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Wurth Twin Pack

Wurth Twin Pack

Customer Product Reviews

5 Stars from 219 reviews

Our price $18.03 $19.32
5 Star
- May 19, 2015

Good deal

Bought this based on the reviews.

- Plymouth
5 Star
- May 19, 2015


Great product, does the job as it should be done.

- London
5 Star
- May 11, 2015

Simply the best

I've been using this combination on my chain for years, and you just can't beat it. Great cleaner, and none of the nasty fling-off you get from other lubes. This dry stuff really does the job, and makes your chain look good too.

- Cambridge
5 Star
- May 9, 2015

Works a treat

No wonder this is a RIDE best buy.

- Ruabon
5 Star
- May 7, 2015

Worked a treat

I purchased the items after reading the reviews as I was contemplating my first ever attempt at cleaning and lubing the chain on my recently purchased bike. Must say that the reviews were spot on and the items worked a treat in cleaning and lubing the chain and I found the products were well up to the job.

- Uxbridge
5 Star
- April 28, 2015

Really good

I've bought this combo twice and I can tell you that you can't be wrong by buying it.

- Tonbridge
5 Star
- April 28, 2015

Money well spent

Been using the Wurth for a while now, lost count of how many cans I used. It sure does the job extending my chain life by removing dirt efficiently and keeping the chain well lubed!

- Radstock
5 Star
- April 23, 2015


Brilliant stuff, does the job, definitely going to be buying it again.

- Monmouth
5 Star
- April 21, 2015

Great stuff

Very easy to use and does a great job of cleaning my chain. The best service centre in the area use it too so it can't be bad.

- Cleveleys
5 Star
- April 16, 2015

Not much effort required

First chain I've cleaned and lubed in years, pleasantly surprised at the ease of use. Just use some old cardboard to stop overspray and catch any drips. After use it doesn't show but does feel better.

- Southampton
5 Star
- April 7, 2015

Excellent combo

Chain cleaner works really well - almost no effort . I use a cleaning brush too and using a rag it just wipes off clean.

- Tamworth
5 Star
- March 30, 2015

Top marks for a great product

Cleaner is excellent, quick and thorough, prepares surface of chain for lube and lube stays put on the chain. I always leave over-night if possible.

- Hartlepool
5 Star
- March 19, 2015

Very good quality

It cleans and lubricates very well. I recommend it!

- Crawley
5 Star
- March 17, 2015

Best cleaner and chain lube I've used.

Cleaner is effortless and the chain lube doesn't flick off everywhere when you ride.

- London
5 Star
- March 16, 2015

Great product at excellent price

This pack really does the job. Both the cleaner and the lube work better than expected and for the price is a great buy.

- London
5 Star
- March 9, 2015

Great package

Its a good buy. The chain lube will last about 7-10 applications or more, if applying to a cleaned chain, which brings me neatly on to the chain cleaner. This cleans away all dirt from a greasy chain. Mine was not too dirty but I ended up using the whole can. So the chain cleaner is only as good as any other cheaper brake/clutch/chain cleaner.

- Gloucester
4 Star
- March 9, 2015

Does exactly what it says on the tin

Good value pack. Cleans and lubes perfectly. Dry wax finish of lube means little to no flick on to wheels or swingarm. Recommended.

- Stockport
5 Star
- March 2, 2015

Excellent stuff, worked better than expected

I heard about this stuff, watched it on YouTube. It's one of best purchases I've made on Sportsbikeshop. My chain looks brand new. The cleaner just washed all rust and grime off, without a scrubbing brush.

- Newcastle-under-lyme
5 Star
- February 11, 2015

Perfect chain cleaning and lube combo

This product was such value for money. I had to buy two and honestly the best thing I did, by far the best cleaner and lube. Easy to use, will last me a very long time, thanks a million Sportsbikeshop ;D

- Rochdale
5 Star
- January 23, 2015

Great pack at a great price

Quality products at a great price. Easy to use. Recommended.

- Stanwell Moor
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