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Daytona Road Star GTX boots review

Daytona are widely recognised as the king of biking boots and our reviewer suggests their reputation for excellent quality is totally deserved
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4.9 (73)

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Motorcycle: BMW R1200GS
Seasons Ridden: Spring, summer

The first thing that struck me about the Daytona Road Stars on unboxing them and trying them out in the living room was how wonderfully easy they are to take on and off.

The twin-zip system (one of which extends almost to the start of the toes) allows the front part of the boot to open right up. Feet slip in without any pushing or twisting, so the sole insert doesn’t get wrinkled or shoved down into the toe box, which can be so frustrating!

Once the two zips are done up and the pullers tucked behind their Velcro flaps, comfort is second to none. It almost feels as if I’m not wearing boots at all. I haven’t felt a single point anywhere on the boot press against my foot whilst wearing them. It’s hard to describe, but I’ll try… it’s like dipping your feet into a bath of body temperature water – you know it’s there enveloping them, but you can’t really feel it.

Designed as a touring boot, the Road Stars excel as all-rounders and I think it’s a massive compliment to say I barely notice them at all.

The uppers sit at just the right height to stop them clashing with the knee/shin armour in my trousers, they don’t squeak or rub, they don’t weigh my feet down or let in a drop of water or pinch when I walk more than 20 metres.

Upshifts don’t require ankle acrobatics to get my toe under the lever and walking around in them for extended periods is a pleasure.

As we all know, when you’re riding you need to concentrate, sometimes as a matter of life and death. The last thing anyone needs is an irritation, no matter how minor, so anything that does its job as well as these boots without you even being aware of them gets my vote.

After a couple of tours to Germany, a trip around Scotland's NC500 and a season of commuting they already feel like old friends. The quiet sort that you know have your back but don’t need to say it out loud all the time!

And that brings me on to another feature that I absolutely love about these boots; their plain and unassuming design. Daytona sell on quality and performance, no fanfare required. They’ve worked out how to make some of the best boots on the market and just gotten on with it, meaning no garish flashes or marketing gimmicks.

The lines are simple and clean and the profile of the boot is pleasingly slim, all of which mean that I feel as comfortable wearing them in the post office or supermarket (or anywhere short of a posh restaurant) as I do on the bike.

A trip round Scotland’s epic NC500 really gave them the opportunity to shine. We were camping and staying in hostels and bunkhouses, so without a need to look my best and with minimal packing space the Daytonas were my only footwear for a whole week.

They stayed comfortable even when worn for 12 hours or more each day and kept my feet dry in torrential rain as well as in the sea whilst washing pots! They never struggled to cope or showed signs of failure even when used to push tent pegs in or when scrambling up rocky inclines to find a great group photo.

The only time I can think that they wouldn’t be my riding footwear of choice is in temperatures of 30°C and above. The snuggly fit and leather construction, even without layers of insulation, combine to create quite a warm boot.

That’s fine all year round in the U.K. – absolutely perfect in wet, cold winter riding conditions, but perhaps a bit on the sweaty side for a tour of Spain or southern France mid-season.

As with anything, you pay your money and take your choice and top quality never comes cheap, but I would certainly say if you were to choose a pair of Road Stars it wouldn’t be money wasted.

Fit & Comfort

By far the most comfortable boots I have ever worn. Plush and supple straight out of the box, they feel more like a pair of slippers than a tough all-weather biking boot.


I never once had wet feet in about 5000 miles of riding. Including days of driving Scottish rain as well as standing in the sea and a couple of rivers.


Exceptionally good with plastic ankle and shin protectors and a steel sole insert. Slightly less than would be provided by a more rigid adventure-style boot, but that’s a matter of choice and style rather than a failing of any kind.

Build quality

Top notch. Excellent materials and fantastic attention to detail that only comes from being hand-made. I couldn’t find a single fault with these boots. You certainly do get what you pay for.


They're a bit lacking here, but you don’t need gimmicks when a product is this good. They’re plain and simple - and better for it in my eyes.