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Slime For Tubeless Tyres
May 4, 2020

Tyre saver

It fixed a pin hole in a nearly new tyre and it will protect against other future punctures. Easy to install and against the cost of a replacement tyre well worth the money.

Slime For Tubeless Tyres
April 29, 2020

Tubeless tyre slime.

I had a slow puncture but due to COVID 19 I was unable to get it repaired so I thought I'd give it a go. It worked great! Tyre now holds pressure fine.

Slime For Tubeless Tyres
January 5, 2020

I feel protected

I now feel protected when riding out in my own knowing that I have at least a basic level of protection against a tyre deflation whilst out riding. Have seen other riders with two punctures whilst out riding in the past 3 months, I felt I needed to take some precautions.

Slime For Tubeless Tyres
September 24, 2019

Easy install

If it does what it says on the tin it will be a great buy. Time will tell.

Slime For Tubeless Tyres
August 25, 2019

Peace of Mind.

Ive been using this product for most of the year now in different bikes and its presented no problems. Its very easy to install. Fortunately I've not had any punctures so I cant comment on its effectiveness, but what it had done is to allow me to cover many thousands of miles, touring Scotland and Europe, with relative peace of mind.

Slime For Tubeless Tyres
May 14, 2019

Slime saves the day

Well I got a puncture on my ktm 390's rear tyre, only 2000 miles in, so was either looking at replacing and fitting costs, somewhere in the region of £150 or maybe trying this product and getting some more mileage out of that tyre. So £8 for the slime and £3 postage (I have to say that if sportsbikeshohp has it stock, my god they are quick, very impressive. I hope there is some industry award for delivery's because you guys deserve it) it arrives and I follow the instructions (on the label for any one dim enough not to see it) and see that the product is good for 2000 miles...touch, that's more wear on that near new tyre. Any way it's been in for over 2 weeks now and has never lost more than 2 psi even after very hard riding, that is the one thing I would say, please continue to check psi and tyre condition as many times as you can just for peace of mind. Great product, great price, great stockists, good job all round!!!!!

Slime For Tubeless Tyres
September 15, 2018

Easy to use

Easy to use. Not had a puncture yet, only just put in as was going on my first trip. But was easy to put in, no problems with it.

Slime For Tubeless Tyres
March 12, 2018

Easy to use, does what it says

Excellent product. Having recently fitted Road Pilot 4s to my Bike I was losing pressure at the front. Slime was easy to insert and my tyres not only maintain pressure but are now protected from punctures. No drop in pressure over the past week at all.

Slime For Tubeless Tyres
October 6, 2017

Great for tyres that leak air at the rim

Kept coming back to the bike with a flat rear tire. Checked it all over and no sign of nails or puncture. Read online that certain wheels over time lose their seal causing a tyre to go flat after a few hours. Heard Slime would sort it.. tried it and problem solved... Back of the net!!!!

Slime For Tubeless Tyres
September 25, 2017

Works perfect

Very simple application and works perfectly.

Slime For Tubeless Tyres
September 24, 2017

Good but a few things to note

Used this before and had no problems. If you change your own tyres be aware it makes the removal process very messy. It can also spit out a bit when checking tyre pressures. Tyres need to be checked regularly for nails etc as you may not know the tyre has a puncture and Slime is not a permanent repair.

Slime For Tubeless Tyres
September 13, 2017

Have used this before

Had no problems with Slime in the past. Haven't put this batch in tyres yet as changing bike.

Slime For Tubeless Tyres
September 8, 2017

Does the job

Great product, does the job, highly recommend it.

Slime For Tubeless Tyres
August 14, 2017

Who ya gonna call

It's just like the gooey stuff in Ghostbusters! Slime is great and saves so much hassle! It's much quicker to install than the time you'd spend on the roadside fixing a puncture or waiting for help and a bit of planning makes it even easier. Make sure you put the tyre valve in a position where you can reach it without bending the plastic tube they supply and you'll save loads of frustration! It's cheap too! Recommended!

Slime For Tubeless Tyres
July 18, 2017

Useful slime

Just the job, easy to use. Delivered on time. Great value for money, especially when you think how much you have saved on a new tyre!!!. Would highly recommend.

Slime For Tubeless Tyres
August 3, 2016

Slime to the rescue

I recently bought this product because I was having trouble with my front tyre on my Bonneville losing pressure slowly. Alloy wheels. Thought of this, installed it (easy to do) and lo and behold problem gone away. Great. I also have the extra reassurance that I won't get an explosive decompression of my front tyre any time soon, even better.

Slime For Tubeless Tyres
March 9, 2016

Magic stuff

What brilliant stuff. I had a nail in tyre of my scooter, you would normally have to take exhaust and all the brackets off to get the wheel off. Just remove nail and valve squeeze in 237ml of slime put valve back in and spin wheel then inflate, it's that easy. Also it will repair any future punctures.

Slime For Tubeless Tyres
August 30, 2015

Emergency use

Can't really rate this as I've never used it. Other reviews are a bit mixed but I bought as an emergency measure so hopefully it'll do what it says! Excellent service from Sportsbikeshop.

Slime For Tubeless Tyres
April 13, 2015

Works well but

It's very simple to use. Was able to fix puncture in less than 5 minutes. Holds the pressure too but I have very strange feeling of something being wrong when riding. Most likely due to wheel being out of balance. It is a must have item going for longer rides and touring. Highly recommended.

Slime For Tubeless Tyres
February 2, 2015

Peace of mind

Just in case! Following a previous tyre puncture, I do not want the same thing happening again.

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