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Wurth Twin Pack

Wurth Twin Pack

Customer Product Reviews

5 Stars from 179 reviews

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Wurth Twin Pack
5 Star
- July 7, 2014

Usefull items

Easy to use and does what it says on the tin.

- Loughton
4 Star
- June 4, 2014

Cleaner awesome, lube not so good

Cleaner is amazing, lube okay

- Windsor
5 Star
- June 4, 2014

Wurth every penny

As I'm new to biking, I went on the recommendation of a couple of mates. And they weren't wrong, cleaner brought the chain back from a black oily mess to a nice clean silver thing that I am impressed to have driving my back wheel, and the lube quietened the chain down obviously doing it's job, and the bonus is, as it is clear, it doesn't hide the chain.

- Inverurie
5 Star
- June 2, 2014

Won't use anything else

The cleaner works a treat and the dry lube can't be beat. Applies easily, penetrates well and then dries to protect your chain and doesn't pick up dirt like wet lubes do - and it keeps your rear wheel clean too! Need to re-apply fairly often but it's so easy to do so that's not a problem. The next best thing to a shaft drive!

- Stoke-on-trent
4 Star
- May 12, 2014

Top products

Good stuff, easy to use. Cleaner runs out too quick.

- East Yorkshire
5 Star
- May 6, 2014


Cleaner did a phenomenal job on my chain and sprocket. Buy it.

- Gloucester
5 Star
- May 1, 2014

Best to lube

Regularly lube chain, very effective. Cleaner also very good.

- Morpeth
4 Star
- April 23, 2014

Good cleaner / Poor lube

The cleaner dos the job very well, not much effort. The chain lube is quite poor compared to the Motul chain lube, requires lots of applications. If you need a good lube, go for a Motul.

- Brentwood
5 Star
- April 20, 2014

Old faithful's

Excellent products, been using these for years ! Get the Wurth chain wax to add after to keep chain looking new....

- Aldershot
5 Star
- April 15, 2014

Good combination

A set of products that could not compliment one another more thoroughly.

- Scotland
5 Star
- April 6, 2014

Just what Dr Wurth ordered

Cleaner excellent, does the job well. Lube is great, easy to apply and no mess!! Heaven.

- Bath
5 Star
- March 18, 2014

Excellent products

Very effective products. You pay for the quality. Would recommend.

- Kidlington
4 Star
- February 20, 2014

Works well and good value too

Most Wurth products are pretty good and this doesn't fall short of their reputation. Cleaner does what is says on the tin and the lube - well, I've never had a complaint about it. Good value for money as well.

- Bordon
5 Star
- February 4, 2014

Very good

Won't use another lube on my bike. This is just perfect. The cleaner works well too, but it should really come in 10 litre cans, you do tend to go through it very quickly!

- Glasgow
5 Star
- February 4, 2014

Great value

Does a good job and great value.

- Galway
5 Star
- February 3, 2014

Great twin pack

I don't use anything else. Lube never flings off, cleaner is great on the chain and just as useful to keep brake discs clean. Great value buying in twin pack - my only complaint is that I tend to finish the cleaner sooner than I finish the lube. If there was a good price on a triple pack (one lube + two cleaner) I would probably buy it.

- Wimborne
5 Star
- January 28, 2014

Twin pack

Always delivered promptly, excellent service, great product.

- Stockton-on-tees
5 Star
- January 20, 2014

Effective products

I normally use a Silkolene product but with winter here I started using a Muc Off dry chain lube to see what it was like. Having heard good things about Wurth I bought this pack at what I think is a good price. The chain cleaner is very effective; the grime just runs away. The lube is also impressive. It doesn't leave any thick residues and can be seen getting into every corner of every link. In the days after, the bike runs rides nice and smooth. In all this a brand and product I could only ever recommend.

- Kenilworth
5 Star
- January 4, 2014

Excellent chain care products

I bought these to maintain a very dirty VFR 800 chain that had seen a lot of wear over the winter. The cleaner was excellent and ate through the crud on the chain without a problem. The lube is easy to apply and seems to leave a decent coating on the chain. Be aware that you are likely to need a whole can of cleaner to clean a dirty chain.

- Tunbridge Wells
5 Star
- January 3, 2014

Excellent value, great quality.

These are excellent individually, but such good value together. Love that the chain cleaner doubles as break cleaner as well. The lube is excellent as well, sticks well without any fling off.

- Daventry

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