Rev’it Cayenne 2 textile jacket and trousers review featured image

Rev’it Cayenne 2 textile jacket and trousers review

Want kit for hot weather? This stuff has been tested in British record-breaking temperatures...
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Motorcycle: Royal Enfield Himalayan
Seasons Ridden: Summer only

Rev’it are so serious about adventure riding gear that they’ve put a lot of effort into producing a range of kit for different climates and conditions.

All-year-round riding gear is suitable for most of us here in the UK, but dedicated hot-weather gear is a must for some, and that’s where the Rev’it Cayenne 2 comes in.

So, let’s start by saying that if you’re after an everyday riding suit that’s also cool enough for sunny days, this isn’t it. The Rev'it Cayenne 2 jacket and matching trousers combine to create a mesh-panelled adventure suit that’s specific to riding in hot weather. Meaning, if the temperature dips a little, you’re going to know about it.

The first thing I noticed about the Cayenne 2 was the quality and attention to detail. The suit is made with Ripstop material and tough mesh panelling that can be found on the front, back and under the arms on the jacket. With the matching trousers the mesh is on the front and rear.

The jacket comes with shoulder and elbow armour as well as a CE Level 2 back protector (and is set up for a chest protector and has provision for a neck brace too) while the trousers come with CE Level 2 knee protection. 

There’s plenty of adjustability for jacket fit, with Velcro wrist straps, upper and lower arm fasteners and two more on the waist. 

The trousers feature a strap on the lower leg and the zipped and Velcro’d fastening is wide, which makes getting trouser legs over heavy-duty boots a doddle.

The jacket is packed with extra features like a bladder pack pocket at the rear, large map pocket, zipped wrist pocket and two large front pockets, plus two on the inside. 

There are four pockets on the trousers and a couple of inside pockets too. The trouser pockets use a curved zip closure, which makes opening and closing them easier while on the bike. 

The jacket also has a detachable kidney belt, a neck clasp and posh tough-wearing panels. 

But the Cayenne 2’s main selling point is how good it is at letting air flow through. What better way to test this suit than on the UK’s hottest day of the year? July 19 2022 seemed like the perfect time to go for a ride (though perhaps camping wasn’t such a good idea!). 

Even while stationary at traffic lights, I could feel air crawling in and as soon as the bike moved it felt as though the mesh panels opened up and allowed air to fill the suit before escaping through the back on both the jacket and trousers.

You can, however, feel the suit’s weight on you. But that’s because this a heavy-duty garment. It looks and feels rugged, tough and highly durable. 

So, this is a specialist bit of kit. Not only is it purely for riding in hot weather, it’s also specifically for adventure riding in hot weather. There are plenty of other excellent mesh suits out there for touring or commuting, which are lighter in weight.

But if you’re heading off-road, travelling or doing some tough riding and in seriously hot weather, then this one’s for you. It’s a premium suit, built for purpose and does its job exceptionally well.

Fit and Comfort

The suit is packed with compression straps with two on the arms, two on the waist, cuff straps, a kidney belt and a leg strap with zip and Velcro closures too. It’s weighty due to the added protection and high-quality materials. But that’s a given as it’s built for adventure riders. There are high-quality mesh panels spread all over the jacket and trousers and they do an excellent job with airflow.


The Cayenne 2 comes packed with CE Level 2 armour in the shoulders, elbows, knees, and a back protector. It’s also prepped to take on an optional chest protector and neck brace for added protection.

Build quality

Excellent. The Cayenne is tough, well-made and uses high-quality materials.


Rammed with features ranging from a bladder pocket with loops for the hose, to curved closures for the pockets, extra straps for a great-fitting suit, premium hard-wearing patches and tough mesh material throughout.

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