Shoei Sena SRL-Mesh Bluetooth Communication System - GT Air 2 / Neotec 2 / J-Cruise 2

Integrated Bluetooth 5.0 Mesh intercom system for Shoei GT Air 2 / Neotec 2 and J-Cruise 2

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Verified Customer Reviews for Shoei Sena SRL-Mesh Bluetooth Communication System

29 reviews
Made to fit.
26 March 2024 by Kevin E
Brought for my Shoei Neotec 2. Easy fit, very neat. Easy setup and firmware update. Great sound on music. Not used comms yet however I expect the will also be very good based on the SRL2 that I previously had installed.
SRL Mesh
07 March 2024 by Lee B
Excellent service from Sportsbikeshop. The Sena set seems fairly easy to set up, it's just a bit fiddly to get the initial updates but fine after that. The sound is far better than my old (very good) Interphone. I like the way it is custom made to the helmet, it stops some wind noise.
A limited review
21 January 2024 by Matt
Bought for integration with my Neotec 2 for GPS and music on the commute.
Sound quality is excellent, much more depth of sound than my Interphone unit. Fit is superb, you'd hardly know it's there.
Not tested the Mesh / Intercom with other riders yet which is why this review is limited. Question from me on how waterproof it is: I can't find any details.
So far so good though.
22 August 2023 by Mark E
Very easy to fit into the shoei helmet, excellent sound quality but set up is not as easy as the instructions say. I still can't get my voice command to work but radio taking calls and gps all work perfectly with excellent sound quality. Only tried them at max of 50mph and haven't yet connected to another rider so can't comment on that yet.
Mesh it's the way to go !
16 August 2023 by Ezra N
Easy to connect with one touch to other mesh riders. Quality is good when in range but does drop out occasionally. Harmon Kardon speakers make music listening a real experience!
Unit was fitted by Sportsbikeshop so excellent customer service as always.
14 August 2023 by Keith E
I have replaced my old helmet and so decided to fit a new intercom. The Sena gets good reviews so decided to go with it.
So easy to fit! So easy to set up as well. The app. makes all tasks uncomplicated and pairing a breeze.
Once paired the fist thing I noticed was the sound quality. Very good indeed.
I am extremely impressed with everything about the SENA Mesh.
Easy to use and set up Comms unit
12 August 2023 by Richard W
Superb product. Good instructions for initial setup and then downloadable guide. Installation was simple and fairly quick.
Paired easily with phone and voice command. Also paired to GPS easily. Sound quality is superb. Controls are easy to use even with gloves on.
Great Product!
11 August 2023 by Quentin B
Fits very easily into the GT Air 2.
Packed full of features.
Can be heard even with earplugs in.
08 August 2023 by Veeraraj S
Works fine, excellent product
Helmet intercom works flawlessly
30 July 2023 by Hugh R
Bought this intercom to fit into my wife's helmet! Just one problem, she won't stop talking!
The mesh system works really well!
Excellent service from SBS as usual.
Much better than SRL 2
27 July 2023 by Mark W
Tried two SRL 2 intercoms and both of them were really awful.
Changed to the mesh intercom and it's been excellent quality and an all round worthwhile upgrade.
Seriously the SRL 2s were that bad.
Again SBS have been really helpful and provided excellent service throughout the issues.
Great Integration with Helmet
27 July 2023 by Martin B
Specifically purchased with a Shoei Gt Air 2 for the integration. I've only used it so far with my GPS but it works well with clear sound. Also I like the ability to use voice commands rather than the buttons which do seem to take a little getting used to. Certainly will use to communicate with friends when riding. I installed the unit into the helmet myself (although SBS did offer to this if I took it to a store) and I did find the "pictorial instructions" somewhat lacking. I found videos online but really think that Sena should put their own video online.
Great service
07 July 2023 by Darryl M
Fantastic product and at a great price after Sportsbikeshop price matched. Always great service from Sportsbikeshop
Sooooooo gooooooood!
02 June 2023 by Stuart T
The guys (and girls) are so helpful at Sportsbikeshop. I got the SRL Sena headset for my Shoei Gt Air II, so easy to fit. Sound quality is amazing! Connects to all my friends with one touch. Great price to. The karmen hardon speakers will make you drule with the sound quality. Sportsbikeshop always deliver quick. No hassle. Very happy shopper.
You get what you pay for.
01 June 2023 by D H
The great stuff:
Integration - I had a Sena integrated Bluetooth unit in my old Schuberth C3 Pro and it was very good. The integration was almost seamless with only the battery intruding slightly at the neck. With the Shoei Neotec 2, the integration is nigh on perfect, and it is hard to tell if there is a unit installed at all.
Mesh - the easiest way to communicate with other riders (provided they have Sena Mesh too) - Bluetooth is a great fallback.
Battery - I recently got 6 hours of constant use.
Speakers - No helmet speaker is going to be Hi-Fi; the Harmon Kardon are decent.

The not-so-great stuff:
Microphone - I prefer the shorter stubby microphone on my Schuberth - I keep getting the boom mike trapped under the chin skirt.
Flexibility & Price: At £299 it's not cheap or transferable to another helmet if you like to swap helmets regularly. When paired with the cost of a Neotec you can easily be south of £700 out of pocket. It may be worth considering a different kit if you think it's likely you will swap in the near future.
Buttons - I really like the separate mesh intercom button on the right-hand side, however the other buttons are a little fiddly after the bigger buttons on the Schuberth - but still usable.

Hopefully it will be compatible with the Neotec 3 if it ever arrives from Shoei.
Excellent Intercom
17 May 2023 by Darren H
I recently purchased a Neotec 2 from SBS and was in the market for an integrated intercom as well. I'd previously had a Shoei GT Air with the Sena integrated intercom at the time and loved the simplicity of the design. But I have to say this system is even more slick. Unlike other intercoms everything (Barring the mic) comes on one loom so when fitting it you don't have to second guess where certain parts go. Plus everything slots or clicks into place. The speakers (Harmon Kardon) provide clear and quality sound and are well padded. The controls on the left hand side are for the power, volume and menu selections then there is a separate single button on the right hand side of the helmet which activates the Mesh system. While on several rides lately I have had the front of the modular helmet up and while talking to my friends they have commented on the clarity of my voice and minimal wind noise. Connecting via MESH is an absolute doddle compared to Bluetooth. The charging cable also has built in wi-fi to check for any firmware updates. Comments have been made by others that it is hard to connect. There are several You Tube videos explaining how to do this but as long as you follow the steps on the Sena App then I found it easy. Just remember to connect your phone to the Sena as if it were your wi-fi router then you connect to your home router second. My only criticism is that the buttons on the left are quite small but after using the system several times now you develop a bit of muscle memory and it isn't a major problem. As of writing this If you're not confident fitting the system SBS will do this free of charge as long as you go mid-week when they're quiet and have more time. Thoroughly recommend this system.
Good piece of kit
06 May 2023 by G
Good ,easy to install, speakers are better than the old srl, very easy to set up and use.
Very happy
26 April 2023 by David M
I already have a neotec 2 with the srl2 (Bluetooth) fitted. But as I've just purchased another neotec 2 and I use mesh (50r) on my adventure lid I thought I'd buy this for my new helmet. I'm super impressed with the mesh system, makes connecting multiple riders an absolute doddle (especially compared to the hassle of trying that with Bluetooth!!) I find the sound quality excellent and of course it was a doddle to install as it's a custom fit for my helmet. I expect it to be up to the usual Sena quality and last.

Shoei Sena SRL-Mesh Bluetooth Communication System - GT Air 2 / Neotec 2 / J-Cruise 2

  • Easy to install with no protruding components
  • Less wind noise than with external devices
  • Premium Speakers and Microphone with SOUND BY Harman Kardon
  • Hands free voice commands for both intercom and smartphone operation
  • Mesh Intercom technology
  • Mesh Intercom range: up to 2km (1.2 miles) in open terrain
  • Can extend up to 8.0 km (5.0 miles) between a minimum of 6 riders
  • Group Mesh Intercom supports 24 riders, open mesh 99+
  • Innovative 3 button operation
  • Sena 20S Chipset
  • Bluetooth 5 protocol
  • Lithium polymer battery
  • Usage up to 8 hours
  • 2.5 hours charging time
  • Fully compatible with all Sena systems
  • Universal Intercom allowing communication with non-Sena systems
  • FM radio function with 10 station memory
  • Advanced noise control to reduce outside noise
  • Standard intercom for up to 8 riders
  • Range up to 1.6km in open terrain
  • Audio multi-tasking and listening simultaneously
  • Auto volume reduction during speaking
  • Download the optional SENA app to customize various settings and feature
  • Compatible with Shoei GT Air 2, Neotec 2 and J-Cruise 2 helmets

The SRL-Mesh is packed with premium features, including Mesh Intercom™ and Sound By Harman Kardon speakers and microphone. Designed specifically for three of Shoei's most popular helmets. SRL-Mesh offers both Mesh Intercom™ and traditional 4-way Bluetooth intercom, allowing for connection to any Sena or Sena-powered device, the perfect companion for your next ride.

Connected Mesh
Open Mesh features the industry's first Mesh Intercom™ channel system. Open Mesh lets users switch between nine channels. Open Mesh offers a single push of a button to click-to-connect to the Mesh Intercom™ network. It also supports a near-limitless number of users within a range of up to 5 miles / 8 km (min. 6 riders @ 1 mi / 1.6 km intervals). Group Mesh supports a single, private group for up to 24 participants and the same range as Open Mesh for a more intimate group conversation. Only invited users can join the Group Mesh chat. Open Mesh and Group Mesh provide unprecedented intercom audio quality and robust connectivity.

Voice Commands
Sena's voice commands give you control of the SRL-Mesh system functions, such as answering the phone or starting up a Group Mesh session across eight languages. The SRL-Mesh can also connect to Google Assistant or Apple's Siri with just a simple voice command, allowing you to tap into your smartphone's features, including GPS navigation, music playback, voice dialling and more.

Sena App
The optional Sena Motorcycles App gives users a way to configure the SRL-Mesh device settings visually, including the ability to manage channel settings for Open Mesh remotely, or set a private group for Group Mesh. Available for both Android and iPhone via Google Play or Apple App store.


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