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Motorcycle Shackle Locks

Superior quality motorcycle shackle locks

Shackle locks are designed to be secured through the spokes of your wheel, stopping your bike from being wheeled away. In most cases they are long enough to secure the bike to an external anchor point. Depending on the storage capacity available, shackle locks can also be more easily transported than a chunky chain. Have a look through our shackle brands; as always, there's every brand you'll ever need.  
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30mm lock designed to resist angle grinder attacks


11mm hardened steel weatherproof shackle lock


Gold rated U-lock with 16mm shackle, ultra-strong double locking mechanism and braided steel cable

RRP £59.99

Compact 6mm cable lock with push to lock mechanism


Tough U-lock with 16mm shackle, ultra-strong double locking mechanism and Sold Secure Gold rating

RRP £54.99

Lock with intergrated 120db alarm systems



Cast stainless steel construction with 18mm U bar



Hardened steel shackle lock with strong 14mm locking pin, sliding keyhole cover and two keys


Solid metal D-lock with 16mm hardened steel rubber coated locking pin and two keys


Hardened steel, five digit combination security padlock


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