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Nexx X.WED 2 Plain - Matt Desert

Nexx X.WED 2 Plain - Matt Desert

Customer Product Reviews

5 Stars from 2 reviews

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Nexx X.WED 2 Hill End - Matt Black / Grey
August 27, 2020

Xwed 2.. stupid name - but still ride recommended

This is our 2nd Nexx ADV helmet and was purchased to replace our previous XD1- which where over 4 yrs old. We both ride KTM's (myself and my partner- Andrea) and cover everything from 600+ mile roadtrips to gentle forest trails through to proper off road weekends.. First things first, I had to go up a size for this new lid over the XD1, while my partner kept the same size??? I must of gotten a fat head during lock down. The XWed 2, has different padding and slightly different clips securing the padding to the shell..and it's definitely a better and more comfortable fit - the new design helmet is still very light feeling.. The visor fits the shell better and there's still a good field of vision..and along with far better venting to the shell, this although top mid vent is hard to use while wearing the helmet, and the chin vent opens outwards rather than inwards as it was in older version, still flows plenty of air inside the lid..which keeps you cool on long road trips or on technical off road sections... Again the XWed 2 comes with a host of accessories as standard.. Down down sun visor, Pinlock insert, Action camera mounts,Spare side pod & peak fixings a even a peak extension.. And then different side pods enabling you to remove peak for a street bike look or to fit goggles instead of a visor.. Other manufacturers could learn a thing here, if only in the true dual purpose design of this helmet,let along the accessories it comes with.. Helmet is definitely quieter than the original XD1, but I think due to shape/ style of these kids your never going to get a super quiet helmet.. Both myself and my partner both use these helmets and in our opinion, you can easily spend twice the money on a new helmet..but you'll not get twice the helmet...

Nexx X.WED 2 - Wild Country Sierra / Matt Grey
August 17, 2020

Found my Perfect lid.

I've always ordered XL...Lid arrived promptly but was unfortunately too big. Decided to take it back personally to Reading store (who were brilliant!) they sized me correctly into a medium lid! Super comfy; just worn it for 800 miles over the weekend and really is everything I want in a lid. So many extras and really does look great. Vents work really well and the liner is very good quality. Hurts my ears getting it on and off but once it's on it's super comfy. Maybe not a quiet as I anticipated from others reviews but I wear earplugs anyway. Highly recommend this helmet.

Nexx X.WED 2 Hill End - Matt Black / Grey
August 10, 2020

Vakue for money

Very comfortable quality product. Very limited wind noise. Excellent value for money.

Nexx X.WED 2 - Wild Country Matt Black / Neon Yellow
August 10, 2020

Quality helmet, but not for long oval head shape

Unboxing the helmet revealed a good quality and awesome looking product with good add-ons (pinlock, camera mounts etc.). The helmet feel a bit heavy when you lift it, but when you wear it the weight desappeares. I found two small minuses, one is the sun visor that could come further down. The other is the chin strap that is a little too far back for me and I have to be carefull when tightening it to avoid the feeling that I'm choking. Dealbreaker for me was the internal shape of the helmet. My head is a long oval size L (60cm) and otherwise the fitment felt ok, but I had a huge hot spot on my forehead. So, as so many of the helmets these days, this is not for the riders with long oval heads.

Nexx X.WED 2 Plain - White
August 8, 2020

Lots of bits !

I bought this helmet after reading the reviews and it hasn't disappointed. It's a nice fit, it is also feels very light compared to my previous helmet although I haven't been on a long run yet. When you open the box it comes with loads of bits and doodads. You can fit a camera, it has spare padding, it also comes with a pinlock insert. My first impression is that the helmet is good quality for a reasonable price. Only time will tell.

Nexx X.WED 2 Plain - White
July 31, 2020

Superb multi function helmet!

I bought this after a lot of 'umming and arring' between similar Arai, AGV, Shoei helmets, what clinched it was the 'Ride' mag' recommended review. Also, superb value even before Sportsbikesshops discount! Helmet was immediately comfy (L) given other size Large helmets tend to give me pressure points on the temples (weird head shape?). Excellent quality, not too heavy, superb wide field of vision through main visor and drop down sun visor is a great addition at this price. Good ventilation and easy to operate. Comes with variety of accessories and blanking plates etc if you want to remove peak or change chin vent to off road type. Great versatility. Comes with pinlock visor too!. My only slight 'niggle' is the plastic latch for the peak feels a bit weak and not sure how long it'd last if you kept removing or changing peak, but, small niggle because if left alone, not a problem. Wind noise at high speed not too bad and peak doesn't appear to want to break your neck if caught by the wind. All round very impressive, great package, versatility, comfort and price! Very pleased so far.....

Nexx X.WED 2 Plain - Matt Titanium
July 28, 2020

Comfortably on top!

I picked up my Nexx X Wed2 Titanium to match my Tiger XRT. I'd always fancied an adventure helmet and didn't trust those cheaper models. When this arrived I was a bit taken aback by all the bits and pieces that came with. I choese this because, as a glasses wearer, the pinlock is important to me. I was real pleased to find the pinlock insert included in the box. Thanks Nexx ! The first thing I did was disassemble the helmet to fit my Cardo. This was relativity easy thanks to the quick release sytem. There were recesses for the speakers and in less than 30 minutes I had the system installed. IN taking off the visor i managed to disconnect the centre vent slider, and it took me longer to get that back in place than it did to fir the Cardo! Once on I found there was a knack to removing the visor and the peak. The plastic levers just felt a touch fragile and it didn't feel right exerting too much pressure on them,but once I had the pinlock in place and put the helmet back together I took it out for a ride.I love this helmet! Its a touch heavier thatn my old one, but it fits so snug! Its like Oh! That's what I've been missing. The Helmet fits snug against your cheeks and feels great, well balanced and solid. Riding in the traffic through London as the sun was just dipping down and flashing between buildings the peak kept the worst of the glare from dazzling me so that was cool. What was totally amazing was the peripheral vision that the helmet afforded. You never know what you were missing until you find something better. The peripheral on the Nexx is in my opinion outstanding! I have a tour of Wales coming up and can't wait to give this helmet an extended go.Really pleased with the the comfort, vision, weight of this helmet. Paid more than I planned to and don't regret one penny of it! Love this helmet.

Nexx X.WED 2 Plain - Matt Desert
July 24, 2020


Great helmet excellent customer service! First one received was too small so exchange arranged. Had to wait due to Covid but new one arrived and fits perfectly! Also managed to get a price match honored so overall a great experience and will definitely shop again! Thankyou SBS!

Nexx X.WED 2 Duna - White / Fluo Yellow
July 20, 2020

Great dual sport helmet

Ridden on & off road. Sun & Rain. Fast and Slow. Performs great. peak extension useful. plenty ventilation with included mesh mouth guard installed.. No fogging issues with included pinlock installed. Visor open increments are ideal.

Nexx X.WED 2 Plain - White
July 9, 2020


Firstly the staff at SBS have been brilliant in their service.And so onto the lid....first it looks cool as flip, excellent aperture gives good field of vision three position visor with positive stops on each setting and a very pleasing thunk when it shuts, no wind drag on the peak even at motorway speeds, very comfy and reasonably quiet, internal visor good too, smokey without being to dark. From other reviews I expected more come the vents but still ok. The 'buttons' that hold the visor in place however are made of chocolate, normally that would be a favourite thing but not in this case, unless everything is lined up precisely don't try and close them as they will break, I see why they are made as a quick release item but the R&D was lacking badly here, they do include a spare set but it probably won't be enough, the helmet is supplied with a Pinlock insert, be careful when reassembling as the little locating tags on the visor are also very fragile, so two things broke in the first week, makes me sound somewhat ham fisted but not so, so just go easy, that said I really like the helmet and the staff at the SBS have been really helpful with the aforementioned issues. Sizing, I was 58 point something and the medium fits really well, tight getting on and off but perfect on. So to sum up, buy it but take it handy when swapping stuff out.

Nexx X.WED 2 Plain - White
June 25, 2020

Excellent Purchase

Overall a lovely helmet with lots of amazing features you wouldn't expect within this price Range. Lots of vents that are easy enough to operate whilst riding and it looks absolutely fab!

Nexx X.WED 2 Duna - White / Blue
June 22, 2020

Very Pleased

After weeks of reading every helmet review I could I ordered this helmet. When it arrived I was really pleased with the overall quality compared to my Shoei GT Air 2. One minor issue : I broke one of the visor location pins while fitting the pinlock. SportsBikeShop shipped me a replacement visor the next day. Moral of the story - watch the excellent online guides provided by NEXX ! Overall this is a very comfortable and versatile helmet. Recommended.

Nexx X.WED 2 Plain - Matt Titanium
June 13, 2020

Great Helmet

Comfortable, wide field of view. Internal sunvisor is a bit short but nothing that would stop me buying again. Fitting Nexx X-Com integrated intercom was tricky, but YouTube videos to help.

Nexx X.WED 2 Plain - Matt Sierra
June 11, 2020

Good helmet, poor quality control, fragile compone

Would be 5 stars, but mine had a poorly made, misshapen cheek padding piece on the left. It is a very complex shape and mine was sewn wrongly and the attaching points don't line up with the helmet retaining points. It doesn't fit correctly and would become semi-detached when putting the helmet on or taking it off. Luckily spares are readily available and I bought a replacement cheek piece set and the new cheek piece fits and attaches perfectly. The issue was obvious from new and just wish the quality control was there at the factory. Also fragile visor/peak retaining clip broke, snapped off first time I touched it. This must be common as spare clips are included in the box. Other than that it is a good lid. Light and comfortable and very good looking. I guess I was unlucky to receive a poorly made one.

Nexx X.WED 2 Plain - Matt Black
May 5, 2020

Great helmet

Snug but comfortable fit, took a Sena intercom set-up ok and love the GoPro mount options and the sun visor. Came with a storage bag and various spare / optional parts too.

Nexx X.WED 2 Plain - White
April 24, 2020

Perfect stylish all in one helmet.

I purchased the helmet to start doing some long distance touring and I am impressed already. This helmet came with every optional extra in the box and to have the option to quick unlock and change the style of the helmet is amazing from using it on a dirt bike to touring or on a sportsbike. Only thing about the helmet I could fault would be the replaceable chin air peice. Found it slightly too loose but I wouldn't need it with the other vents being great on the helmet and always have the option to crack the visor open slightly. Great price for a helmet that is good quality and can adapt to any role.

Nexx X.WED 2 Plain - Matt Black
April 16, 2020

Superb helmet

Having had a lot of excellent support over the phone to SBS, I bought the Nexx helmet. Very impressed with the quality of packaging from SBS. The helmet came with loads of accessories for cameras, etc. The fit was perfect for me and there were many extra cheek pads you could modify the fit with if you needed to. Inner visor was perfect with no fogging. If there is a weakness it's in the visor fixing. The visor/peak screws are made of VERY cheap plastic & snap VERY easily. (Should be alloy or a better system) I snapped both of mine but SBS sent me extras at no charge. Greatly appreciated Martin from SBS's support. Thanks. Otherwise, helmet is a great fit & looks & feels awesome.

Nexx X.WED 2 Plain - White
March 23, 2020

One of the best

This is my first ever adventure helmet and I love it. Nexx has made an excellent helmet. It comfortable with flexible mounting points for cameras. No vibration on the peak while riding and very good visibility. Five year warranty is a bonus. Price is very good too with no bad points to report at this time.

Nexx X.WED 2 Duna - White / Blue
March 10, 2020


Don't hear much about Nexx, often overlooked for shoei, Arai etc. Well, consider this.... the Nexx feels like quality to the touch and fit. Comparable if not better than the perceived higher marques. 100% no regrets

Nexx X.WED 2 Plain - Matt Black
March 4, 2020

Better than expected

I hummed and haa-ed about this decision for some time before taking the plunge, as Nexx is not a brand about which I know much. Whereas the more common brands, like Arai, Shoei, etc. have a higher profile. In the end, Ride's recent test comparison persuaded me to try this. It is MUCH better than I anticipated, fits very well and operates faultlessly - and is amazingly quiet!

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