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High Performance Dry Chain Lube



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Worth Dry Chain Lube
29 December 2023 by Stephen D
Excellent product, easy to apply,d oesn't fling so keeps back wheel and back of bike cleaner than other chain lubes.
Best Lube bar none
11 December 2023 by Ian M
I've used this for a good number of years (I have tried others), and this is by far the best chain lube you can buy. It goes on easily and stays on, and the best thing about this product it does not fling or make a mess of your back wheel. You can buy cheaper but this is definitely the best.
Very impressive lube
07 November 2023 by Daniel C
Very good lube with next to no fling and keeps the drivetrain looking clean due to it being clear.
Great product
19 October 2023 by Sebastian S
Easy to use chain lube which leaves a highly effective protective layer on the chain. Doesn't cause excessive fling making wheel and other parts dirty. Easy to apply without creating a mess. Would highly recommend this product.
Stays on the chain
27 September 2023 by Ian W
Easy to apply and stays put. I.e. not flinging off onto the rear wheel. A good price too.
Great product, great price, great service.
30 August 2023 by Robert A
Very easy to order online at a great price from Sportsbikeshop. Fast delivery and kept informed of the progress of my order.
Great product that I have been using for a few years. Virtually no fling from the chain so the rear wheel and bike does not get covered in lube. Also, it does not attract grit and grime when it rains like other products I've used.
Highly recommend.
No fling
29 August 2023 by Jeffrey L
Zero fling brilliant anti rust qualities. Just remember to give a quick spray after a good ride when the chain is warm
Chain lube
11 August 2023 by James R
Just what I wanted
Best chain lube.
03 August 2023 by Martin
A dry lube; virtually invisible once applied; no fling off; has given me very good chain life. Could possibly be improved by supplying a straw to give a narrower, more directional spray. Surprisingly, this product isn't widely available (given past RiDE best buy) and Sportsbikeshop won't post for free - only via courier which is expensive for one can.
Chain lube
26 July 2023 by Paul H
Always use none fling keeps lube on chain and not on frame and wheel
Great product
15 July 2023 by Alan W
I have used Wurth Dry Chain lube for years now and swear by it. It has good penetration into the chain and does not fling off like some other products out there, so doesn't cover your pride and joy in goo. Buy it, you can't go wrong.
Sticky stuff
15 July 2023 by Timothy S
Great stuff. I always use this and it sticks to chain really well
Excellent stuff
14 July 2023 by James B
I have used wurth chain lube for as long as I can remember.
It's not the cheapest product available but personally I think it's the best.
It is a dry lube so doesn't fling off or coat everything in a sticky gungy mess.
I always apply some after a ride out when the chain is warm to allow it to seep into the joints.
I can't recommend it enough.
Travel size
13 July 2023 by Anonymous
Getting this 150ml as it's really a pain to bring full size aerosol while touring.
11 July 2023 by Lance G
Brilliant stuff
Wurth the investment
07 July 2023 by Steve
Used this for some time now and won't go back to messy oil-based systems. After every ride, just pop the bike on the stand, spin the wheel and apply while the chain still warm - no mess, no fuss.
Obviously still need to periodically clean the chain when adjusting and checking, of course.
All Good
03 July 2023 by John C
Product is know for years and it all turned up present and correct
Tried lots of others this is a good summer option
15 June 2023 by Dom M
Have used many lubes and I jump between this and Motul C2 as I find them on par for lubing and minimal fling.

Great lube for the bike, rubbish for the bedroom.

Wurth - High Performance Dry Chain Lube

Wurth High Performance Dry Chain Lube is a high specification wax lubricant. Its unique ability to penetrate the tightest gaps and linkages means that the hard wearing lubrication is coated onto all surfaces. Due to the low build technology dirt and grit will not stick to the chain thus increasing chain life.

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

  • Why does this not ship overseas?

    December 29, 2017

    This item cannot be shipped overseas as it is a pressurised container, apologies.

  • what volume can is it ?

    May 21, 2013

    Using the drop down menu, you can select either a 150ml or 500ml can.

  • Is this product suitable for 'O' ring chains?

    November 8, 2012

    Wurth High Performance Dry Chain Lube is designed for use with all types of motorcycle drive chain application.

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