Wurth Twin Pack

High Performance Dry Chain Lube & Chain Cleaner

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.

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Chain cleaner & lubricant
18 October 2023 by Steve F
Can't say as I haven't used yet recommended to me by staff at the Honda garage
Worth the money
08 October 2023 by Robert O
The chain lube does a fantastic job and dries clear, no fling on to the wheel and tyre either.
Brilliant product and value for money *****
Good Stuff
23 September 2023 by Paul
Bought Wurth stuff in the past that wasn't bike related and they always were quality so it made sense to continue using Wurth when the bike needs chain maintenance. When cleaning down the chain I place cardboard on the floor underneath the chain to catch the dirt that comes off. The chain lubricant itself is great, no sticky mess everywhere after application, good stuff and recommended.
No fling
17 September 2023 by Anonymous
Protects well and once applied it's virtually invisible, no fling and cleans off well using the cleaner, favourite chain lube and cleaner
Great Value Pack
12 September 2023 by Pete
Really helpful for cleaning bike chains, and the lube seems to not fling as much as other brands I have tried so in turn, keeps my wheel cleaner too!
Best chain cleaner and lube
25 August 2023 by Gary S
This is without doubt the best chain and brake cleaner I have ever used, treat yourself. you won't be disappointed.
Decent cleaner and dry lube
23 August 2023 by D J
Very good cleaning properties.
My chain was possibly quite dirty as I have only just bought the bike 2nd hand.
So went through the entire can to clean it, which felt like it didn't go very far
The dry lube seems good though
No mess at all.
Time will tell how long it lasts
Clean and effective
19 August 2023 by T W
Does the job well - clean and effective
Great value and works well
11 August 2023 by James G
There's only so much you can say about chain cleaner and lube.

Ultimately, it either works well, or not - Wurth's bargain twin-pack though is most definitely the former and I keep coming back to SBS for more!

The cleaner works really well and isn't offensive smelling (not that you're getting it to tickle your nose and freshen the house) and handily removes the funk, muck and grim that sometimes accumulates.

The lube also works really well and having worked through both cans I can say with some confidence that it does a great job of keeping things moving, cleanly, without picking up every lick of grit from the roads or flicking all over the place, either.

Overall very pleased and as always, delivered quickly from SBS.
Nice stuff
08 August 2023 by Harry P
Works as advertised, chain looks good after use
Good Stuff
26 July 2023 by Derek F
Easy to use, delivery as promised. Well pleased
Great product
26 July 2023 by Paul C
Brilliant stuff.
You get more for your money with this product. 500ml tins at a good price and most importantly a really good quality item that not only keeps your chain looking beautiful, but reduces noise better than most.
Clean and lube
26 July 2023 by Paul H
Give chain a good clean and lube in one session not sure chain lube would be very good on off road bikes, very sticky and would attach dust and mud. Better off putting oil on chain.
13 July 2023 by Anonymous
Great lube, Happy to get a twin pack.... now just need to find the will of brushing that chain clean!
Good value
12 July 2023 by Anonymous
Excellent price and faultless delivery
Good value
12 July 2023 by Steven S
Inexpensive and does what it says on both tins...
Top products!
06 July 2023 by cde
Always used Wurth chain lube, great product with no fling at all. Keeps your chain and sprockets clean and well lubed. The brake and chain cleaner speaks for itself, but is a useful tool to have. Sportsbikeshop were on their A game as per usual. Fast delivery and unmatched price.
Excellent product
29 June 2023 by Les W
Several people told me that Wurth was the cleaner and lube to go for and they were not wrong! After cleaning my bike felt smoother and was ready to fly... it's a good feeling to know that you are doing something good for your machine. Easy to apply and visible results.

Wurth Twin Pack

High Performance Dry Chain Lube 500ml
A high specification wax lubricant. Its unique ability to penetrate the tightest gaps and linkages means that the hard wearing lubrication is coated onto all surfaces. Due to the low build technology dirt and grit will not stick to the chain thus increasing chain life.

Brake & Chain Cleaner 500ml
An advanced cleaner for the safe and effective removal of contaminants such as hazardous dusts, dirt, grease & oil. When used on brake components it will remove brake dust, fluid & oil from discs, drums and callipers.

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

  • Is this suitable for "O" Ring chains

    May 2, 2018

    The Wurth Twin Pack is suitable for use on "O" ring chains.