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Schuberth Helmets

Geman engineering at it's finest, Schuberth motorcycle helmets

Schuberth motorcycle helmets are, and always have been, developed and manufactured using a quality oriented approach. Since the late 1970's, Schuberth have specialised exclusively in the production of head protection technology, cementing their position today as THE motorcycle helmet specialist. As well as motorbike helmets, Schuberth also design and manufacture helmets for the police, fire service, military and other areas of motorsport, most famously for use in Formula 1. The fact that Michael Schumacher has chosen to work with the brand for so long speaks volumes about its pedigree, and the company's commitment to the development of helmet technology. This commitment is made further apparent by the fact that Schuberth are the only bike helmet manufacturer in the world with their own acoustic and wind tunnels. Via their base in Magdeburg, Schuberth are, quite rightly, proud to promote their "made in Germany" message and now export motorbike helmets to more than 50 different countries throughout the world.
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Schuberth C3 Pro - Fluo Yellow

Renowned quiet helmet with built in antennae

£494.99 (Exc. VAT)
Was £549.99
Schuberth SR1 Stealth - Red

German engineered multi composite race style helmet

not yet rated
£476.99 (Exc. VAT)
Was £529.99
Schuberth M1 - Vienna White

SRC system ready jet helmet that can be used with or without the visor

£296.99 (Exc. VAT)
Was £329.99
Schuberth C3 Basic - Matt Black

Possibly the quietest flip front helmet on the market

£296.99 (Exc. VAT)
Was £329.99
Recent Product Reviews
Schuberth C3 Pro Dark Classic - Orange
September 9, 2016

Great helmet

Bought this as a replacement to my Shark S900C. Lovely helmet actually a little lighter than the shark which was surprising given it's a flip up. Lining is plush, visor is massive giving a great FOV alongside the top of the line Pinlock which means you don't get random patches of fog at the edges of your vision. The only reason it didn't get 5 stars is that it's no where near as quiet as I'd expect considering the claims it's definitely a little louder than my Shark. Also on my SV650S with a double bubble screen if I don't tuck in over 70mph the airflow causes the helmet to vibrate, not a major issue as sitting upright at those speeds isn't overly comfortable anyway and this is almost certainly just due to a combination of my build and my setup rather than a real issue with the helmet.

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Schuberth C3 Pro & SRC Bluetooth - Gloss White
August 12, 2016

Excellent Helmet

Firstly, I did have to swap the helmet, due to the fit being a bit too snug, so I would make sure you measure your fit with a tape measure, or try one before buying. When you have the correct size, the helmet is excellent; quiet, comfortable, lots of features such as the sun visor and flip up front. The overall feel of the helmet is excellent; it feels solid and well put together (I have only ever owned Shoei in the past). The SRC system is great for playing music wirelessly; the speakers are clear and unless you are an audio buff (I'm not) music sounds great. The phone feature is great; I have taken calls at 70mph and people can barely tell that I'm on my bike. I haven't tried linking it to another SRC helmet, though I will be buying one for my wife (I guess the audio quality will be just as good as a mobile phone call). Another great feature is the slight indents which allow comfort for glasses wearers. I have found in the past, helmets get very uncomfortable when wearing glasses, so these slight groves are great! The helmet is excellent for bikes with an upright seating position, it seems to have been designed to deflect wind from an upright seating position, unlike a sports bike helmet, which when worn on an upright bike, sound ridiculously loud due to the high amounts of wind pluming in to the helmet under your ears. The C3 Pro has snug curtains to eliminate this from happening. * a few tips: to get the SRC working with both your phone and sat nav, pair the helmet to your satnav and your phone to your satnav, this way you can play music and hear directions through your satnav. I found it much easier to put the helmet on with the flip front in the upright position (not sure if this is normal for flipup helmets, as this is my first one). I sometimes say the odd word or too to myself in my helmet (yes, I know that is weird), but I found disabling the voice command feature stopped considerable annoyance. As the music will cut out and the SRC will try and listen for voice commands if you talk when the voice command feature is enabled (I should just try and stop talking to myself while riding).*

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Schuberth C3 Pro Woman - Pearl White
July 30, 2016

Very comfortable, excellent features

I migrated to this C3 Pro "Women" helmet having worn its previous incarnation, the Schuberth C3 "Lady", for five years (both size 56/57). This review is therefore unashamedly mostly comparing the new against the old. Obviously by far the most important thing to note up front is that the reflective pink "Women" lettering can be easily removed by lifting the edge with a fingernail, leaving no mark at all. I have to admit that I have only removed the "W" so far so that it says "omen" - but when that joke wears thin the rest can come off. The alleged improved aerodynamics have made no tangible difference at all over the C3, though they claim to address a problem I did not know that I had and still don't! The internal sunshade has a larger cut-out for the nose than the C3 which is a noticeable difference in the shaded field of view. I also find that the breeze gets into my eyes if my visor is open with the sunshade down, whereas on the C3 the sunshade completely prevented that. This is presumably highly dependent on face shape but for me it is a bit of a disadvantage. I think I can see mist from my breath just that little bit more than before at very slow speeds (typically when pulling off with visor shut at the start of the day) - probably the ventilation is a bit different. I don't think the C3 Pro is any quieter than the C3 - it might be a bit bassier actually as the engine seems more noticeable at slow speeds. The C3 Pro feels tight around my cheeks at the moment which is just as expected for a new helmet. It is fine across my forehead which is the area that gave me trouble before I discovered Schuberth helmets. The colour of the inner liner has changed from beige on the C3 to a very deep purpleish pink on the C3 Pro, presumably as the beige started to look a bit grubby over time. The new colour is perfectly fine - I'm not a fan of pink but it is so deep as to be inoffensive. The weight of the C3 and C3 Pro is the same at 1570g. As far as essential features are concerned, the C3 Pro is just as good as the C3: I would not be able to live without the flip-up front, the internal sunshade is indispensable at sunset when the light changes so fast, the Pinlock visor is brilliant in all weathers and above all, the helmet was comfortable as soon as I put it on. Also the sizing is consistent, the 56/57 I bought five years ago is the same as the 56/57 of the new helmet, rather useful to know when ordering on-line. The only downer is that the C3 Pro cost £100 more than the C3 did five years ago. To be honest, if they still made the C3 "Lady" for the lower price, I would have saved the money and bought that, since the new model does not have any tangible improvements for me. But it is not an option and so I paid the extra - if you are going to wear something every day, it needs to be comfortable and practical. Having lived with the C3 for five years, it has set my expectation for long term quality of build and reliability of the C3 Pro too.

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