' reviews). If there was another glove with the same amount of protection that is warm and waterproof, I probably would have take it 'if' it was more comfortable to break in.

Knox Zero 2 Outdry Glove - Black
October 21, 2014


Well made, not very warm and no feed back using controls. You will find mine on ebay. Money well and truly wasted.

Knox Zero 2 Outdry Glove - Black
October 16, 2014

Good autumn gloves

Excellent well made glove. However these are not a winter glove, they just aren't warm enough.

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