Introducing... HJC RPHA-71 helmet featured image

Introducing... HJC RPHA-71 helmet

10 Nov 2022
Updated: 1 Feb 2023 HJC's new sports-touring lid looks to pick up where the impressive RPHA-70 leaves off

We’ve been expecting this for a while, but HJC have shown off their new RPHA-71 sports-touring helmet.

It arrives in their 2023 collection to replace the HJC RPHA-70, which has been a popular part of HJC’s line-up since 2017.

The new helmet meets the latest ECE 22.06 safety standard, which should mean an upgrade over the outgoing lid.

The shell is made using a new version of HJC’s Premium Integrated Matrix of fibres (PIM). The PIM Evo shell’s composite includes carbon, aramid, glass and linen fibres to provide a strong outer layer and its appearance is sleeker than the outgoing helmet.

HJC say they’ve used their in-house wind tunnel to hone the lid’s shape so it can cut through the air more cleanly and with less noise for the rider inside.

Two chunky vents, one on the chin and another up top, look simple to use and it appears HJC have ditched the fiddly internal chin vent that very few riders even knew was there on the RPHA-70.

Also gone is HJC’s central visor tab, which has been shared across several of their RPHA helmets. 

The all-new HJ-40 visor has its tab to the left and it can be used to lock the visor closed or lever it into a cracked position for airflow.

There’s also a new sun visor operation. The HJ-V12’s plane of operation can be adjusted so the visor sits either closer or further away from the rider’s face.

The new RPHA-71 also heralds the arrival of a second generation of HJC intercom.

The helmet is prepared to accept the second generation of HJC Smart intercoms, the 50B and 21B units that are due to land as part of the new 2023 range.

It does, though, appear that designing the new lid to work with HJC’s Smart systems will make it harder for riders who want to fit their own choice of comms system.

The RPHA-71 retains many of the popular features of its predecessor, including an interior that’s designed to work with spectacles and has a chin curtain as standard. The D-ring fastener is also retained from the RPHA-70.

The new lid will come in sizes from XS (54cm) up to XXL (63cm). Of the 15 graphics shown on launch, 10 will be coming to the UK and they will be joined by plain white and matt black. Our image galleries show the designs selected for the UK collection.

The plain colours have now landed, at a list price of £399.99 and graphics available soon for £449.99.