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Motorcycle Tyre Maintenance

Motorcycle Tyre Maintenance

High quality tyre maintenance accessories

We now stock over 10,000 tyres, which is why we back them up with an extensive range of tyre maintenance accessories. We've got all the kit you'll need to change your tyres, as well as a plethora of options to help maintain and fix a tyre should a problem occur.
Tyre Valve Extender 5 Star
from 39 reviews
Tyre Valve Extender Angled metal tyre valve extender $6.68
Slime Power Sport Tyre Inflator 4.5 Star
from 16 reviews
Slime Power Sport Tyre Inflator Revolutionary new compact tyre inflator kit $46.81
Bike It Adhesive Wheel Weights 5 Star
from 13 reviews
Bike It Adhesive Wheel Weights Self adhesive wheel weight strips $0.80
Slime For Tubeless Tyres 4.5 Star
from 13 reviews
Slime For Tubeless Tyres You need blood for life; you need Slime for your tyres $11.36
MotoGP Tyre Pressure Monitor 4 Star
from 13 reviews
MotoGP Tyre Pressure Monitor The official MotoGP tyre pressure gauge $26.74
Oxford Tyre Gauge Pro 5 Star
from 9 reviews
Oxford Tyre Gauge Pro Steel construction analogue pressure gauge $27.95
Rim Protectors 4.5 Star
from 8 reviews
Rim Protectors 2 piece rim protector guard set $8.01
Rubber Tyre Valve 90 Degree 4.5 Star
from 7 reviews
Rubber Tyre Valve 90 Degree Rubber 90 degree right angle T/L valve $5.34
Slime For Tubed Tyres 5 Star
from 6 reviews
Slime For Tubed Tyres Don't just fix flats - prevent them! $10.69
Oxford Digital Tyre Gauge 4.5 Star
from 6 reviews
Oxford Digital Tyre Gauge Technologically advanced digital pressure gauge $25.40
Bike It Deluxe Tyre Lever 5 Star
from 5 reviews
Bike It Deluxe Tyre Lever Tyre lever with handle $10.69
Rep & Air Motorcycle Puncture Repair Kits 4.5 Star
from 5 reviews
Rep & Air Motorcycle Puncture Repair Kits Tyre repair and inflation kits for tubed & tubeless tyres $36.11
Motul P3 Tyre Repair - 300ml 4.5 Star
from 4 reviews
Motul P3 Tyre Repair - 300ml Instant tyre repair $12.03
Bike It Tyre Levers 3 Star
from 6 reviews
Bike It Tyre Levers Individual tyre levers $5.02
Bike It Digital Tyre Pressure Gauges 4 Star
from 4 reviews
Bike It Digital Tyre Pressure Gauges Tyre pressure gauges with digital display $13.36

Recent Product Reviews
Slime Power Sport Tyre Inflator
5 Star
- September 30, 2014

Great everything I need.

I bought an 'AirMan' electric pump from Amazon. Total rubbish, just didn't work - sent it back. The Slime Power Sport, however, is great! It does just what it says on the box and supplies all the accessories needed to use it on the Motorbike - hard-wired to the battery for complete ease of use, so I can use the 12v power plug in the car socket. It would be nice to have a built-in pressure gauge, but I find the little plastic one supplied with the pump adequate once I checked the calibration. Quite a surprise - nearly threw it away! The whole package is ultimately portable and protected by a good, strong, tight-fitting carrying case. Ideal for the top-box or pannier on the bike, where mine lives most of the time.

- King's Lynn
MotoGP Tyre Pressure Monitor
5 Star
- June 6, 2014

Vital piece of equipment

Simple and straightforward to use, digital read-out improves accuracy and it's easy to switch from psi to bar etc and reset. Rubber case is a useful bonus and it is light and compact enough to be tucked in a jacket pocket if necessary. Comes with battery so just needs switching on and switches itself off after use, I use mine in conjunction with a track pump- the release button making it handy to get the pressure spot on. Along with all of the above you get the attention to customer service Sportsbikeshop is famous for.

- Lancashire
MotoGP Tyre Pressure Monitor
4 Star
- December 10, 2013

Good piece of kit

Usual excellent prompt delivery from Sportsbikeshop. Gauge is easy to use and appears accurate as far as I can tell. Disappointed though that it arrived with a flat battery that needed replacing before it would work. Packaging says battery should last up to 3 years, so can only speculate how long this particular item had been in stock!

- Newark
PLEASE NOTE: The views and opinions expressed in the above reviews are solely those of the author and are not necessarily representative of the views of SPORTSBIKESHOP LTD.