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Video: Five of the best flip-over helmets

Flip-over helmets promise you the ability to ride in an open-face helmet when it suits, then close the chinbar up when riding conditions demand it. Click above for our video guide, which runs through what's good, what's not, and gives five great options...

Scorpion Exo-Tech Evo  image

Scorpion Exo-Tech Evo

4.6 (18)

Price from: £249.99
LS2 Advant image

LS2 Advant

4.7 (9)

Price from: £249.99
LS2 Advant X  image

LS2 Advant X

4.7 (10)

Price from: £299.99
Nolan N120-1 N-Com image

Nolan N120-1 N-Com

4.8 (6)

Price from: £349.99
Roof Boxxer 2 Carbon image

Roof Boxxer 2 Carbon

5 (1)

Price from: £431.99 RRP £539.00