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Sidi Adventure Gore-Tex 2 boots review

Our reviewer loved the original Sidi Adventure boots - and is just as smitten second time around
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Motorcycle: BMW R1200GS Adventure
Seasons Ridden: Summer only

Having worn the original incarnation of Sidi’s Adventure Gore-Tex boots for 12,000 miles including a 2016 trip to Alaska, Canada and the United States it was an easy decision to test the replacement model on a tour through Europe in 2017.

The originals performed faultlessly and the Sidi Adventure Gore-Tex 2 boots gave confidence from day one that they would perform just as well.

My trip to Eastern Europe was going to take me away from home for a few weeks and I needed boots that were waterproof, comfortable and would give some level of protection for my lower leg when riding on unpaved sections of road.

I knew they wouldn’t give the same stiffness as my motocross boots, however the ankle support and waterproofing qualities of the Adventure 2 Gore-Tex boots were crucial for a trip that would cover so many miles.

I was thankful I chose waterproof boots as I experienced several days of torrential rain through Europe. It was particularly wet on the day I rode through Austria, where it rained extremely hard for most of the day.

I am pleased to say the Adventure 2 Gore-Tex boots made sure my feet remained warm and dry throughout.

Conditions weren’t quite on a par with the worst I experienced in the original Adventure 1 Gore-Tex boots, which repelled very severe weather on a 240-mile journey from Deadhorse to Coldfoot in Alaska, with no place of shelter between the two places.

However, I have no reason to doubt that the newer model of boot would pass that same test with the same flying colours as their predecessors.

While wearing them in Greece and Bulgaria in the summer of 2017 the temperature rose into the high 30s celsius and I’m pleased to say my feet and lower legs remained comfortable despite the very hot conditions.

The sole on the boots are non-slip and stay firmly on the pegs during wet weather, at the same time they are stiff enough to give support and remain comfortable when standing on the pegs for unpaved sections of roads and tracks.

From the first time I put them on the boots have remained comfortable and supportive over the many miles I have ridden in them.

The Velcro closure and two buckle fasteners give the adjustment needed to keep the boots firmly fitted to my legs and feet, even if a second pair of thick socks is needed on cold days.

One note of caution on fit, however – I needed a size larger than I would normally take, which is something I don’t find to be unusual for Italian-made footwear.

I clean the boots with a black waterproofing wax, which covers up any scuffs and scrapes picked up along the way.

Once cleaned these boots look as good as new and I confident they will last for many years and miles into the future.

Fit & Comfort

I take a size seven in most footwear, I was not surprised that the right fit for me was one size up, at an eight. The boots were very comfortable from the moment I first put them on and have remained so ever since.


The boots were severely tested in some torrential rain in Europe. I am confident they will remain completely waterproof in the worst the British weather can offer.


Even in temperatures approaching 40 degrees Celsius while riding in Greece and Bulgaria the Gore-Tex membrane meant my feet stayed comfortable at all times. Remember to use Gore-Tex-approved cleaning products as others may hinder breathability.

Build quality

The build quality is excellent. Even after 5000 miles a good clean with a Gore-Tex approved product leaves them looking like new.


Other than a lack of a way of pulling air through to the inside, which some top-end waterproof boots allow, the spec level is exactly what we would expect from a boot like this.