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RST Paragon Thermotech Heated CE Waterproof Gloves - Black

RST Paragon Thermotech Heated CE Waterproof Gloves - Black

Customer Product Reviews

4.5 Stars from 19 reviews

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RST Paragon Thermotech Heated CE Waterproof Gloves - Black
January 27, 2020


I live in Malta and during morning rides it can be quite cold . These gloves are brilliant, 3 heat settings and they have good protection features.

RST Paragon Thermotech Heated CE Waterproof Gloves - Black
January 10, 2020

Hot Digits

Bought for cold spells. Absolutely brilliant. I didn't want the hassle of cables and the rechargeable batteries are grreat.

RST Paragon Thermotech Heated CE Waterproof Gloves - Black
January 8, 2020

Great product

Product fantastic, I would not hesitate to let customers know how great the gloves are. Only thing was the box the gloves came in was all ripped.

RST Paragon Thermotech Heated CE Waterproof Gloves - Black
January 6, 2020

Nice Gloves

These are nice quality winter gloves. I ordered my usual XL size and they fit fine and are very comfortable. My hands have always suffered in the cold weather but I didn't want to install heated grips to my bike. Also didn't want wires everywhere as with the hard wire systems. Using these gloves in combination with handguards, I find they work fine for me. Great service yet again by Sportsbikeshop.

RST Paragon Thermotech Heated CE Waterproof Gloves - Black
December 22, 2019

Great Kit

These gloves are great. Fantastic quality, and really warm even before you turn them on. The construction allows decent dexterity (as much as you could expect from a heavy duty winter glove). Also the velcro strap is nice and secure and the cuff opens up wide enough to fit over my most bulky jacket easily. When you actually turn them on they get toasy warm to full temp in about 10 mins and last for around 3-4 hours. There is no option to hard wire to your bike, which is perfect for me as I didnt like the idea of having wires everywhere and just use these for the occasional blast out or commute rather than daily. My only very minor fault is that on a really cold day the wind chill can get through a bit as a lithium battery clearly isn't quite as capable as a hard wire set up. For 99.9% of the time though this isn't an issue and even when you can feel the cold a bit it's still warm enough, just not toasty. If you can swallow the price I'd highly reccommend.

RST Paragon Thermotech Heated CE Waterproof Gloves - Black
December 21, 2019

Comfy, waterproof, good price and so far, fab

Bought for 55 mile round trip commute down M1 to Nottingham. Used for two weeks now in both wet and cold weather. Have used on lowest setting and can get three days use, just, between charges. Warm and so far waterproof too. Comfy fit from the start. Battery pack is under the wrist and is not too obtrusive, but does make getting glove over jacket cuff a bit fiddly. Got them on 20% off offer, so good price. Overall, comfy, waterproof, good price and so far, fab.

RST Paragon Thermotech Heated CE Waterproof Gloves - Black
December 15, 2019

Excellent value compared to rivals

These are very good value gloves. Got them on special offer from SBS. I tried on the Racer Heat 4 gloves and an offering from Gerbing. The Gerbings gave off the most warmth, however at £290 after buying the batteries, I wasn't convinced especially as the comfort wasn't that great. The shape/form of the RST gloves felt much more comfortable to me and the heat from them was good enough. I have used these along with inner gloves on 25+ mile rides at 5C with a chilly wind and felt fine. So the commute to work would be no problem. The button is easy to operate. They are quite tight and fiddly to put on but once on, they are comfy enough. The cuff of your jacket can tuck into the glove and the battery didn't feel like it was digging in once it was moved into place. The supplied charger will get both batteries charged at the same time too. I've not used them in rainy conditions yet but looking at the construction, I can see they would see off most UK rain showers with ease. If you have/ride more than one bike, then heated gloves make swapping over nice and easy. Plus you only really need these for the coldest weather so they should last for a long time. A must for the UK biker clothing wardrobe.

RST Paragon Thermotech Heated CE Waterproof Gloves - Black
December 13, 2019

Really happy!

Had them for a few weeks. Use for a 20 mile commute, all types of weather and speeds up to 60. Had rain and 2-3 degrees. No problems with leaks other than the inevitable water down the sleeve. Usually don't bother with the heater unless it's super cold, the insulation is good enough on its own. Don't expect hot when you are moving, but my fingers haven't been cold since I've had them and I've had trips where I've not been able to feel my fingers prior to buying these. Feel well made. Look good. Would recommend.

RST Paragon Thermotech Heated CE Waterproof Gloves - Black
December 13, 2019

Although I am extremely happy with the quality

The true rating is between 3&4 The gloves are extremely good quality Soft & supple comfortable and bin heavy rain they haven't let me down. The heat is more apparent to the back of the hands and although heat is generated around the fingers I think it's not enough on its own. With my heated grips on full power and the gloves the same I have been comfortable in +2 above freezing on a mixture of motorway & town riding I Got these a a better than normal£189 on black Friday and if I paid full price I would have been very disappointed. But I am happy with all my other Rst clothing that I recently purchased and have already put it through some heavy prolonged raii and cold weather and it's passed every expectations with top marks

RST Paragon Thermotech Heated CE Waterproof Gloves - Black
December 12, 2019

Heated Gloves

Hopefully these will keep the backs of my hands warm - heated grips don't!! Look good quality and are a good fit - if it ever stops raining they will get their first outing. Up to the usual RST high standard.

RST Paragon Thermotech Heated CE Waterproof Gloves - Black
December 3, 2019

Good first impressions but short-lived

The Good: Great next day service from SBS. Gloves appeared high quality and well-made. Charged batteries overnight ready to test on my daily 3-hour round trip commute in 4C. Found it easy to fit batteries and the gloves fitted OK over jacket sleeves. The Bad: Disappointed with warmth generated on highest setting. As others have commented, the sensation from the gloves was more a feeling of hands not being cold rather than any positive feeling of warmth. I can't see that the lower two settings would ever be useful in UK winters. The Ugly: On the return leg of my first commute the power cut out from the left glove (after approx 2hr 20 mins riding in total). I rode the remaining 40 mins home with only the r/h glove heating, and tbh I could only notice a very slight difference between the two. Arriving home after 3 hours, the battery warning light on the r/h glove had started to flash. I returned for a refund (thanks SBS) and will be opting for a different wired pair to replace these. Not sure if I got unlucky with this set based on some of the other positive comments, but unfortunately can't recommend based on my experience.

RST Paragon Thermotech Heated CE Waterproof Gloves - Black
November 29, 2019

Very pleased, a big improvement

First of all, ignoring the heated bit, these are a nice winter glove, thick enough to be acceptably warm when it's perhaps 6degC or above, but not so thick that you lose all feel for the bike. Finger curvature is good and with minimal 'bunching up' in the palm. They are well made, the only very minor issues I noted being a) that the visor wipes are nothing like as good as a V wipe, the rubber seemingly being a bit hard and stiff to conform well and b) a bit more cuff expansion would be useful (others have mentioned this). To test the heating side, I rode about 40miles, starting at 6.30am in wet conditions and with an air temperature of around 1 - 2degC. They were fine on the second setting (one below max). It then got a lot colder (-4degC according to a car driver) and foggy so switched to maximum heat and they were still great for the next 40milesl We're not talking 'hot', just comfortably warm. All of my usual unheated winter gloves would have been freezing by then! I don't know true extent of battery life but they were great for the first 2hr which is all I normally need in these sort of temperatures. Switches worked well, though hard to see setting in bright winter sunlight. Sizing: My hand size is bang in the middle of M/L. Went for M (I like a close fit), very snug at first but they bed in quite a lot, now perfect after 200miles so I think size chart is pretty reliable (a first?). Overall, very pleased with them.

RST Paragon Thermotech Heated CE Waterproof Gloves - Black
November 18, 2019

Lovely heated gloves

Bought the XL but was was too big so returned them for a L which was a perfect fit. The return process was nice and easy from SBS. Did a round trip to the NEC from London and my hands were nice and warm. Lovely gloves and great service as always. only fault is the velcro at the wrist keep pulling out when you put them on. A bit annoying

RST Paragon Thermotech Heated CE Waterproof Gloves - Black
November 11, 2019

Why did I wait so long to buy?!?

These gloves are everything I expected. My hands are kept warm, easy to change heat settings while wearing the gloves and do not require wiring to the bike for the less mechanical. Annoyed I waited a few winters to buy a heated glove. Protection is still top notch, have not been in the rain yet but they are advertised as fully waterproof so not too worried.

RST Paragon Thermotech Heated CE Waterproof Gloves - Black
October 13, 2019

Not sure yet!

I have not used these gloves in cold weather yet, so I will review at a later date.

RST Paragon Thermotech Heated CE Waterproof Gloves - Black
May 8, 2019

Well pleased!

Firstly, excellent customer service. Secondly, I have Raynaud's Syndrome and riding with unheated gloves is painful. As I commute daily in Scotland, these gloves are an essential part of my kit. They have been excellent and tested down to zero degrees for 30-40 miles at speed. I am very pleased with the purchase and my only downsides are the velcro fasteners which are a little short. Add a snug pair of silk undergloves and your hands are toasty!

RST Paragon Thermotech Heated CE Waterproof Gloves - Black
March 18, 2019


These gloves could be improved by having heating elements to both the top and bottom of the fingers and having more room I. The cuffs to go over the sleeves of a jacket. Good delivery and service as always

RST Paragon Thermotech Heated CE Waterproof Gloves - Black
February 14, 2019

Good but could be better

Nice pair of gloves that do keep your hands warm. The cuffs could be a little more generous to go over your jacket sleeve easier. The Velcro fasteners needs to be retained at the clasp as when you put the gloves on they sometimes come out of the clip and they are then difficult to thread back into the clip with the gloves on. Other than that they're a good pair of gloves, I've worn them in the rain and my hands stayed dry. I would recommend them for winter biking.

RST Paragon Thermotech Heated CE Waterproof Gloves - Black
February 1, 2019

Initially great!

Got the gloves, tried them indoors first to gauge heat and comfort before using on bike. Seemed to warm up nicely on full power then reduced to mid power for a steady heat. Out on the bike, due to wind chill I guess didn't actually feel the heat. I have to say though that at the end of my ride of 1.5 hours my hands were not cold numb so they do work, but only keeping hands comfortable with ambient heat. Unfortunately developed fault on 2nd time of using them (battery I think) so returned them for a no quibble refund. Cannot comment on long term view as opted to replace them with an alternative make....sorry RST!

PLEASE NOTE: The views and opinions expressed in the above reviews are solely those of the author and are not necessarily representative of the views of SPORTSBIKESHOP LTD.