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Flip Up Helmets

Flip up motorcycle helmets

We now have over 6000 helmets in stock ready for next day delivery and our range of flip up helmets is second to none. When it comes to brands, we have every single name worth considering and a price point to suit every budget, just make sure you use our 360 degree helmet spins when you're choosing. We have 2 spins for every flip up helmet, 1 to show the helmet closed and one to show it open. We really have got helmets covered!
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Duchinni D605 - Titanium

Flip front helmet with internal sun visor and washable interior

Was $145.64
Caberg Duke - Gun Metal

Pinlock fitted flip up helmet with twin visor system

HJC IS-Max 2 - Anthracite

Advanced polycarbonate composite flip front helmet with internal sunvisor

Nolan N104 Absolute Classic N-Com - Lava Grey

N-Com ready flip-up touring helmet with internal sun visor and spectacle groves

not yet rated
Roof Boxer V8 Bond - Matt Titanium / Black

Aggressive styled dual homologated helmet

not yet rated
X-Lite X-1003 Elegance N-Com - Lava

Fibre composite construction flip up helmet with Pinlock visor

Kabuto Ibuki - Matt Royal Gunmetal

Flip front helmet featuring wake stabilization and an internal sun visor

not yet rated
X-Lite X-1003 Dyad - Carbon / Flat Black

Carbon fibre dual homologated flip up helmet with a removable and washable interior

not yet rated
Shoei Neotec - Gloss Anthracite

Benchmark flip helmet now with inner sun visor

Schuberth E1 - Matt Anthracite

Flip front dual sports touring/adventure helmet with adjustable peak

not yet rated
Schuberth C3 Pro Observer - Matt Grey

Renowned quiet helmet with built in antennae

Recent Product Reviews
AGV Compact Course - Fluo Yellow
August 24, 2016

Great helmet

Bought this helmet because it was on sale, and I figured the colour would make me more noticeable. It looks great, fits really comfortably and comes with a load of great features - really liked that it was sent out with a Pinlock insert as well, nice touch!

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Shark Evoline Series 3 Drop - White / Black / Blue
August 18, 2016

Best modular

After watching reviews of helmet I was worried the the fit would be too loose but found it perfect. A little tight on the cheeks but will wear in. The chin bar is easy to retract but needs a good pull from rear position. Needs a good knock to lock bar in place. Low noise when visor down and sun visor handy when sun comes out. Quality is first class you can see where then money goes.

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Schuberth C3 Pro & SRC Bluetooth - Gloss White
August 12, 2016

Excellent Helmet

Firstly, I did have to swap the helmet, due to the fit being a bit too snug, so I would make sure you measure your fit with a tape measure, or try one before buying. When you have the correct size, the helmet is excellent; quiet, comfortable, lots of features such as the sun visor and flip up front. The overall feel of the helmet is excellent; it feels solid and well put together (I have only ever owned Shoei in the past). The SRC system is great for playing music wirelessly; the speakers are clear and unless you are an audio buff (I'm not) music sounds great. The phone feature is great; I have taken calls at 70mph and people can barely tell that I'm on my bike. I haven't tried linking it to another SRC helmet, though I will be buying one for my wife (I guess the audio quality will be just as good as a mobile phone call). Another great feature is the slight indents which allow comfort for glasses wearers. I have found in the past, helmets get very uncomfortable when wearing glasses, so these slight groves are great! The helmet is excellent for bikes with an upright seating position, it seems to have been designed to deflect wind from an upright seating position, unlike a sports bike helmet, which when worn on an upright bike, sound ridiculously loud due to the high amounts of wind pluming in to the helmet under your ears. The C3 Pro has snug curtains to eliminate this from happening. * a few tips: to get the SRC working with both your phone and sat nav, pair the helmet to your satnav and your phone to your satnav, this way you can play music and hear directions through your satnav. I found it much easier to put the helmet on with the flip front in the upright position (not sure if this is normal for flipup helmets, as this is my first one). I sometimes say the odd word or too to myself in my helmet (yes, I know that is weird), but I found disabling the voice command feature stopped considerable annoyance. As the music will cut out and the SRC will try and listen for voice commands if you talk when the voice command feature is enabled (I should just try and stop talking to myself while riding).*

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