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Five of the best flip-up helmets under £200

3 Apr 2020
Updated: 22 Feb 2024 Travelling and commuting is easier with a flipfront lid. Here are the key choices for less than £200...

Flip-up helmets make daily commutes and longer tours a breeze. These are our pick from the entry-level choices.

With all-plastic shells they’ll usually weigh a little more than the top-end helmets, but the quality on all of these options is still good.

If budget isn't so crucial, click here for our guide to the best flips regardless of price.


An average customer rating of 4.85 from the first 40 reviews is comfortably enough for the HJC C91 to make our list of best budget flips. It has a plastic shell, a sun visor and the main visor has Pinlock pins for an optional insert. The C91 is single-homologated, so it’s only legal to ride in it with the chinbar down. It meets the older ECE 22.05 safety standard, but there are still good stocks so it remains in our list based on its popularity. Customers like the comfort, fit, noise levels and wide visibility. Its generous size also caters to larger heads. Some customers mentioned that it initially feels tight, but loosens after a few uses.

MT Genesis SV

Price from: £99.99

Customer rating:

4.6 (8)

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It might cost just under a hundred quid, but the fit and finish on the MT Genesis belies the price. It runs a plastic shell, is approved to the new ECE 22.06 safety standard and has an internal sun visor that operates on a sleek switch on the left rim. The comfort liner is plush for the price and leaves room for spectacle arms at the top of each cheekpad. The visor is prepared for Pinlock, but the insert itself is an optional extra. Still, adding one of those makes this a Pinlock-equipped flipfront for £130 all-in. Four of the first five customers to leave a review gave the Genesis the full five stars in their review, making for an average of 4.80.

HJC i90

The arrival of the new ECE 22.06 safety standard means the i90’s days are numbered - but the clearance deals make this a very competitive option while stocks remain. It’s a step up in quality from HJC's C91, and it comes with a Pinlock anti-mist visor insert included in the box, but the price ends up being very similar. Customers have given a noteworthy average rating of 4.79 from the first 126 reviews, and they particularly appreciate the comfort, excellent flip front mechanism and wide viewpoint. They also commend it for being a good fit, even for larger heads. There’s the option to add either the HJC 10B or HJC 20B intercoms, but the design makes it simple to fit your own choice of comms. It’s also set up to suit riders who wear spectacles.

Scorpion ADX-2

If you like the flavour of adventure then Scorpion’s ADX 2 can bring that to your life without you losing the practicality of a flipfront. This ECE 22.06-compliant helmet comes with a peak in the box and fitting that will give you protection from the sun’s glare, and deliver the dirt bike aesthetic along with it. You don’t need to fit the peak, and the ADX-2 remains a thoroughly decent flip in its ‘street’ configuration. Customers find it generally comfortable, well-fitting, and convenient with features like speaker cutouts and a Pinlock anti-mist insert in the box. They also praise the wide visibility from the visor, though some experience fogging in colder conditions, and peak vibration at high speeds or in strong winds. You’ll need to stick to plain colours to stay within our sub-£200 price threshold.

Caberg Duke X

Price from: £174.99

Customer rating:

4.9 (7)

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There are only five reviews on this lid at the time of writing, so it makes our list based on the performance of its wildly popular predecessor. The Caberg (pronounced Cabberg) Duke II had an average rating of 4.73 from more than 680 reviews - and the Duke X is a mildly tweaked replacement for that helmet. This one meets the newer ECE 22.06 safety standard, but the experience is very similar to the Duke II. It has a plastic shell, sun visor, cutouts for speakers and comes with a Pinlock anti-mist insert in the box (with the exception of the Smart Black model, where it’s an optional extra). To stay within our sub-£200 price limit you’ll need to restrict yourself to the plain colourschemes.