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Motorcycle Tyre Maintenance

High quality tyre maintenance accessories

We now stock more than 10,000 motorcycle tyres - and we back that up with this extensive range of accessories to help you look after them. You'll find essentials like pressure gauges and valve caps as well as tread depth gauges and puncture repair kits. We even stock the tools you'll need if you feel confident enough to tackle changing your own tyres.  
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Tyre repair kit with carry case

RRP £39.99

Angled metal tyre valve extender

RRP £5.99

Self adhesive wheel weight strip


Steel construction analogue pressure gauge

RRP £22.99

Instant tyre repair

RRP £14.99

Tyre pressure gauge with digital display

RRP £12.99

Tyre lever with handle

RRP £11.99

2 piece rim protector guard set

RRP £6.99

Pack of one 90 degree extender


4 way valve removal tool

RRP £4.99

A tubeless tyre repair kit, includes everything required to complete an emergency temporary repair


Technologically advanced digital pressure gauge

RRP £26.99

Tubeless motorcycle tyre puncture repair kit with CO2 canisters

RRP £34.99

Metric/imperial digital depth gauge

RRP £13.99

Pack of 3 CO2 canisters for Gear Gremlin tyre repair kit


Multipurpose stirrup pump with adapters


Individual tyre levers

RRP £6.99

Delivers pressure to tyre without manual effort

RRP £14.99

Advanced pressure gauge with digital LED display and multiple measurement scale readout

RRP £14.99

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Verified Customer Reviews for Motorcycle Tyre Maintenance

Short but capable
Bike It Deluxe Tyre Lever Bike It Deluxe Tyre Lever
21 February 2024 by Anonymous
Bought to carry in trail toolkit.
Tyre levers
Bike It Tyre Levers Bike It Tyre Levers
20 February 2024 by Joseph M
Good quality, easy to work with. Handles become slippery when soap solution gets everywhere when fitting a tubeless tyre by hand so keep a rag handy. Handy tip; 3 levers for a tyre change much easier than two!
Compact repair kit
Gear Gremlin Tyre Repair Kit - Compact Gear Gremlin Tyre Repair Kit - Compact
19 February 2024 by Mr B
Not used yet (hence 4 stars), but should do the job nicely. Reportedly more secure than mushroom design. Compact with no frills.
Great for bikes
Oxford Tyre Gauge Pro Oxford Tyre Gauge Pro
19 February 2024 by Neil W
More expensive than your standard gauges but defo worth it. Its robust, easy to read and has a deflate function for over inflation blues. Design makes it great for the bike with alloys and discs, especially with my xl paws. It also seems very accurate, worth getting one and great service as usual from SBS.
Bike It Deluxe Tyre Lever Bike It Deluxe Tyre Lever
14 February 2024 by Emile M
Bit small but can get the job done