Icon 1000 Akromont textile jacket review featured image

Icon 1000 Akromont textile jacket review

Light, cool and fully armoured-up, Icon's 1000 Akromont is a winner in our reviewer's eyes
Review Conditions
Motorcycle: Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200
Seasons Ridden: Summer, autumn

American brand Icon make something for everyone and while the UK probably isn’t ready for some of their kit yet, the styling on this textile jacket is superb.

The Icon 1000 Akromont has just the right blend of modern and retro, forming a simple-looking jacket that really ticks the boxes for me.

The jacket is quite a sporty cut, slim and short, which looks great with a pair of denim jeans. I measure at a 42in chest, which is a medium in most brands, but that’s a large in Icon – and the sizing came up right once I’d studied their size chart.

Having since covered 1300 miles in the jacket I can say it’s very comfortable and the casual styling means you can comfortably wear this jacket both on the ride to the bike meet and while you’re there.

I started wearing the jacket through the heatwave of 2018 and it doesn’t have a great deal of ventilation to make life more comfortable in extreme temperatures, but it’s ideal for a normal British summer.

As the temperature started to drop, the thermal liner went in and proved enough to cope with the cooler days towards the end of summer and beginning of autumn.

But at the time of writing we’re dropping into single figures and the jacket is too thin to protect against the cold, especially as the low V-shaped neckline doesn’t keep any wind out at all.

When the inevitable happens and a British summer turns wet, the Akromont copes OK. Icon describe the water protection on the jacket as level one, the lowest of three levels they offer.

The water-resistant material and zip are described by Icon as providing light rain protection and I would agree, finding it’s good enough for a short shower.

I discovered the water found its way into the top through the low neckline. I found this annoying, but the jacket isn’t really aimed at wet-weather riding and shouldn’t be relied on to keep you perfectly dry.

My only oher annoyance with this jacket was also located at the neck. The puller for the main zip is a leather strip, which flapped around in the windblast and repeatedly slapped my neck. It wasn’t a big problem and could easily be remedied with a knife or scissors if you found it equally unsettling.

I was happier with the zip pullers at the cuffs, because each cuff zip has two pullers. This two-way action allowed me to open an air vent on each forearm. The quality of the meshing under the vent also gives the jacket a premium feel.

One of the highlights of the jacket for me is the internal lining, which feels like silk and has a knuckleduster print pattern. The comfort of the silky-feel lining makes it comfortable to wear for hours.

The Akromont 1000 is a perfect lightweight summer jacket that can also be worn casually and I think Icon hit the mark with this.

Fit & Comfort

The sizing was accurate once I worked out that a 42in chest is a large in Icon sizing (not a medium like it is in most brands). It’s worth taking that into account when ordering.


There’s full D3O armour for back, shoulders and elbows. I feel D3O armour is the benchmark for comfort and as it’s tried and tested, I have no issues with the safety of the jacket, which really does give me confidence.


It’s Icon’s lowest level of water protection and you do get wet quickly. It’s not sold as a waterproof jacket, but as water-resistant.

Build quality

The build quality is perfect. It feels like a quality jacket that will last a long time.


It’s not loaded with features, but it has the core essentials for a summer jacket, and the presence of a standard back protector is a plus.