Gerbing MicroWirePRO Heated GT Hybrid Leather Gloves - Black

Short cuff waterproof, windproof electrically heated leather gloves with Thinsulate thermal liner

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.

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Well made
12 December 2022 by Brian S
These look well made and are comfortable considering there bulk. Are warm enough in 12c without being electrically heated. Will up date when tried electrified.
28 November 2022 by Stephen
Really excellent - easy to fit, versatile (can plug into the bike's battery or use batteries), and functional ie. they work.
Nice gloves BUT
04 April 2022 by Dave E
First off let me say that this review would have been four stars possibly five IF I hadn't had a major problem with the gloves which took a month to resolve BUT let me be clear SBS were NOT to blame here..
These gloves are very warm and comfortable - perfect for someone like me with poor circulation. Nicely stitched with a Hippora lining and soft with no rubbing points.
I obviously had a rogue pair though (well at least the RH glove was rogue!) There's a small zipped pocket inside the gloves where you can add a battery or tuck the wiring away if you want to use these as conventional gloves. The zip is metal and to be fair that's not a problem in itself. I was out on a ride with two mates and no intercom when I felt a pain in the back of my hand - I thought it was just the little zip pressing into my hand. As we weren't that far from our destination I just decided to put up with it for a few miles. Unfortunately when we arrived at the end of the ride and I removed the glove I discovered a fairly bad blister on the back of my hands where the wiring inside glove had burned me. Quite painful for a few weeks if I'm honest! Because the gloves were out of the SBS thirty day return period I reported the matter to the Gerbing importers using their website and was promised an exchange and a return bag so that their factory quality dept could check the defect. Nothing materialised and so today several weeks later have contacted them again. So for a few weeks I've had no wearable gloves and a burned hand..... Today they have promised to send out a new pair for delivery tomorrow and they have now emailed a returns label. I would have anticipated a slightly more apologetic response from the importer OR indeed Gerbing themselves but it wasn't forthcoming. Overall it's a great pity really because as I say these gloves looked to be nice quality and without this issue I would certainly have recommended them!
Good, but needs attention
28 March 2022 by John K
These gloves are as good as people suggest. However, the lack of any indication of what level the settings are at. Leaves a question mark upon them. They light up when you first plug them in, but nothing once they are on. You do not know if they are on or off. This is an issue for me, as I have Reynards, and never know if its my fault or the gloves?
Hand in glove
09 March 2022 by Steve
Good size overall but thumbs slightly long which can reduce heat to tips. Be aware there is no armour if that's important to you. Bought these with batteries for both options but prefer the battery operation as it is so comfy and I don't forget to unplug - which I sometimes used to do with my old system. They are comfortable and stayed dry through a prolonged shower. I always have gloves outside sleeves so did not mind I couldn't wear them inside but this is more a function of the jacket than bulk of the glove with batteries in place.
So Warm
03 March 2022 by Dave R
The gloves operate from the bike battery, so no worries of them going cold half way through a ride.
I rode for over 3 hours with an air temperature of around 2 degrees C. My hansd were comfortable and warm throughout.
Although these gloves are not armoured they are very durable and well made. They are also extreamly comfortable.
All wiring included and really easy to fit.
Top quality item
03 February 2022 by Andy H
Hard to believe that this an entry level glove. The quality is excellent and materials seem very strong and sturdy. The gloves are very warm without assistance and when powered up are scorchingly hot at the max setting. The settings buttons are usable when wearing both gloves !
Warm hands at last
27 January 2022 by Ian I
Having been a biker for over 50 years and managed many winters with heated grips,I decided it was time to invest in these heated gloves as I suffer from Reynard's Disease,(bad circulation) in my fingers when cold. My only regret is that I left it until now. These Gerbing heated gloves are absolutely brilliant and very comfortable. No more numb fingers. Little bit of a faff when stopping for petrol,but a small price to pay. Great service as always from Sportsbikeshop, superfast delivery and return refund for the pair that was too big.
Super comfortable, perfect for the winter
04 November 2021 by Philip B
Just purchased to go with the inner liner jacket. Lovely and comfortable with sizing spot and warm without the heated element. Using with the wiring harness via the jacket sleeves and whilst a little fiddly to attach, once connected the control buttons are easy to use on the move. You do have to have the cuff outside your jacket sleeve though to operate unless you set the temperature and don't want to change.
Quality is excellent and whilst not used in rain year, treated with a waterproof wax I'm certain they would be perfect and as good as a goretex glove. Cold hands are worse than wet hands.
Option to use with batteries is great but again too bulky to go under some jacket sleeves.
I sold my pair of racer forge to purchase these so compatable with the jacket and they are equally as good. In my opinion heated gloves are so much better than grips and if you attach to the bike via the battery cable (easy install even for a mechanical moron like me) you don't get cold hand anxiety if out on a long ride should the batteries run out of charge.
Now all gerbing need to do is a heated helmet although perhaps it would be cheaper to get a car instead.
Hands warm at last
04 May 2021 by Phil E
Gloves are a good fit and work well this is the first time trying heated gloves and I wish I had done it years ago
27 March 2021 by Anonymous
First ever pair of heated gloves - interesting experience!
Worked well though, and kept whole of the hand warm. Though at max setting, unless road-speed was high enough, it did get uncomfortably hot. Simple matter of adjusting the setting, though.
Nice gloves. Brill service
20 March 2021 by Richard M
These gloves do a nice job of keeping my hands warm. They're not roasting hot but when riding I only put them on medium heat setting and that's enough even in v cold weather. Not too bulky but they are obviously thicker than 'normal' gloves. With the batteries fitted they are a little uncomfortable on the wrists so if they could make slimmer batteries with equal output in the future I'd get them.
Main reason I've written this review however is to say thanks to Sally A from Sportsbikeshop shop who was amazing in helping me get these gloves, batteries and a cable. Truly fantastic customer service Sally. Thanks
Gerbing gt gloves
09 February 2021 by Graham B
Good quality, effective gloves.
Does what it says on the box.
Value for money, don't get hot but comfortable and warm.
Good, but with reservations
22 January 2021 by Anonymous
I bought these as I wanted to try heated gloves in preference to heated grips. The gloves are well made, and the fit was true-to-size. (I have quite long fingers for my hand size.) Leather is supple. Feel of bars and controls reasonable, and works with a phone screen, athough a bit clumsy. I'm currently using the Y cable threaded through my jacket arms to a socket connected to the battery. Bit of a faff to plug the cables in compared to heated grips, but that's the nature of the product. (Waiting for the matching jacket and controller now, which should neaten things up a little.)
Also, when you plug them in you have to hold down each cuff button for 3 seconds to get them to switch on. Now 6 seconds is not a long time, but its still an unnecessary waste of time... (especially as during the course of a day's work I have to plug them in 5-10 times...)
My main gripe is that the finger tips and almost half the length of the thumb re not heated. My first few days using them it was between 0 and 2 degrees and my fingers were numb with cold after only 10-15 minutes. So cold that I couldn't tell the rest of my hands were warm. My bike has hand guards. However, once the temperature goes about 4-5 degrees they perform fine. So, I;m a little disappointed that they haven't solved the real cold-weather heating issues, but they are still good gloves and, on all but the coldest riding days, work well. I think the consensus amongst the forums is that the ultimate solution for the cold is heated grips and muffs - if you can accept the bulk of the muffs on the bars.
SportsBikeShop Service
04 January 2021 by David W
The Gerbing gloves I've had have all been great. In this instance I bought the wrong size and an unneeded controller as I was not aware of technical updates. On calling SportsBikeShop they quickly sorted out the size swap plus pointed out I did not require a controller and credited it. Unusually good service in a world of call centres.
11 November 2020 by Mel
Lovely gloves xxs fitting fine but way to uncomfortable with the batteries in them ... shame
Heated gloves
14 November 2019 by Michael R
I've been looking for heated gloves for a while and came across the Gerbing ones at Sportsbike online store!
These are a quality product and have 3 heat settings which is very Useful. They are very comfortable to where even while using battery packs attached! I have just bought the connection cable which connects to my battery charging connector on my bike which again is very useful. Overall brilliant product and great service from Shop!

Gerbing MicroWirePRO Heated GT Hybrid Leather Gloves - Black

  • Soft, supple drum-dyed premium leather construction
  • Waterproof, windproof and breathable Hipora liner
  • Thinsulate thermal insulation brushed liner for added warmth and comfort
  • Integrated push-button control with three heat settings and LED indicator
  • Can be used with optional 1Amp, 2Amp or 3Amp batteries
  • Adjustable wrist closure system
  • Touchscreen compatible pad on index fingertip for smart device operation
  • Lifetime warranty on the heating elements

Requires connection to 12v vehicle battery, Gerbing jacket or optional Gerbing battery packs.
Not compatible with Gerbing Dual Temperature Controller, please use Portable Digital Temperature Controller if combined with a Gerbing heated jacket.
A very comfortable heated motorcycle glove fitted with Gerbing's European patent pending heating system. Made with an exceptionally soft and supple drum-dyed premium leather that contours to the hand. The design is sleek, stylish and very functional as a light, but strong, pliable heated glove designed to fit under most motorcycle jacket cuffs. The Touchscreen material on the index fingers will ensure you can use your smartphone or navigation system whilst wearing the heated gloves. If you're cruising for hours, simply connect these heated gloves directly to your vehicle's battery using the supplied battery harness and Long Y-Cable. The easy-to-access integrated push button controller situated on the top of the glove allows the wearer to regulate the temperature to suit their requirements. Like all Gerbing gloves, the GT can also be powered directly through the integrated cuff plugs of the Gerbing Heated Jacket Liner. Alternatively if you are just riding short distances or maybe unable to connect the battery cable directly to your vehicle then the gloves can be powered using optional small rechargeable Lithium batteries. These fit comfortably inside a specially designed pocket inside the cuff of each glove. Choose from the 1.0Amp, 2.0Amp or 3.0Amp Battery for up to 8 hours of heat. Please note: if using the GT glove with battery packs it is unlikely that they will fit underneath your jacket cuff.

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