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AGV Tourmodular flipfront helmet review

There's been a fair old wait for AGV's newest flipfront helmet. Find out here if it's been worth it...
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Motorcycle: Suzuki GSX-S1000GT
Seasons Ridden: Summer only

AGV timed the arrival of their new premium flipfront helmet perfectly for me - it landed just before I set off on a four-day riding trip through the Cotswolds and Wales.

That meant I could press the AGV Tourmodular straight into the kind of action it’s very obviously been designed for - riding for long stretches over several days.

And the new lid performed very well, if not faultlessly, over the 550-mile trip and subsequent week of commuting.

Its shell made from a composite of carbon, aramid and fibreglass is light enough to stay comfy, the chinbar lifting mechanism is secure and reliable and the comfort lining coped well with long, hot days during a UK heatwave.

The visor offers superb peripheral vision and the Pinlock anti-mist insert performed well even when rain started to fall on the final day of my trip.

It’s dead easy to remove the visor too, though it’s not something you should need to do often as there’s a sun visor that gives good depth of coverage.

The sun visor isn’t coated to guard against mist, and I did experience light misting when riding in colder, damp conditions. I feel this is a shame, but other premium flips like Schuberth’s C5 also lack fog protection for their sun visors.

The venting, which comes through two chin inlets and another pair on top before flowing through exhaust ports, works well enough without being astounding.

A click-buckle chinstrap fastener tops off the very convenient set-up for a flipfront helmet, which makes touring much easier as there’s no need to de-lid at fuel stops or quick roadside breaks.

Safety-wise the Tourmodular excels, too. It meets the recent ECE 22.06 test standard, which is more rigorous than the outgoing 22.05 test, and there’s an anti roll-off strap arrangement to help the lid stay on the head in an accident. Thankfully these aspects remain untested by me, but it’s reassuring to know they’re there.

When worn without the chin curtain in place, I experienced quite a lot of air swirling around behind the chinbar. This made the helmet a bit noiser, would make it colder in winter and also disrupts the audio quality if using an intercom.

The chin curtain is supplied in the box and I would definitely recommend fitting it as the riding experience improved for me after I’d put it in place.

There’s a dedicated intercom system for the Tourmodular - the AGV Insyde, which is a collaboration with comms specialists Cardo.

I was able to use the helmet with the system fitted throughout my time with the lid, and found it fitted neatly and was easy to use thanks to Cardo’s voice control set-up.

When using it for bike-to-bike comms with my partner and her Cardo Packtalk Bold, initally the signal between us wasn’t as reliable as we’ve found when communicating using two Packtalk Bold units. Then it was pointed out to me that I had the microphone installed incorrectly. Once I turned it around to have the yellow arrow pointing towards my mouth the connection was far more reliable than before and presented no problems. 

For use as a headset/remote control for my phone and music the Insyde unit has also been very good 

Overall, the AGV Tourmodular is a premium flipfront offering that definitely lives up to a launch RRP that starts at £449.99.

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AGV Tourmodular

5 (25)

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AGV INSYDE Communication System

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