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Shoei Hornet ADV helmet review

The old Hornet DS was good - but the newer ADV model is even better for adventure bike riding
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4.7 (69)

Review Conditions
Motorcycle: BMW R1200GS Adventure and F800GS
Seasons Ridden: Spring, summer, autumn

The first thing I noticed about the Hornet ADV is that it’s much quieter than Shoei’s previous Hornet DS model, which I owned beforehand.

This noise reduction is particularly evident when I ride my BMW F800GS, which has less wind protection than my BMW R1200GSA, which has a bigger screen and more extensive bodywork.

While there’s a debate among many riders about the benefits of an enduro helmet compared to that of a road helmet, from my perspective it’s a style I like and it allows me to use goggles on the relatively rare occasions that I prefer them over a visor.

I wore the Hornet ADV on a month-long trip around eastern and southern Europe in the summer of 2017, which meant riding in a wide range of weather conditions.

The helmet was comfortable throughout, keeping me warm on colder days and cool even when the temperature approached 40°C.

The ventilation system works effectively, although at speed I can’t feel the rush of air I experienced in the previous Hornet models and helmets by other manufacturers.

However, I can agree with Shoei’s claim that the helmet lining absorbs and dissipates sweat twice as quickly as traditional lining. When the temperature was in the high thirties on my summer tour, the lining often felt damp when I first took the helmet off, but I was surprised that it felt dry when putting it back on after a stop of 30 mins or so.

I like the fit and comfort of the helmet, though I am sure most motorcyclists appreciate fit is a very personal thing. The ADV initially felt larger than my previous two Hornets, but after some use I have concluded this is because the helmet is more comfortable as my head is not free to move around inside the lid.

This model has Shoei’s E.Q.R.S. (Emergency Quick Release System) that allows the emergency services to remove the helmet quickly and easily with less stress to a potentially damaged neck. I hope I never need the benefit of this system, but it’s important to me that a helmet has it.

The helmet has an ACU Gold sticker for competition or trackday use in the UK and it has ECE 22.05 approval for road use around Europe. I was disappointed that it hasn’t been impact tested for the British government’s SHARP rating scheme, but that is not Shoei’s responsibility as the government decides which helmets to test.


Good peripheral vision allows ‘life saver’ glances over the shoulder with good sideways and partial rear vision. A Pinlock insert protects well against misting.


I’ve been happy with the ventilation, but the rush of air through the vents doesn’t seem as strong as on my previous Shoei Hornet helmets.

Fit & Comfort 

The helmet fits me well. It is not as snug as my previous Hornets, but I put that down to an improved fit overall.

Build quality 

The build quality is excellent. The visor, liner and other components feel and look well made.


Except for a dropdown sun visor, the Hornet ADV has the full complement of features we would like to see on a road lid.