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Wurth Twin Pack

Wurth Twin Pack

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5 Stars from 247 reviews

Our price $17.68 $18.95
5 Star
- September 28, 2015

Very good product

I used to use Muc-off but this is a better product.

- Sandbach
5 Star
- September 28, 2015

Excellent product, highly recommended

Bought this product because I read the other reviews and they were all very positively be. Excellent product, highly recommended for essential maintenance, great service from Sportsbikeshop as always

- Warwick
5 Star
- September 26, 2015

Job done, no mess

Great pack at a great price. Next to no mess.

- Dursley
5 Star
- September 22, 2015

Excellent, does the job

The chain lube is really good. It does not fling at all. I am not sure how often I should use it though! I have not used the cleaner yet but I am sure it is good also!

- Harrow
5 Star
- September 15, 2015

Excellent pack at a fantastic price

An excellent pack at a fantastic price. The chain cleaner works really well and has my chain looking clean and healthy! The lube is spot on and I've not seen any trace of it on my rear wheel. Really pleased with the pack.

- Leicester
5 Star
- September 5, 2015

Good stuff

Chains don't have to be black and messy, in fact a shiny clean chain is the sign of a well cared for bike! Do your bike a favour and treat it with this!

- Wallasey
5 Star
- September 3, 2015

Excellent product

The cleaner does a fantastic job of getting all the old muck off, but doesn't last overly long. I use one can per clean. The lube is great and doesn't fling off over the wheels or swing arm.

- Gravesend
5 Star
- September 2, 2015

A little goes a long way

Excellent stuff and mess free providing you don't go mad with it.

- Chester
5 Star
- August 25, 2015

Cleanest chain lube ever

An excellent chain cleaner and even better clear lube. The cleaner doesn't last long if you are generous though. Difficult to tell when to reapply the lube as you can't tell when its been washed off.

- Coventry
5 Star
- August 23, 2015

Great pack

I find this lube is so clean to use and no much from the road clings to it like lubes I've previously used. I will be buying this again.

- Bristol
5 Star
- August 21, 2015

Good stuff good price

Good value and good quality products. Will buy again.

- Halstead
5 Star
- August 19, 2015

A very good combo

The cleaning spray was very effective and the lube does the job. Chain runs smooth without any grease splattering.

- London
5 Star
- August 17, 2015

What more could you want

As a first time chain cleaner(!) I'm impressed. The cleaner is very effective as is the lube, and no residue sprayed everywhere either. Great price too.

- Hull
5 Star
- August 12, 2015

Does exactly what it says

Lube is very effective. No throw off, no sticky white residue, chain keeps looking clean after you've used the cleaner. The cleaner is great on the Discs also.

- Egremont
5 Star
- August 7, 2015

Great price, great product

Best I have found!! Great for de-crapping your chain and then lube it up without the flinging of the lube around the swing arm and tail tidy and reg plate! If you haven't tried it you should and at this price you'd be a fool!:)

- Liverpool
4 Star
- August 3, 2015

Great product combo, super price

The Lube is as good I was led to believe - no fling so far. The chain cleaner does its job. Great price combo.

- Windsor
5 Star
- July 31, 2015

The wet dream of cleaner and lubricant combo

Does everything you need it to do.

- London
5 Star
- July 29, 2015

Great as usual

My go to product when I need to stock up on chain cleaner and lube. The cleaner in particular you can see working and the grime just falls off. Had no issues with the lube. Great customer service as usual.

- Liverpool
4 Star
- July 14, 2015

Good product, good price

No fling observed yet. Went on nicely. Not sure how well it would fair in wetter weather though.

- Sheffield
5 Star
- July 6, 2015

Wurth Chain Lube and Cleaner

Outstanding results. Cleaner is by far the best I have used and it even see to remove tar and other ground in or solidified grease etc as well as chain. Make sure you have chain brush as well for best results. Chain lube fast, easy to apply, coats evenly, very little after splash.

- Waltham
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