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Wurth Twin Pack

Wurth Twin Pack

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5 Stars from 276 reviews

Our price $17.12 $18.35
5 Star
- May 24, 2016

Well Wurth it

Fantastic cleaner and quality Lube. No fling and feels a lot smother when changing gear. Excellent price and service.

- Greenock
4 Star
- March 22, 2016

First time user

First motorbike I've owned and first time I'm using these things. Not much I can say except it does the job. The cleaner got rid of all the gunk and dirt built up, and the lube seems to have done the trick as gearing feels a little smoother.

- London
5 Star
- March 21, 2016

More than Wurth it

Used about half the cleaner on the rear sprocket and chain. Clear dry chain lube very good-no fling off and leaves very little residue.

- East Sussex
5 Star
- March 20, 2016

Does what it says

Good product and does what it says in the tin....

- Nuneaton
4 Star
- March 14, 2016

Great product

First time user, but very happy with result, even though I used full tin of cleaner on chain & disks! Will buy again.

- Livingston
5 Star
- March 11, 2016

Amazing value

Wurth is a very reliable product! Got this pack reduced at an amazing value! Definitely will get it again.

- Birmingham
5 Star
- March 1, 2016

Wurth it

Does exactly what it says on the the tin(s)! Dead quick and easy to use, no squirting all over the floor!

- Leicester
5 Star
- February 22, 2016

Excellent products

Does what it says on the tin.

- Dersingham
5 Star
- February 21, 2016

Got the grime and winter crud away

Best combination cleaner and chain lubricant I have used. Worth the extra pennies as the chain lube actually stays on the chain and doesn't get thrown all over the bike. Used the cleaner with a chain brush.

- Lincoln
5 Star
- February 19, 2016


Really impressed with this twin pack. I've previously used the S Doc and Muc Off products to clean my chain and decide to go for something different. I am truly amazed. The cleaner removed most of the grit, dirt and grease from the winter riding and the lube was easily applied. I used a cleaning brush to help things along because of the amount of salt and rubbish on the chain. I highly recommend both of these products and won't be using anything else in future.

- Reading
5 Star
- February 15, 2016

Brilliant idea

The fact that my items were not allowed to be posted could have been an issue but they were instead sent to my local Halfords. Great idea. And the chain cleaner and greaser were everything they said it would be. Impressive.

- Leicester
5 Star
- February 15, 2016

Chain Maintainance, starter pack

Well priced starter kit for my new bike. Easy to follow instructions. Well Wurth the money!

- Milton Keynes
5 Star
- February 14, 2016

Keep coming back to it

The cleaner is pretty standard/no better than others that I've used from Motorex or Muc off (still a good cleaner though!). The lube is great and I will always try use it over other brands (unless caught out and need to pick some up in a hurry, seems no shops near me stock it). What I like is that it is a "dry" lube which is "absorbed" (excuse the inverted commas, it's just my observations) by the chain and leaves very little residue. I have tried other lubes from Motorex and Muc off, they both did a good job in regards to lube but the residue, grease, grime, gunk etc build up/accumulation was horrific. Will be placing bulk orders for Wurth lube.

- Bucks
5 Star
- February 9, 2016


What can I say, cleans incredibly well and lubes well too. Does what it says on the tin but definitely worth the money.

- Cranleigh
5 Star
- February 2, 2016

5 stars

Was sceptical at first but not going back now. Only thing better is an unblocked Scotoiler.

- north wales
5 Star
- January 22, 2016

Wurth is worth it

I have used this product for the last few years and it's the best!

- Stoke St. Michael
5 Star
- January 18, 2016

Yet to put it to the test

Good bargain, but yet to see if it does what it says on the tin. Waiting for a bit warmer weather. Cheers.

- Newton-le-willows
5 Star
- January 17, 2016


This product is excellent. Works perfect and service at Sportsbikeshop is second to none.

- London
5 Star
- January 12, 2016


The cleaner made my chain look new and the lube works a treat. There is no fling from the lube and is almost dry to the touch, though you can tell there is a coating. Definitely recommended.

- Leicester
5 Star
- December 28, 2015

Out standing products

I have used all types of chain lube and chain cleaners in a number of years. The Wurth chain lube is a very good lube and it dos not fling all over your back wheel and does not run off when you apply it to the chain and keeps your chain nice. A lube not like others and the chain runs nice and quiet. The chain cleaner I had second thoughts about this but not to worry it does a fantastic job. As soon as you start to apply the chain cleaner you can see the chain getting clean and does a very good job. Wish I had moved over to Wurth sooner, I would recommend the two products to anybody. I will be sticking with Wurth 100%.

- Northwich, Cheshire
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