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Flip Up Helmets

Flip Up Helmets

Flip up motorcycle helmets

We now have over 4000 helmets in stock ready for next day delivery and our range of flip up helmets is second to none. When it comes to brands, we have every single name worth considering and a price point to suit every budget, just make sure you use our 360 degree helmet spins when you're choosing. We have 2 spins for every flip up helmet, 1 to show the helmet closed and one to show it open. We really have got helmets covered!
Caberg Duke Legend - Italia 5 Star
from 4 reviews
Caberg Duke Legend - Italia Pinlock fitted flip up helmet with twin visor system Spin $281.22

Recent Product Reviews
Shoei Neotec - Borealis
5 Star
- December 20, 2014

Top quality

I have bought many helmets over the years but the moment you get one of these on it feels so different. Everything about it feels quality from the visor down to the padding. I cant rate this high enough, its definitely worth spending a little extra for total comfort.

- Near Kettering
Lazer Paname Z Line & Bluetooth Kit - Titanium
4 Star
- December 10, 2014

Bluetooth, who knows

First off, this is a great helmet. Pinlock works terrifically. Possibly one of the best helmets I've had for breadth of vision also. Comfy, even with a tight fit. If I was just reviewing the helmet, it would be 5 starts, no question. Tbh, although I've (mostly) fitted the Bluetooth stuff, I've not actually tried it out yet. You need to watch the fitting video from Lazer's site to get most of it sorted, but after watching the video, it's not too much of a problem. Until you try and install the microphone. What is shown for the microphone, is on a different helmet, and as far as I'm concerned, the microphone simply doesn't fit. If you read the other reviews, people have somehow wedged it in, but I've been unable to do so as yet. Tbh, I've not tried really hard, as I am largely interested in using the speakers anyway, but if you are looking at the helmet to use to speak to anyone else with, then I suggest you try and talk to someone about how the microphone will fit first. To be clear, there's plenty of room for the mic within the confines of the helmet, the issue is how to route it securely, as the method shown in the Lazer video, isn't going to happen. I'm still happy with the helmet, and even without the Bluetooth, would consider it a good purchase at the price, to be fair, but if you are looking at it for two-way comms, then I really suggest you make sure you know how the mic is going to be fitted, before buying it.

- Cheltenham
Roof Boxer V8 Mono - Gloss Black
4 Star
- December 4, 2014

Fighter pilot helmet

Had one of these quite some years back and was not impressed with it overall. Happy to say that the design of this helmet has improved dramatically. Feels sturdier at higher speeds but still has a little wind coming through the helmet which is annoying. Visor is not as good as a pinlock anti fog one. Would not use this on a track, but great for a city ride.

- London
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