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Weise Wave WP Glove review

Our reviewer wanted gloves that worked with a touchscreen. But would he be swiping left or right for the Wave WPs?
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Motorcycle: KTM 1190 Adventure R
Seasons Ridden: Winter, autumn, summer

When I’m riding off road I want touchscreen-friendly gloves as it’s a pain in the bum having to remove gloves to use the sat nav or take a picture amongst other things.

The touchscreen capability on these Weise Wave WP gloves comes from a special material that’s sewn onto the tip of the thumb for swiping and across the fingertip for tapping etc.

Most touchscreen-friendly gloves I’ve used have a printed section that wears off in time, but the material on these gloves has never failed on my smartphone, even in the pouring rain.

If this review was based entirely on that feature I would be giving out a perfect 100% score. Sadly, however, I’m not just judging on its touchscreen function.

The waterproofing works, but has a limit. The short cuff doesn’t help if the jacket sleeve isn’t seated correctly or is a little too short, because rainwater will get in from the wrist area.

The gloves stayed dry inside for my 10-mile round trip to work and back and they survive on-off rain, but in constant hard rain these gloves let rain in. I wouldn’t use them for a serious long journey, though I would happily take them with me to wear once I’d reached my destination.

Waterproofing comes from the McTex membrane inside, which is designed to also be windproof and breathable. The windproof element works well, but breathable not so much and my hands become hot when either riding in high temperatures or when working hard off-road.

Although I wouldn’t class these as winter gloves I never got cold hands while wearing them, even in low temperatures, which was most likely down to the windproofing.

Knuckle protection comes from a nicely fitted knuckle guard, which does not rub in any way, and hard rubber inserts towards the base of the fingers. There are foam inserts on the palm that don’t interfere with grip but it’s a shame there’s no finger bridge connecting the third and fourth fingers. Not everyone likes that concept, but it gives me peace of mind when riding.

Fit-wise, they’re true to the measurements listed on the Sportsbikeshop site, but I had to take a 2XL when I usually wear an XL. I’d suggest measuring your hand before ordering rather than going for the size you normally buy. Once on, the gloves felt snug and haven’t stretched further since they bedded in – they now give great flexibility when reaching for the levers.

The palm of the glove is suede and has a very grippy silicone strip running from the base of the fingers to the wrist, and on the fingertips to help grip on the levers.

Build quality-wise I had an issue with the stitching on the beading, which gave way when pulling the gloves on. No customer reviews have mentioned the same problem, however.

Overall these gloves are £50 gloves that are fine for short distances. On longer rides waterproofing and breathability become an issue. If Weise were to release a lightweight summer version of this glove with mesh for airflow, it would be perfect for me.


Fit & Comfort

The gloves are a great fit and feel very snug. There is plenty of flex in the fingers to be able to reach the levers. The thumb length is slightly long and does have some gathering. I needed to go up a size from my usual, but the measurements on Sportsbikeshop’s product listing were accurate and made sure I got the right size.


The gloves can withstand short journeys in the rain, but if you’re planning on riding distances in iffy weather then I would look elsewhere.


The protection in this glove is basic. A plastic knuckle cover seats nicely and does not dig into your knuckles. They’re fairly hard wearing and the suede leather palm has stood up to little spills I’ve had while riding on mud, gravel and grass.

Warmth & breathability

The gloves don’t have a thermal liner but the windproofing kept my hands warm. The breathability of the gloves isn’t great and they’re not a go-to glove if the weather is warming up.


It’s a lightweight glove and it’s also light on features. The lack of a visor wipe is a particular shame on a waterproof glove.