X-Lite Pinlock Insert - X-1003 / X-1004

Genuine fog resistant visor insert for X-Lite helmets



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Verified Customer Reviews for X-Lite Pinlock Insert

13 reviews
My view is clear
20 June 2022 by Tim R
It's getting hard to find a pinlock visor for what is now an older helmet but Sportsbikeshop.co.uk as always has the goods! My visor no longer fogs up and is good to go for another year. Top quality product.
Pinlock insert
07 August 2020 by Stuart B
Works well as helmet does tend to steam up a lot,
fill the expectations
26 June 2020 by Tamas D
Just as it should, works pretty well.
Not the chepest, but X-lite not the cheepest helmet too.
I have got what I paid for.
Not so good
21 November 2019 by Neil M
Had problems fitting the original pinlock for my X-Lite helmet, it was a little large so didn't seal very well. This new one is exactly the same so just trimmed the slots to make it fit. Time will tell if it works or not. Have been a fan of these in the past and had them on several helmets and in fact wouldn't be without one. So can only conclude that it must be the X-Lite visor that's the issue.
A necessity for winter riding
18 November 2019 by Stephen G
Not a cheap item but I imagine the price reflects the precision required in manufacture. Works well when fitted, although some care is needed to do this. Always found Sportsbikeshop a good company to deal with.
Great Visor insert.
21 October 2019 by Nuno M
Although the X-lite pinlock does not mention the maker (is it Nolan?) nor the fog resistant value like the pinlock, it is as good if not better than pinlock 120.
X-Lite Pinlock Insert - X-1003 / X-1004
23 September 2019 by Og's
Essential piece of kit for inclement weather..I wear glasses which is a pain for any helmet wearer, but this pinlock insert takes away any other
vision problems you may incur.
Quick to fit and is adjustable to a point. Not cheap, but makes life easier on the road. Sportsbikeshop
have delivered another great product and are a pleasure to deal with.
16 September 2019 by Paul
Couldn't ride up here in Scotland without a pinloc insert in any helmet I use.
Damp mornings are the best way of proving these things work.
I wish someone had invented this simple thing 40 + years ago when I 1st started riding.
Simple to fit. Pain in the.... to not scratch.
I generally get a year (20+ k) out of one of these.
Sportsbikeshop are selling these approximately 25% cheaper than list price. And the visor itself, a staggering 1/2 price.
1st place I look now when thinking of buying. Keep up the good work
Clever invention that actually works
03 September 2019 by Steve S
Pin lock inserts work. My helmet came with one fitted and recently developed a gap where the seal strip partially detached. New insert fitted and all back to normal. TBH it's quite expensive for what it is, but good to be able to ride without the visor digging up when it's raining.
Essential addition to a visor
03 April 2019 by John M
Although fairly expensive for what it is, it is an essential addition to your visor for a fog free ride especially in the winter and when touring.
My pinlock arrived in good time, great company to deal with.
Expensive, however a must for winter riding.
26 November 2018 by Stephen G
A Pinlock insert is a must once the Autumn weather hits. They do have a limited life, as scratches can accumulate over time and the seal tends to be less effective. This replacement is well up to standard and performs the job of ensuring a mist free view.
First class
09 June 2017 by Robert G
Yet another first class product from a first class company, you won't buy from better.
Expensive for a bit plastic
13 October 2016 by Anonymous
This didn't fit the pins on my visor it was slightly too long I needed to make the slots longer with my hole punch for it to fit but now it's on it works great. My helmet is brand new I had the same problem with the clear one that came with my helmet so I think it might be my visor pins are slightly to close together and yes I did have the pins turned apart.

X-Lite Pinlock Insert - X-1003 / X-1004

  • X-1003
  • X-1004

Only compatible with genuine X-Lite Pinlock ready visors.
This product can be used all the year round during hot and humid summer conditions and wet, cold periods. Riding with a completely closed visor in these conditions is possible without fogging-up using this product. A truly unique system that ensures you will have a clear view whatever the weather condition.


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