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Rev'it Taurus GTX gloves review

The Taurus gloves aren't thin, but the mercury sank five degrees below zero before our reviewer's fingers started feeling cold
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Motorcycle: Yamaha XT660R
Seasons Ridden: Winter only

These gloves mean business.

The Taurus Gore-Tex winter gloves are serious waterproof, thermal gloves which kept my hands warm in sub-zero temperatures and dry in heavy rain.

The Taurus gloves are Rev’It’s highest spec winter gloves and it shows. The insides are made with PrimaLoft Gold Eco while the exterior uses goatskin, synthetic leather and Cordura.

They also have hard knuckle protection and hard palm sliders. The overall build quality is highly impressive; the gloves are extremely well-made.

Other features include ‘connect’ fabric on both finger tips and thumbs, which make it easy to use electronic devices, and a soft fabric visor wipe on each index finger.

They also have a double closure on the cuff. The inner section of the glove can slip inside your sleeve’s cuff while the outer section wraps around the outside of the cuff and can then be zipped up.

Of course, if your jacket has expandable sleeves then the whole cuff can slip underneath, but if not these gloves save trying to squeeze them in every time.

They close using a large Velcro tab and a pull-draw fastener for a more secure fit. The handy thing about this is that you can completely fasten the glove in one motion.

Pulling the large tab backwards automatically pulls the drawstrings, fastening the wrist closure at the same time. The only negative to this system is that the draw closure can feel a little tight when trying to slip your hand into the glove, and I can understand why some owners cut this piece off.

I used these gloves to ride through Bulgaria in winter — through thick snow, torrential rain and sub-zero temperatures — and I wouldn’t be without them.

At first, they feel chunky and thick, but I soon grew used to the overall size and thickness. The gloves also take a little while to break in fully. But once they’ve worn in they’re flexible and easy to ride in.

These are practical gloves, so while the interior is soft and comfortable it’s not plush to the point of luxurious, which would make hands sweat quicker and feel like they’re moving about inside.

Most impressively, these gloves kept my hands and fingers warm in the cold. It took a few hours of riding at constant motorway speed in -5°C before the cold started to find its way into my fingertips. That’s impressive because even in winter gloves I usually feel the cold after half an hour, maximum.

The gloves also proved to be completely waterproof thanks to the Gore-Tex liner, even after a four-hour ride through continuous heavy rain. I’m confident these gloves could stand up to the worst weather the UK could throw at them.

The Taurus gloves are impressive. They’re thick but light, extremely well-made with thoughtful touches and features, fully waterproof and incredibly warm. They make the perfect winter glove for touring, commuting or adventure riding.

Fit & Comfort

Soft interior, flexible shape and super comfortable, but the warmth means they are inevitably on the bulky side.


The Gore-Tex liner proved 100% waterproof in torrential conditions.


The gloves come with hard knuckle protection and palm sliders.

Build quality

These gloves are exceptionally well-made, tough and durable.


The gloves are packed with features such as touchscreen fingertips, a clever two-layer cuff system and a single drawstring closure. A rubber visor wipe would be a good addition.

Former MCN journalist Andy Davidson and his partner Alissa Potter are travelling the world by bike, and reviewing products for SBS Mag while they’re on the road. You can read more about their adventures at their Mad Or Nomad blog.