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Shoei GT Air - Fable

Shoei GT Air - Fable

Customer Product Reviews

5 Stars from 17 reviews

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Shoei GT Air - Dauntless TC-6
August 2, 2017


This is my first expensive helmet. The difference in quality over the cheaper helmets is immense. It is quite light and is comfortable to wear. (Longest ride to date is almost two hours). The air vents work. Very happy.

Shoei GT Air - Swayer TC5
July 31, 2017


Comfortable, very quiet and top quality.

Shoei GT Air - Matt Deep Grey
July 24, 2017

Perfect fit

I haven't had a Shoei for quite a few years as I wear glasses and moved over to Caberg for the flip down visor for use in the sun. Recently I've been getting a sore forehead from it and decided I wanted to move back to Shoei as I've never previously had an issue with them and since the GT Air has the flip down visor is now a great addition to their line up. I range between a Medium and Large depending on the lid, but I used Sportsbikeshops measurement guide and plumped for a Large and when it arrived it was a bang on fit. Nice and snug but not too tight. I'd forgotten how nice Shoei's are inside. The lining is nice and plush and really comfortable and has cut outs for glasses to fit easily in the helmet. The flip down visor is great and with the additional Pinlock covers all weather conditions. I took it out for an initial test and the first thing I noticed was how good the ventilation is. The chin curtain stops air being sent up your face, but the air inlet at the chin-guard is brilliant at sending a decent stream of air straight up the visor and stopping it (and my glasses) misting up. The air flow over the top of the head is also good and keeps the old bonce nice and cool. Over a couple of hours I didn't notice any discomfort and the helmet is really comfortable. Its a temptation to go for a cheaper helmet, but when I feel how nice the lining and quality of the helmet is I always think it's worth paying the extra for these higher end makes if you can afford it. Really pleased with this helmet and the service from Sportsbikeshop is always first class. Was delivered really quickly and their replacement service if it doesn't fit well (although not needed for me) is a great option.

Shoei GT Air - Royalty TC1
July 23, 2017


Great helmet. Changed from an Arai and I'm happily surprised. The fit is comfortable, the visor is easy to take off and on, the wind noise is comparable and its looks great. The real benefit though is the dark internal visor which makes a real difference. On the flip side there was a little 'wind squeak noise' initially which went with a little resetting the visor. Would recommend.

Shoei GT Air - Expanse TC-1
July 8, 2017

Top quality helmet

This is my first Shoei helmet and I'm extremely impressed with it. I've been an avid AGV fan for years and still rate them as top quality helmets, but after trying on the Shoes GT Air I found it extremely light and comfortable to wear especially with my glasses, and very quiet when riding. The Pinlock visor and the drop down internal sun visor both work extremely well too. All in all an excellent helmet and one I would highly recommend.

Shoei GT Air - Matt Deep Grey
July 3, 2017

Fitted up

Ordered a Shoei GT .. was too small spoke to Leigh (I think) no probs says he after I explained me having a head like a Klingon. Managed to get me an XXL lid in gray (same colour as me bike)happy days. Helmet arrived next day, hell of a good lid. Fitted my Autocom gubbins into the lid NO probs . On road test it's one of the lightest lids I have had in its category and whilst not totally quiet I can ride without earplugs if I so wish. The lid is comfy and the visor system is a dream to use and change. The sun visor is excellent too All in all a good purchase. Thank you for your service.

Shoei GT Air - Gloss Light Silver
June 23, 2017

New to Shoei, not disappointed

Having had several Arai helmets in the past, this time I wanted something quieter. The standard features included on the Shoei GT-Air were the icing on the cake! First impressions were that the fit was slightly larger than Arai, but after much comparison and pulling and pushing I've concluded the helmet liner itself simply feels different. No better no worse. Importantly - comfortable enough to completely forget when your riding. So having just competed a 2000 mile trip, I'm really impressed - visor down the airflow over the helmet is smoother, so wind noise is down, less booming. Visor partially up (I'm liking the click-stop ratchet system keeping it secure even when overtaking etc) and again wind noise is down, with clean lines at the side of the helmet (i.e. no covers). That said, I did notice that having the visor up (more than 25%)did reduce flow to the top/centre air vent. So in warmer climates there's a trade-off with ventilation. The sun visor was perfect - easy to operate, optically perfect, and left me with an uninterrupted view of my dash, looking underneath the shaped lower edge - making reading any LCD displays easy. The chin guard and breath guard were just there - no issues, just contributing to my comfort in the background. This is only week 2 with this helmet, but I've worn it for several long days on the bike already and just forget about it. It definitely feels lighter on my head than my Arai. Lastly, I've fitted comms so have had the liner and cheek pads partially out - this was easy with click-in fittings, making for a secure refit. In conclusion, a quality product, and having ridden with it now - no doubts I made the right choice.

Shoei GT Air - Expanse TC-1
June 21, 2017

Top quality helmet

The Shoei GT Air Helmet is an excellent helmet. I also have an HJC FG-ST helmet which I bought to do my CBT and pass my Mod 2 this year. That was a decent helmet but you can see where the extra money is spent. Better quality materials. Better fit and finish (same medium size bought). A more effective ventilation system. A quality Pinlock and visor with integrated sun visor. It looks great. Feels very comfy on and cuts out more wind noise even before wearing ear plugs. And it looks great. I was dubious about spending £500 on a helmet but now I know where that money goes!

Shoei GT Air - Swayer TC3
June 5, 2017

Superb helmet

I have had this helmet for over a week and have covered around 1100 miles with it and I cannot fault it. While shopping around, I'd narrowed my choice to either this or the Schuberth S2. Having ordered the S2 from SPORTSBIKESHOP, and trying it on I confirmed it was the wrong fit, but more than that I was disappointed in the quality and finish of a so called superior German product the Shoei, in my opinion outshines the Schuberth in terms of quality, finish and fit. I ride a Triumph Street Triple and according to Shoei the GT-Air performs best when on a naked bike and the flow of air is uninterrupted by fairings and screens etc. and this clearly shows. The helmet is far quieter than my Raid 2 and perfectly stable at speed, it is not buffeted about or pushed backwards against your head, again like my Raid 2. The helmet is, as described very quiet and the chin curtain and extra neck cushions do a great job of sealing around the neck area. The visor area seems to be significantly larger than other helmets I've had thus the visibility is fantastic and the function and definitive 'click' of the visor closing again echos the feeling of quality. In the Shoei catalogue they specify matte finishes are not covered under warranty and may be stained with flies etc. However, after 1100 miles I had gathered my fair share of insects and wildlife, these wiped off with ease using AutoGlym Fast Glass and a micro fibre cloth, leaving the helmet as new! On the whole this is a fantastic helmet, a little pricey, but it is absolutely worth the money if you intend to do longer journeys, having removed mine after 400-500 miles days I had no pain, or discomfort as I had with previous helmets. SPORTSBIKESHOP are also excellent to deal with, products are competitively priced and are delivered and returned quickly and with no hassle!

Shoei GT Air - Dauntless TC-8
May 31, 2017

Good helmet

Helmet nice, well finished but noisy.

Shoei GT Air - Royalty TC1
May 23, 2017

Great quality helmet

This was a replacement for an 8 year old Arai which has served me very well. The Shoei seems very well made and is a great fit. Slightly more wind noise than the Arai but much less engine noise due to the tight fitting skirts around the bottom. The flip down tinted inner visor is very good just the right tint to reduce glare but not too dark to need to flip up through trees etc. Also SBS swapped it for a larger size very quickly. Would recommend.

Shoei GT Air - Swayer TC3
May 18, 2017


The GT Air is the most comfortable Helmet and the built in sun visor works brilliantly..5 stars.

Shoei GT Air - Matt Black
April 27, 2017


Coming from an Arai Quantum ST I'm blown away by the difference in quality. The visor mechanism has a good positive thunk to it where the Arai felt mushy. The vents are so big and easy to mash with your glove compared to the Arais teeny switches, but most of all I was shocked at how much quieter it was. How much of this is just down to it being a more snug fit I cant tell you but thumbs up from me. Also went for the built in Sena intercom for it, nice not having a massive lump hanging off the side to snag on my backpack. Really cant think of a reason to give it less than five stars.

Shoei GT Air - Expanse TC-4
April 26, 2017

Perfect delivery for a good price

Very good price (20% off), good payments. Fast delivery to the Netherlands with track & trace. The helmet was well packed in a double box so no damages! Perfect buying!

Shoei GT Air - Gloss White
April 24, 2017

Simply an excellent helmet

I didn't think I had a Shoei head until I tried the GT-Air. It fits like a glove and the design features are well thought out too; the sun visor is a major safety boost in changing light levels. Ventilation is adequate and the padding strips out easily to fit comms gear and the peripheral vision is very good too - much better than my old Arai. Very worthy of consideration.

Shoei GT Air - Royalty TC1
April 24, 2017

The best lid I've owned

Super super quiet, super super comfortable, the quietest crash hat I've owned and I've tried them all.

Shoei GT Air - Matt Deep Grey
April 21, 2017

Shoei, nothing but the best

As always, when the time comes to get a new helmet, it has to be Shoei for the perfect fit to my head. Fantastic premium quality helmet, with all the safety features you want to see in a helmet. As for styling and ventilation this is the helmet to have. Added bonus of a built in sun visor too. Comes with a Pinlock insert which is a must. Once I found the helmet for me, I wouldn't go anywhere else but Sportsbikeshop. Comes well packaged and any problems are sorted promptly. Cheers

Shoei GT Air - Expanse TC-1
April 18, 2017

Best all round

Excellent helmet. Fits perfectly, sun visor for when the sun decides to come out mid riding. Stylish, and great on the detail. Warn it for 3+ hours of riding and still could of kept on going. Didn't even notice the light trail of glitter following the red and white lines until a few days later.

Shoei GT Air - Matt Deep Grey
March 29, 2017

Great helmet

I have worn Shoei helmets for as long as I can remember. For me the fit has always been just about perfect. The inclusion of the drop down sun visor just elevates a really good helmet to the level of a great one. On the bike comfort us very good and noise levels quite low in my opinion. I have no hesitation in recommending this to anyone.

Shoei GT Air - Matt Deep Grey
March 20, 2017

Great helmet, even better service

For all people who want a double D Shoei GT Air - just order from this site. It came within week and was professionally secured against handling damage. 10/10 would buy again.

PLEASE NOTE: The views and opinions expressed in the above reviews are solely those of the author and are not necessarily representative of the views of SPORTSBIKESHOP LTD.