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Motorcycle Tyre Maintenance

Motorcycle Tyre Maintenance

High quality tyre maintenance accessories

We now stock over 10,000 tyres, which is why we back them up with an extensive range of tyre maintenance accessories. We've got all the kit you'll need to change your tyres, as well as a plethora of options to help maintain and fix a tyre should a problem occur.
Tyre Valve Extender 5 Star
from 40 reviews
Tyre Valve Extender Angled metal tyre valve extender $6.50
Slime Power Sport Tyre Inflator 4.5 Star
from 16 reviews
Slime Power Sport Tyre Inflator Revolutionary new compact tyre inflator kit $45.59
Bike It Adhesive Wheel Weights 5 Star
from 13 reviews
Bike It Adhesive Wheel Weights Self adhesive wheel weight strips $0.78
Slime For Tubeless Tyres 4.5 Star
from 13 reviews
Slime For Tubeless Tyres You need blood for life; you need Slime for your tyres $11.06
MotoGP Tyre Pressure Monitor 4 Star
from 13 reviews
MotoGP Tyre Pressure Monitor The official MotoGP tyre pressure gauge $26.05
Oxford Tyre Gauge Pro 5 Star
from 10 reviews
Oxford Tyre Gauge Pro Steel construction analogue pressure gauge $27.22
Rim Protectors 4.5 Star
from 8 reviews
Rim Protectors 2 piece rim protector guard set $7.80
Rubber Tyre Valve 90 Degree 4.5 Star
from 7 reviews
Rubber Tyre Valve 90 Degree Rubber 90 degree right angle T/L valve $5.20
Slime For Tubed Tyres 5 Star
from 6 reviews
Slime For Tubed Tyres Don't just fix flats - prevent them! $10.41
Rep & Air Motorcycle Puncture Repair Kits 4.5 Star
from 6 reviews
Rep & Air Motorcycle Puncture Repair Kits Tyre repair and inflation kits for tubed & tubeless tyres $35.17
Oxford Digital Tyre Gauge 4.5 Star
from 6 reviews
Oxford Digital Tyre Gauge Technologically advanced digital pressure gauge $24.74
Bike It Deluxe Tyre Lever 5 Star
from 5 reviews
Bike It Deluxe Tyre Lever Tyre lever with handle $10.41
Motul P3 Tyre Repair - 300ml 4 Star
from 6 reviews
Motul P3 Tyre Repair - 300ml Instant tyre repair $11.71
Bike It Digital Tyre Pressure Gauges 4 Star
from 5 reviews
Bike It Digital Tyre Pressure Gauges Tyre pressure gauges with digital display $13.02
Bike It Tyre Levers 3 Star
from 6 reviews
Bike It Tyre Levers Individual tyre levers $4.89

Recent Product Reviews
Gear Gremlin Tyre Repair Kit
5 Star
- November 17, 2014

Peace of mind in a bag

Clearly this is an item you never want to have to use, but it certainly provides a bit of peace of mind that you have it onboard. Instructions much better than expected, but I'd recommend viewing a YouTube clip or two as well if you can. Appears very good quality. I've added a cheap plastic tyre guage that I got free with Bike Safe (fairly accurate!) and, as mentioned before, pliers are going to be useful too - if you can't remove the nail or screw then this kit isn't gonna help you so you'd think that something of that nature would be included.

- London
Motul P3 Tyre Repair - 300ml
4 Star
- November 11, 2014

Don't despair - this might repair

4 stars because it's a good idea. Bought this to take on future travels but hopefully won't need it! Not only because I don't want to get a flat but also because when product arrived it states on can that it is suitable for tyres up to 16. My bike has 17 tyres. Haven't got room in panniers for two cans. Wish it had been mentioned in product description!!

- Yorkshire
Bike It Pressure Alert Valve Cap
5 Star
- October 29, 2014

Quick, simple, safe

Takes the guess working out of keeping the tyres at the correct pressure. By the time a tyre looks flat or feels odd to ride on the tyre has already lost so much pressure that you had probably been riding unsafe for a while. These are a quick, easy & visual which I see almost every time I park and apply/remove the disk locks to my motorcycle. I know I can ride off with the confidence that the tyres are at optimal pressure.

- Wembley Park
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