Beeline Moto - Black

Smartphone controlled navigation aid with route indication, compass mode and IP67 weatherproofing

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Verified Customer Reviews for Beeline Moto

85 reviews
Easy to use
16 January 2024 by Lynn
Very pleased with this so far. Fits easily and securely on the bike and can be quickly removed and put in your pocket when parked. App is easy to use
B line
10 January 2024 by Laurence W
Good product, easy to use & swap between bikes very pleased
Does what it says on the tin
03 January 2024 by Peter B
Excellent purchase, very happy
Pleasantly surprised
18 November 2023 by Anonymous
Very surprised at how well this device works. Lives up to the saying that all good things come in small sizes. Works really well, doesn't lose route in tunnels. Highly recommended for all motorcycle journeys.
Compact neat GPS
15 November 2023 by Mark P
Easy to install and use.Quality product and unobtrusive on the bike comes with a range of different fittings but I also purchased a fitting for a 1" ball mount to fit an existing set up. I've only given it one trial so far but it's looking good
Neat GPS package
17 October 2023 by Trevor P
Easy setup and looking good on the bike, nice and easy to take off the bike, one twist and put it in your pocket.
Very good quality for the money.
Excellent product
13 October 2023 by Robert S
A really neat solution to navigation. Good support from the manufacturer
Beeline Moto-Black
11 October 2023 by Kevin B
very easy to pair with phone and also to use. The battery lasts a long time it has just been used for a 1,400 mile weeks tour into Europe and didn't require recharging
Different sat nav option for some adventures.
11 September 2023 by Richard C
I do not use a sat nav routinely and mostly plan a ride on a map and try to ride from memory using way points. I have sometimes used Google maps on my phone if I needed help in finding a destination.
I bought the Beeline Moto as an option to maps. I have used moto a few times now. It is small and looks good on the bike, easy to fit and remove and also easy to swop from bike to bike. The supplied mount fits securely around normal sized handle bars. Quality seems good with a long battery life and easy to use interface. The Beeline app is also good and easy to set up a route using the fast, fun and compass options. I have also imported a route made on the PC using GPX file and that is easy to do. I like to set the Beeline to fun so it avoids motorways and major roads. Following the Beeline is fairly easy however you do need to have a few rides with the Beeline to get used to the way it works. It can get confused at complicated road junctions...but if you are not on a time critcial journey that's fine just turn round and get back on track! If you go wrong it will re-route but I find this re-routing option does not work if you are riding to an imported GPX file route. I have used the fun setting to get to places I have ridden to many times and the Beeline has come up with some really interesting routes with some great biking roads, that's where it scores highest for me. It is not a replacement for your big screen Garmin or phone with google maps. If you need to see the road layout and have audio prompts then this will not do the job for you. It will not show traffic conditions, closed roads or find petrol stations....What the Beeline does do very well is give you an adventure to get to a destination. Set it on compass and really have some fun. Set it on fun and it will take you along some great bike roads. Fast will give you the most direct way. You can select options to avoid motorways etc within the app. The app also records your rides and saves interesting data. Worth the money? Yes, buy it to replace your old conventional sat nav? No. Buy it to just go and enjoy a bike ride with some simple sat nav help ? Yes.
Simple route guidance
25 August 2023 by Graham W
This is simple to use and mount on the handlebars. Also looks great on my Trident 660.
The display clear and worked really well to get me to the destination without all the other distractions you get from mounting a mobile to the handlebars.
A good price ,excellent service and fast delivery as usual from SBS
Beeline Moto
22 August 2023 by David T
Took a couple of rides but once you get to grips with it, it works great. Looks good on the bike too.
Trusty co-pilot
22 August 2023 by Julie
Love this, it's so easy to set up and use. Doesn't detract from road concentration, just a quick glance at it to make sure you're going in the right direction.
Beeline Moto
01 August 2023 by Francis B
Amazing idea, simplifies navigation using the best sat nav routing (google maps). Also frees up phone usage for listening to tunes on the go. Amazing delivery time as usual.
Weekend Rider Suitable
25 July 2023 by XiXi
You get where you want to go without lots of on screen distraction and without consuming all your phone battery. You will miss turnings and you will get confused at complex junctions, enjoy the detour and you are re-routed. It's designed for chilled rides not mission impossible rides and you will not have all the data you get with Waze or Google Maps, that might just save your life as less distractions means more time with your eyes on the road. You can't tell how far you have to go, or what time you will arrive, that suits me as I want to get somewhere at some point in time and detours are fine for me. No traffic alerts, also fine for me as I am in no rush. It's also ok to leave on the bike as no one will notice it so theft risk is low u like leaving your phone on show and no fear of vibration damage. The option to select fast or fun route works a dream although I tend towards the fun routes which have been spot on. The adapter for the handlebar is secure and no signs of movement. I've been using mine for about 20 hours and not thought about charging it yet, maybe I should.
Ok but not great
15 July 2023 by Leigh C
I like the design, it's neat and easy enough to mount with the fittings included (in most cases). It'll get you home or to a particular location when lost/exploring and aid generally navigation. However I have found it has several issues: - it does occasionally and momentarily lose it's location, it sometimes points across fields or unsuitable tracks, it had me going in large circles in a small but unfamiliar village, it has frozen altogether (but reopening the map up on my phone fixed it), if I went off the chosen route, to get fuel for example, it sometimes appeared to have great difficulty getting me back on the programmed route. Overall it's ok and I'll continue to use it and when it's working properly it's great.
Superb, compact navigation for the motorbike
09 July 2023 by Craig
The Beeline Moto more than lives up to expectations. Navigation is intuitive, simple and, thus far, accurate.

The information presented is simple but really informative, providing next turn, countdown to next turn and progress against the overall journey.

The unit fits beautifully on the handlebars without taking up too much space and is easily removed to drop in a pocket when you get off the bike.

Can't recommend it highly enough.
Very snug device
22 June 2023 by Stephen D
Just what I was looking for a snug device that fits behind my Iron 1200 bikini screen. Very helpful in keeping you in the right direction also other information example distance before the next turn. Use with the Beeline App no problems on my first bike run
Easily adaptable navigation
16 June 2023 by Clive C
The beeline is simple to fit to any bike and easy to move form one to another. It is an unobtrusive addition to the handlebars which suits any bike but particularly where a phone holder would not fit, would get in the way or would simply not look right on a classic, classic styled ro custom bike. Great out on the open road, I found it harder to follow whilst concentrating on busy traffic in towns where there might be more than one option of a turning close together.

Beeline Moto - Black

  • ABS plastic construction with toughened bonded glass screen
  • Two navigation modes, route and compass
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Ride tracking and sharing options
  • Large, glove-friendly buttons
  • GPX route import via smartphone
  • Speedo, clock and trip computer functions
  • Automatic backlight for low light / night rides
  • Lifetime app and firmware updates
  • Metric or imperial distance units
  • Smartphone App supports English, French, German and Japanese languages
  • Rechargeable Lithium 400mAh battery
  • USB-A charger with pogo pin cradle
  • Battery life approx. 30 hours, 10 hours with backlight
  • Standby life: 4-6 months
  • LCD screen with LED backlight
  • Resolution: 208 x 208, 287 PPI
  • Active area diameter: 26mm (1 inch)
  • Bonded toughened glass
  • Accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer sensors
  • Bluetooth 4.0 low energy communication
  • IP67 rated dust and waterproofing
  • 49.8mm (1.96 inches) diameter, 18.6mm (0.73 inches) deep

Requires smartphone with iOS 9.2 / Android 7.0 or above with Bluetooth 4.0 capability to operate.
The Beeline Moto navigation device solves the problem of finding your way on a motorcycle or scooter. The minimalist interface guides you intuitively with a single clear arrow to ensure you're always on track. Featuring two navigation modes to cater for different rides. Route mode when you need precise guidance, or compass mode when you want the freedom to explore. Simply set your destination with any desired waypoints in the smartphone app and you're ready to go.

Fully IP67 waterproof and shockproof with a sunlight readable display and 30 hour battery life, Beeline Moto is built for whatever you can throw at it. Utilizing a simple and secure twist-lock mount allowing you to quickly and easily attach/detach the device from your bike.

What's in the box:
  • Beeline Moto device
  • USB Charge cable
  • Sticky pad modular mount
  • Universal elastic strap mount
  • Quickstart guide

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