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Icon Airflite - Blockchain Red

Icon Airflite - Blockchain Red

Customer Product Reviews

5 Stars from 2 reviews

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Icon Airflite Peace Keeper - Black
November 25, 2020

Fantastic Helmet

After much deliberation I finally bit the bullet and purchased my first Icon airflite. I found the fit to be perfectly comfortable after a few days riding and allowing the pads in the helmet to flex. I installed a full Bluetooth kit without issue and was soon listening to music and taking calls. One thing I would say is the visors are so resistant to fogging up you do not need a pin lock. I have 3 different colour visors and non of them mist or fog when riding. The airflow is really good and you can shut it down if you prefer by closing the vents. A lot of people mention noise and I must admit I was sceptical at first but after using the helmet in a multitude of situations I find no issue at all and perfectly suitable. The design of the helmet is fantastic completely different to everything else on the market. Do yourself a favour and take the plunge you will be glad you did!

Icon Airflite Mips - Stealth Black
November 25, 2020


Great helmet, minimal wind noise and very comfy. Would recommend!

Icon Airflite Peace Keeper - Black
November 14, 2020

Good looking helmet

Good looking (different :) sturdy helmet, easy to replace screen, the drop down sun glasses are very practical.

Icon Airflite Battlescar 2 - Military Green
August 10, 2020

Just what I wanted

I did weeks of searching for the right helmet for me. This is different and not everyone's cup of tea but I loved the look. The airflow is great, wind noise is OK, look is amazing and the fit was tight to start with but now fits like a glove. Amazing service from SportsBikeShop - really couldn't fault the service, quick delivery or price - Wish all online retailers where half as good as them

Icon Airflite - Gloss Black
August 7, 2020

Brilliant helmet

It's a perfect helmet for new and experienced biker, also great for a hot day with the maximum wind flow potential

Icon Airflite Inky - Blue
August 6, 2020

Great style for a decent price

Great helmet, since it's oval, think about tue size since we, europeans have rounder heads:) Style is great, it looks amazing and feels amazing. Only reason it's not 5 stars is the sound isolation couls be much better, it doeant bother me that much but it's something to consider.

Icon Airflite Battlescar 2 - Military Green
August 4, 2020

Icon Airflite Battlescar 2 - Military Green

Love it love it love it size up tight fit

Icon Airflite QB1 - Black
July 18, 2020

icon helmet.

Great helmet, good fit. Had heard that these were noisy, but with decent earplugs I found nothing to moan about. I added a mirror visor which finishes off the look. Excellent service from Sportsbikeshop.

Icon Airflite - Gloss Black
July 10, 2020

Get a tinted visor and enjoy the feeling

Stylish! Aggressive and anonymous, with the tinted visor added on it really takes this lid from Hannibal to Space Bane. Great vision through the visor, no peripheral blockage so safety checks are that much safer! Quite a bit of wind noise for a product called "airflite" but other than that very nice fitting and so far no neck strain! Definitely get some looks with the lid.

Icon Airflite - Blockchain Green
July 3, 2020

What an amazing looking lid

Amazing service from SportsBikeShop to get me so many helmets couriered to the Leeds store to try on. In terms of this helmet and the Airflite Freedom Spitter that I ended up buying (couldn't choose between the two) I've been really impressed. I ordered different ones in due to the reviews I'd been reading about the helmets running somewhat small. I've always worn HJC XL (RPHA 11 and FG-ST) and these Icons ran true to size with them. the opening on the helmet is a touch snug but once on the head it's a comfortable fit in line with the HJC but I'd say a more comfortable helmet for eating up the miles. Build quality seems as good as any, plus the extra visor you get in the box with both helmets is great and adds to the value for money. As others have said, the helmet can get a touch noisy, with a bit of a whistle at triple digits in a tuck, but unless you're on a track you're not really going to notice it and you'll likely be wearing earplugs anyway, so definitely not something that would put me off. The visor opening is great and reminds me of an off-road helmet when open, and when closed, gives you fantastic peripheral vision.If you're somebody who can feel claustrophobic with a helmet on, this could be the one for you. Also, despite not having a pinlock, I haven't encountered any issues with fogging. Lastly, but by no means least, how about those graphics. The Blockchain Green just pops and looks so badass. I'd initially been looking to buy the Battlescar version but when I compared the 2 side by side, there was no competition, this one wipes the floor with it, especially with the addition of the additional 'supervent' on the top. As for the Freedom Spitter, the graphics are amazing, with the silver bits being reflective and coupled with the silver mirrored visor in the box looks really special. 2 very different but amazing looks from the same helmet shell! If you like to stand out from the crowd of Shoei, Arai and HJC, these are the helmets to get.

Icon Airflite Mips - Stealth Black
July 3, 2020


This is not only just a looker, the fit and weight is perfect, fantstic service and for anyone looking for the full face helmet buy this, icon by name now by nature.

Icon Airflite - Blockchain Red
July 1, 2020

Great lid

I ordered this after reading mixed reviews online so it was a bit of a risk for me. The helmet arrived and straight out the box you can feel the quality. Comes with clear visor fitted so you will need to swap in the one you ordered youself.The vision you have with the large visor is great. The airflow in this helmet is the best i have come across. The noise levels at speed are quite bad if you don't have plugs in but I ride with them so no complaints from me. The noise levels might be only complaint i would have of this helmet. very tight to get on and off but once on the fit is great. Overall i am very happy with this helmet

Icon Airflite Synthwave - Purple
June 30, 2020

So far it's a good helmet

So far on hot days i think it's a great helmet and does the job. The top vents blocked by the sunvisor but i don't mind since I don't want bugs in my helmet so I'm not using those vents. The chin vent is supposed to be closed on the upper position but you still get a lot of airflow and you can see trough the vent so it's not closed at all I'm curious how it will perform / annoy me on colder days. I don't think it's removable and i already have bugs in it so cleaning is not easy. About wind noise, it does have a strange but really quiet whistle but i rarely hear it because of the wind noise and it's not worse than my previous Scorpion Exo-1400 Air. The design is really good, i always loved this style. It looks awesome in person.

Icon Airflite Mips - Stealth Black
June 22, 2020

Great but with key flaws

The pros: Amazing looks, great visor and perfect ventilation. MIPS feature in this model was another big plus. The cons... the cons are only cons depending on what you are after. For me, it was motorway mileage. Unfortunately, this helmet fails abysmally on that front. If you just want the helmet for sub-50mph riding or you have a perfect bubble behind your windscreen, just buy this helmet. If however you ride with your head in the buffeting zone of your windscreen or naked, there are some issues once you hit 50-60mph. Size: the helmet's sheer size makes it act as a bit of a sail. You will feel this after a few miles and when doing shoulder checks at speed. Aerodynamics: it bulldozes through the air. No cutting. There is nothing refined about it. Noise: This is the big killer. All other youtube reviews and general comments mention the noise and quickly move on or dismiss it by saying you ought to wear ear plugs. That is a bit misleading. On a motorway, even with properly-fitted 39db SNR ear plugs, the droning and wheezing and buffeting *will* get to you eventually. Again - if your bike aerodynamics allows for it, or you are doing short trips or you do sub-60mph speeds, these are not real issues. But I would hardly consider this for touring. Isolation: there is just enough space in the chin area (even with chin guard fitted and a neck scarf) to let debris in. This possibly contributes to the awful noise performance. I have had insects, grass, and whatever helps happened to float in the area get sucked into the helmet from below and it made for fun times. Other bits and bobs: sun visor is good but does not really cover the bottom portion of your eyesight. Putting the helmet on is a right chore for me. It feels very oval, and the way the padding is made, there is a protusion at the bottom to better seal around the neck. This means that every time you put it on or take it off, the helmet will try to rip your ears off in the process. A balaclava easily solves this, whilst also tugging on the straps to widen the helmet somewhat. Installing the intercom was simple enough, but I had to rely on the sticky backing for my Sena since using the clamp involved hacking some material away, which I was not a fan of. This is more a testament to Sena's active noise cancellation than anything, but call quality within the helmet was passable. Intercom above 60mph was hit and miss due to noise that not even the ANC could get its head around. Fit is weird. I have a 59cm head but had to go for a size up. Mainly for the attempted murder on my ears with the appropriate size. Oddly though, the XL size (the one up from what I would normally need) is still a snug fit. As it stands, this helmet is assigned to city duties. The visor is beautifully adequate for that, the looks are amazing and ventilation in traffic spot on.

Icon Airflite QB1 - Red
June 11, 2020

Excellent product and service

Never bought icon before, but certainly would again! The visor is really large, and the visibility is great. The internal sun visor is effective and easy to use. It's not the lightest or the quietest lid you'll wear, but it's very comfortable. Excellent speedy service from sportsbikeshop as always!

Icon Airflite - Blockchain Green
June 10, 2020

Excellent fit, great features, great lid!!

Came from HJC IS-17. This was bought for the safety rating and design style I liked, on a shoestring budget. From the Icon I wanted the same - hi safety and good styling. What I got was AWESOME design, and a fit and safety "feel" that left me amazed that there could be so much difference between two similarly priced units. The retail price on both helmets isn't far off (180 ish HJC to 250 Icon) but the difference is like getting off an MT07, practical and safe, reliable etc, and jumping on a Ducati Diavel (yeah... that's my story) Finish, fit, comfort, presence all great. When you fight it on over your noggin it feels tight - but tight like it's part of your own skull. 7 hour ride and no heat spots or discomfort, out of the box. 3 weeks in and the fit is still perfect. Relaxed a little more but not like anything I've worn, feels almost custom fit. The vision is outstanding. Anti fog works well (pinlock better but I've tried, and managed to get a tiny bit of mist in cool conditions) The vents allow loads of air in, and loads of air out when open. When closed they shut out most of the breeze and with the low cut chin and good quality chin piece you can sit nice and comfy whilst pretending to be Predator. Or the Spartan chief. Pick your nerd route. The double D ring is a masterpiece - not reinvented but just so easy to use, even with my gloves on. The box comes with clear visor, dark tint visor and spoiler type thing to keep your head straight at speed and vent exhaust ports (allegedly) it certainly looks cool. Head wobble is actually low - sits lovely straight and true at high speed and my melon is fairly large. The last point to make - wind noise. Close the vents, reduces. Wear a neck/head piece over your ears, or plugs. The shape of the helmet is cut so the wind rushes up the back and around your ears, which sit close to the base of the helmet. Still quieter than my HJC, but I understand the wind noise comments. Doesn't detract from a 5 star rating though. Oh - sizing - DONT GO UP A SIZE!!! It is supposed to fit snug, and it is a squeeze to get on.

Icon Airflite - Blockchain Red
June 10, 2020


This a great lid. A little noisy but it makes up for it in design. It's comfy and the ventilation is great. This is a nice piece of equipment with a great visor for style and you viewing range is great. Highly recommend

Icon Airflite Synthwave - Purple
June 6, 2020

Fantastic looking helmet and fast delivery

helmet fits and looks fantastic. Also delivered next day as promised. I use sports bike shop for most motorcycle goods and they seem to be very competitive on price.

Icon Airflite Skull 18 - Black
June 1, 2020

I love it

I just love my new icon skull 18 helmet, feels great to wear, very comfortable, great visibility,.. but it just looks so badass, with its edgy style,it definitely draws a lot of attention,..i love it

Icon Airflite - Gloss Black
May 26, 2020

Excellent Helmet

Very comfortable, high quality helmet that turns heads everywhere you go. Truly unique design and looks great with other visors. Also best airflow I've ever experienced so great for summer! Great service from Sportsbikeshop as always.

PLEASE NOTE: The views and opinions expressed in the above reviews are solely those of the author and are not necessarily representative of the views of SPORTSBIKESHOP LTD.