Motorcycle Chain Maintenance

Quality motorbike chain maintenance products

We sell a lot of motorcycle chains, but we'd sell far fewer if riders found the time and inclination to maintain their old ones. A well adjusted and lubricated chain will last a lot longer than one that's allowed to dry out, turn rusty or go baggy. We have one of the UK's biggest stocks of high-quality chain cleaners and lube to keep yours running sweetly. And if you want the ultimate way to extend your chain's lifespan, we even sell Scottoiler's automatic oilers that lube as you ride.  
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High Performance Dry Chain Lube & Chain Cleaner

Was £16.98

High Performance Dry Chain Lube



Advanced brake and chain cleaner - 500ml


Fully Synthetic chain lubricant for bikes

Was £11.99

Multi faced motorcycle chain brush

Was £11.99

Germany's No.1 chain lubricant spray with excellent chain life extending properties

Was £16.90

Very sticky chain lubricant for high speed motorcycles

Was £10.49

A colorless water and rust resistant adhesive spray

Was £11.79

Long lasting chain protection against wear and corrosion


Synthetic lubricant engineered to protect and extend the life of your chain


O, X and Z ring compatible chlorine-free chain cleaner

Was £10.49

Spray-based, water and rust resistant chain lube

Was £13.49

Motul chain care kit with cleaner, chain lube and brush

Was £21.49

All in one chain breaker and riveting tool

Was £74.99

Advanced, semi-synthetic aerosol lubricant


Powerful, non-chlorinated solvent based cleaner and degreasing agent


High Capacity Reservoir for scottoiler systems

Was £44.95

Fully synthetic racing chain lubricant