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Five of the best helmets that meet the new ECE 22.06 safety standard

20 Apr 2022
Updated: 26 Feb 2024 The new ECE 22.06 test is designed to raise the safety performance of bike helmets. Here are five great lids with that confidence-boosting test pass to their name…

After two decades of life with the same helmet safety standard, things changed in 2021.

The arrival of the ECE 22.06 helmet test signalled the eventual end for 22.05, and all new models launched since 2023 have to meet the new standard.

The new test involves too many changes to go into full details here, but helmets now have to undergo a wider range of impact tests.

There are harder blows, some softer ones and a wider selection of potential impact points for the lab testers to choose from. There are also glancing blows (oblique impacts) as well as direct hits (linear impacts).

The idea is that helmets should show their capability in a wider range of potential accidents, and with a greater area of the helmet proving it offers the right protection.

We can’t say a 22.06 helmet is better than a 22.05 lid, as we can’t say how an older helmet would fare in the new tests. But you can have more confidence that a helmet is up to the job if it has proven itself up to the stiffer tests.

As the new standard really starts to take over, here are the five best 22.06 helmets. We’ve based our selection on customer review feedback, and have chosen a range of different styles…

Shark Spartan RS

Price from: £289.99

Customer rating:

5 (14)

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Our top-rated road lid at the time of writing, the Spartan RS was Shark’s first 22.06 helmet and it has earned 13 consecutive five-star reviews since launch. This one has a composite-fibre shell and aggressive styling designed to appeal to street riders (though ACU Gold approval means it can be worn on tracks). It’s based on the popular Spartan helmet, with a more comprehensive venting system around the chin. The visor comes from the Spartan GT touring helmet with a three-stage securing system to keep it firmly attached and give a wide range of opening options. The internal sun visor shields eyes from glare and a brushed covering to the lining gives a premium feel inside.

Arai RX-7V Evo

Price from: £799.99

Customer rating:

5 (20)

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This makes it into the selection as our top track/road helmet courtesy of the first 16 customers to leave a review for the RX-7V Evo, as they all awarded it a five-star rating. It’s perhaps the quintessential Arai, showing how the Japanese company focuses on its principles of protection above all other considerations. The super-stiff shell makes this relatively heavy, but it allows Arai to use a softer EPS and that’s what sets the company’s helmets apart from others. Arai say the combination makes for a safer helmet. Owners are gushing in their praise for the RX-7V Evo. Some suggest the visor lock takes a little learning, as does the method for swapping the visor, but the comfort and build quality earn rapturous positivity throughout the reviews.

AGV Tourmodular

Price from: £469.99

Customer rating:

5 (24)

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Our best-rated 22.06 flipfront is a real customer-pleaser, starting out with 15 consecutive five-star ratings. The main section of the Tourmodular’s shell is made from composite-fibre and a size medium weighs a respectable 1607 grams. Peripheral vision is superb, the Pinlock anti-mist insert covers almost all of the visor and the sun visor has decent drop (no anti-fog coating, though). There’s a strong visor detent to help it stay open a little for airflow while riding, and the official AGV Insyde intercom is made by Cardo, which is a rarity as most manufacturers have a partnership with Sena. Customers praise its comfort and quality of construction, secure fit, lightness, and excellent features. Some noted they needed time to get used to the chinbar opening mechanism.

Bell Moto 3

Price from: £249.99

Customer rating:

5 (24)

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If it’s a retro-styled ECE 22.06 helmet you’re after then our customers think highly of the Bell Moto 3. Originally launched in 1979, the Moto 3 revolutionised motocross helmets and it remained such an icon that Bell released an updated version in 2016. The design is completely faithful to the original and pleases both those who want to relive their youth and younger riders who want retro style. Its MX nature demands goggles and it’s impractical for spending any length of time at speed, but the Bell Moto 3 has a style that can’t be matched. The first 24 customers to leave a review for the Moto 3 awarded a hefty average rating of 4.96.

Scorpion ADF-9000 Air

Price from: £299.99

Customer rating:

4.8 (17)

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Scorpion's adventure helmet hasn’t taken long to cultivate a strong following, picking up 10 five-star ratings from the first 11 customer reviews. It has all the features a sporty adventure rider would want - composite-fibre shell to keep weight down, a D-ring strap fastener, space for goggles and even a screw-on plate to mount an action camera. Yet touring essentials like a sun visor and Pinlock anti-mist insert help for daily riding, and Scorpion’s Airfit system lets you tweak the fit around the cheeks. The only customer to dock a star from his rating did so because he found his Pinlock insert tricky to install correctly.