Recycling - Our Commitment

Here at Sportsbikeshop we’re proud to say all boxes we use to supply our online customers and retail stores are fully certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

When you see the FSC logo on our boxes, which contain between 75% and 80% recycled material, you can have confidence we are helping to ensure our forests are correctly maintained for generations to come.

The plastic bags we use to ship some online orders, and some of the carrier bags supplied in our retail stores, are made using 30% recycled material but are 100% recyclable. We are, however, moving to 100% recycled paper bags across our store network to help achieve our goal of plastic free packaging.

The jiffy bags we use to send smaller orders are designed to be easily recycled, so you can separate the paper outer from the bubbled inner and place one or both in recycling, depending on your local council’s requirements.

Our gift vouchers are made using a wooden pulp from sustainable forests and once used they can simply be thrown in your mixed paper recycling bin or compost bin.

All packaging bought by Sportsbikeshop to fill out our parcels before they’re despatched is fully recyclable, either via your kerbside collection or by checking with your local council.*

We re-use as much of our cardboard as possible and once it’s no longer usable it’s fully recycled. We are constantly looking at ways to reduce our waste as much as possible, and increase the amount of waste that’s recycled.

*We receive a vast number of deliveries from our suppliers and these may contain non-recyclable packaging materials. Rather than dispose of them, we re-use these materials to package orders for our customers as we believe it’s the more responsible thing to do. So if the packaging used to fill out your order looks a little odd, it’s simply us re-using what someone else has sent to us.

With some larger items, such as Givi hard luggage, we despatch them in the manufacturer’s original packaging. We can’t take responsibility for whether these materials are FSC-approved, but we feel it’s better to use the original packaging rather than re-package in our own, which would generate more cardboard waste.

For more information on recycling please see the link below.