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Schuberth Helmets

German engineering at its finest, Schuberth motorcycle helmets

Schuberth is a German brand that has a history of producing the very best motorcycle helmets, both in terms of quality of technical design. The company was founded by Franz Schuberth in 1922, who entered the world of protective wear by producing motorcycle helmets for the German military. The company has evolved massively over the years and has expanded greatly, but has always remained true to its original mission of producing the very best head protection technology for motorcycle riders.
In the late 1970s, Schuberth took the short-lived decision to specialise exclusively in the production of motorbike helmets. This move cemented their position as a leading bike helmet specialist, and they have been a trusted name in the industry ever since. They've since expanded their offering again to include helmets for other industries, such as the police, fire service, military and other motorsports, with their helmets most famously worn by Formula 1 drivers like Michael Schumacher.
One of the things that sets Schuberth apart from other helmet manufacturers is their commitment to reducing wind noise. This is a common issue for riders of all types of bike, and Schuberth has keenly focused itself on technical features to help combat this problem. At the time of writing, they are the only motorcycle helmet manufacturer in the world that has its own acoustic and wind tunnel, which allows them to test and develop helmets that are specifically designed to reduce wind noise.
The company takes pride in its "made in Germany" message, and all of their helmets are manufactured in their own facility in Magdeburg, Germany. Schuberth helmets are also now exported to over 50 countries worldwide and remain famous for their durability, comfort, and innovation.
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Renowned quiet helmet with removable and washable interior

RRP £449.99

Quiet, comfortable flip up helmet with internal sun visor, Pinlock visor insert and large air intake

RRP £399.99

Urban open face helmet with integrated sunvisor and pre installed components ready for comms system

RRP £374.99

Verified Customer Reviews for Schuberth Helmets

Excellent motorcycle helmet
Schuberth C5 - Matt Black Schuberth C5 - Matt Black
28 November 2023 by Anonymous
Better than C4 pro carbon in terms of sound proofing, ventilation and field of view. I have worn it during heavy rain and the front vents worked well, sometimes I had to rise the visor to avoid condensation. All the other reviews describe it better in regards with comms and other features. The sun visor works fine as well.
Not as perfect as I had hoped
Schuberth C5 - Gloss White Schuberth C5 - Gloss White
26 November 2023 by Anonymous
I wish there was a point between average and good but I have been fair. I have worn this helmet 3 times . The paint has chipped/scratched at 3 points . My last modular helmet I had for 5 years without any paint loss. On the last very wet ride I had some rain get in via the visor and it got into the flip mechanism. Praise to SBS who allowed a swap from XL to L at their Lincolnshire store. I would have returned this helmet but I bought it for its Comms compatability with a SENA 2. So I'm going to persevere. Great fit and very quiet.
The best Helmet that I have owned
Schuberth C5 - Concrete Grey Schuberth C5 - Concrete Grey
13 November 2023 by Giles G
This is my upgrade from the C3 and is without a doubt the best helmet I have ever owned (have owned over x10 helmets)
Schuberth E2 - Concrete Grey Schuberth E2 - Concrete Grey
12 November 2023 by Peter
A few hundred miles into using this helmet now and I'm happy. Wind noise hasn't been an issue at all, just as quiet as my neotec or hornet lids. The peak does move a little at high speed but it's a one off move up at speed and a move down when slowing. It's doesn't flip about willy nilly and it's five millimetres at most. Not an issue for me. Visor optics are excellent.
The fit was a little tight but the custom pad kit resolved that. Fitting the comms took less than two minutes.

All in all it's a good lid and SBS service was 5* as always.

Much better than my C£
Schuberth C5 - Gloss White Schuberth C5 - Gloss White
31 October 2023 by Mark A
After a hot stuffy summer inside my old helmet thought it was time to upgrade. Chose the C5 over the very latest Shoei as it had already gone past the launch high price phase. It's quieter, more comfortable and better ventilated than my old C3. Also the visor closing is greatly improved. Very pleased and worth the extra.